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Reviews 988,604

  1. Scatter Slots
    Victoria Bedard
    I Absolutely love this game. The graphics are off the Hook, the Payouts are Humongous, & the Quest Feature is Challenging & Fun, Scatter Slots is most Definitely a 5 ***** Game, Thank you for a Slot game that I actually enjoy playing.
  2. Scatter slots
    Pam Francis
    Have only been playing about a week. Totally love this game. A whole new slot spinning experience. Yes some levels are way harder than others, but its no fun if there is not a challenge. And I guess im lucky, my coins build back up rather quickly
  3. jay madrid
    I love it so far. I also recommended it to some friends and they can't stop playing it. Thanks Scatter Slots for being an awesome app.
  4. Fun
    Phlan-Michelle Purss
    I am having some fun with the games that are available. But I have dropped to 3 stars, on level 24 & the thing is that on one of the games your required to reach 2000m. I'm flat out getting 5m on the daily spins & I am thinking of dropping the game. If I were able to win a little bit more than just 5m I might have to keep it.
  5. I like it!
    Allan H
    I think the map challenges are fun. You all have done a good job. I look forward to seeing what you can add to it.
  6. Tim Mcintosh
    Love the game and the graphics. Only problem is that the further you go the more expensive the challenges are. I understand that the challenges need to increase but gradually not drastic like they are now. Made it to the witch slot but the challenges were ridiculous and why come up with new slots if you can't get to the ones that are already there
  7. I love this game so much. I have it on my phone and my tablet. Thank you for loading the new slots, fifty shades of beauty so far is my favorite.
    kalia yang
    So fun and addictive. Love it some stages are harder and some are really easy. I love the challenges.
  8. HELP!!!!!!
    Darlene Morrone
    I'M ADDICTED!!!! This is by far the best slot machine I found. You could always find more than 25 slots on my IPad. When one started to bore me I moved on to to the next one, then to the next, then to the one after that!! Like they say "You've tried the rest, now try THE BEST......The graphics are mesmerizing, the levels are challenging, the bonuses are very rewarding. So stop reading this and start playing SCATTER SLOTS!!!!!
  9. Scatter Slots
    Boyce O'Hara
    Great game! One of the best, if not THE BEST GAME GOING. I've had no glitches, misfires or any interruptions of any kind. Great graphics, colors, etc. Sometimes I've wondered if I was going to complete the level, but then wham! Huge payout to win level. Do yourself a favor, down load it, try it.
  10. Joscelyne Canter
    It's ok. It takes forever to get anywhere so I get stuck for weeks. I'm playing one slot game where you have to win so much money to beat the level. I have been on 33% for a really long time.
  11. Unique and Fun
    Peter Hagicostas
    Im changing my opinion of the game BECAUSE as great as it is it drains my data package greatly. This makes the game much less appealing. I hope this issue is addressed.....I find this game quite innovative and also bug free...the win lose ration is well balanced the bonus game to earn more points hourly is very different and fun...the only thing I would recommend is some surprise special affects with medium to big wins...
  12. Curious fun
    Laurel Ferguson Bailey
    This app has kept my interest throughout so far. Not only do they start you out with plenty of tokens but they also give you things you have to complete in each round. I like that. And the art work is exactly that. Very talented artists had to have drawn the originals. Fantastic!
  13. Great slot game...until
    Bill Cly
    Once you reach a certain level it is almost impossible to go any farther. I have been on the same level for about two months. I even bought a VIP package to help. It's not all bad, getting coin updates every hour is great. Game play is better and more interesting than normal slots. You feel like you are on a quest to progress which really makes this a unique slot game. The biggest issue is I feel like I have to put out money to progress further. So I will move on to the next game out there. Good luck all!!
  14. Worst Casino Online Win to Loose ratio. SCARCE TO WIN, BUT VERY EASY TO LOOSE, AND PURCHASES DOESN'T GIVE YOU BETTER CHANCE. IF THEY DON'T IMPROVE "WIN TO LOOSE" RATIO, I will be delete this game after 25 days, for receiving 6mils coins+10gems+1upgrade point of daily bonus for my first purchase.
    Jack Liberman
    Stuck on level 44, playing one of the best of their games "Wild Arrows", must win 500mils in free spins, completed just over 50%, and lost all my credits in this game, including daily bonuses, purchased today for $4.99 just 12 mils coins and 20 gems for another $4.99, just to keeps playing for another 2 minutes before I lost all to Zero. What's is that crup, they might think I will be smart to buy more from them!? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! I WAS STUPID FOR SPENT HERE TODAY $10 FOR HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO FAN PLAYNG HERE
  15. Fun slots
    I like the format much different than other slot games good challenges
  16. Such fun
    Min Vestuto
    This is a truly wonderful play. I've tried many slots for fun over the years and this rates the best by far. Big wins, big entertainment and lots of thought have been put into the game which makes it great fun for us. I highly recommend downloading it.
  17. It's Great
    Christina Leasure
    I just hate when I play all day and win nothing and lose all my money and I have to wait an hour to get more. Just wish the winning was a little more frequent. Other then that it's an amazing game!
  18. Changed my mind...
    LJM Hook
    Love the concept of the scatter slots for an hourly bonus. But as I got to higher quest levels... "Win 200 Million during free spins" to get to next level... You're frikkin kidding me, right?!!! I've been stuck ay 6% for weeks. If it takes me a month to get 2 more%, I'm unfortunately going to delete this app.
  19. Not a happy player
    Brenda Crapps
    Game calls for way to many points to get to the next level n when you do it has for an outrageous amount again. When I purchase points or gems it eats them up n don't give anything. In the beginning it game u points n when it reached a certain level- BAM it socked it to you. Won't be playing much longer if it keeps doing it. To many other good games to play. I do like the game, but it's not worth loosing over n over.
  20. scatter slots
    Bern P
    I have a lot of various casino and slot apps on my phone. I just started playing Scatter slots. Playing is so far I would say as fun as any of the others. But the real cheer goes out to whoever got her slots came up with the idea the variations in slots and games and such is exceptional


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Winter hasn’t come empty-handed — we are launching new events with grand prizes. Pass the new season of Scatter Tales, explore the Ice Cave, and then climb to the top of enchanted Scatter Tower to win an incredibly generous award!
And don't miss our new slot ‘Inner Fire’ — help the little match girl, and the flame of a beautiful Phoenix will surely bring you luck!
Stay with us to enjoy all the winter holidays!

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