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  1. De'Jour Ratcliff
    Good drag racing great graphics. Yall couldve kept it simple though like real drag racing without the left and right bs
  2. Really awesome
    brother darkness bd
    Best 3d drag racing game ever on android. And there are some cars in the game that have front wheel driving in real live but there are also cars in the game that should be rear wheel drive like the Evo (not sure what the name of it is) its just a little thing that bugs me, but other then that it is one of the best drag racing game in the Google play store.
  3. The mobile racing game I was looking for!
    Quadi Ellis
    From awesome car customization, to simple racing, to high replay value this is an awesome game for those looking for a great quality racer. You guys just keep getting better and you listen to you fans unlike others. This game is never leaving my tablet!
  4. Really Good
    Jason M. Townsend
    I read all the Good Reviews on this game & bought it. It's definitely worth what I paid. It is not a Traditional Drag Racing Game, it's more like the NFS Drag Game in Play but you are more control of the game. You don't have full control, like when you are taking a Sharp Turns the Computer takes the Turn for you. Graphics are good. The only Negative I don't like, is you start with a POS car & it's gonna take FOREVER to Upgrade to a Cool/Fast Car.
  5. works and is good game when u got only time to waste :) love it
    Jennyfer Mishare
    everytime i have time i play this game and i love it for it runs smooth and good :)
    Rodney Fields
    The only thing that I don't get is downloading my own music on the game,I tried in so many ways it really don't make any please????Other than that,the game is great.....
  7. Update
    Yu Bro
    Good game. However... there some bugs that cause my fully upgraded nagibator crashed during cornering. That's one. Two, could you guys improve the drifting? It seems laggy in my device. Three, it's like 3 months i've played this game and i've never being pursuited by the cops.What happened? Four. During one race... i did 321km/h in my nagibator and took one last corner to the finish. Suddenly my car goes crazy (wobbling and shaking like hell) and i'm crashed and i lose 13000 dollars because i'm caught. Fix.
  8. This update made a world of difference
    Kota Swiftpaw
    This update really helped and thinks for replying so quick that it self shows a developer who really cares. and if it isn't to much trouble how about a 81 camaro
  9. Nicely done
    Arendra P
    Great game. Wish the lightening were a bit better, really hard to see the road...or is it just my eye haha
  10. Awesome!
    Doug McGuire
    Been watching this one awhile and finally tried it. The reviews don't really do the game justice. Gameplay is awesome and graphics are solid. Controls are close to what you'd expect from mobile drag. Soundtrack is BEAST with option to make a playlist from your personal library. $1??? GET IT!!
  11. Sony z ultra
    Marius Popescu
    Grafix on maxim are console quality and gameplay are verry good also. Ooo and work with my ps3 dual shock( happy for that) .
  12. Not bad at all!
    Eugene Brants
    I love to see a fellow Russian hard at work with their passion of cars! Keep up the great work, I can see this game will get better and better every update!
  13. Hands down the best racing game
    Joey Dionne
    This game is perfect for any racer, hands down the best racing game on the market, great gameplay lots of customization, great career, recommended 100% to anyone. Brings back memories of nfs undeground, keep up the great work guys :)
  14. Really good game.NEXT UPDATE.
    Franco Apa
    If u want too thoe u have to add car packs so we can purchase with real money
  15. Like it
    Brandon Davis
    I just got the game and I am liking it for now. I have noticed that I can't pick out my own body kit or adjust the kits nether. That was a bummer but I am still playing and enjoying the game.
  16. Drag racing 3D
    Andrew Gibbins
    I recently purchased a tablet for my best friend who has had a stroke, and downloaded drag racing 3D for him. He absolutely loves it, and will have a lot of fun playing it!
  17. Drag Racing 3D
    Josh Randolph
    HD is BANK game is good just different from other controls then I'm use too. Happy with it. NEED OR DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW YOU CAN GET OR WHERE YOU CAN GET ONE. MAYBE YOU COULD BE EVER SOKIND AS TO SEND ONE thanks
  18. Awesome Game!!!!
    Michael Beason
    Love the game its the best out there so far in my opinion. Car games are all i care about.! great cars just hope to see more older cars in the year range 1955 through 1986 also a Bugatti Vernon! ☺ keep up the good word i appreciate it. Plus can you fix the glitch? I'll be racing and then it will just shut off and reboot over and over again. Thanks
  19. Gavin Dissinger
    Looks so fun for 1$ and lave drag racing so thank you for making the game revolution fist!!! and didn't even play it
  20. good game but
    Jorge Ortiz
    great game add more carsand should have a tutorial on how to change the music please and thanks


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-New muscle car!
-Bug fixes and optimization