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jungle heat
tippy talk
бум бич
джангл хит
صراع الصحراء
هليكوبتر الصحراء


Reviews 271,885

  1. Tom B
    Fix the PvP where a level 100 doesn't destroy a lvl 30 base. Game isn't worth playing right now
  2. Brilliant little game
    sean dye
    Well done to the producer of the game. I would rate this any day over clash of Clans. If you can make it smaller in size, that would b great. :D
  3. Good intent but frustrating
    Sean and Pam Stevens
    Updates made game less fun now. Impossible to grow without spending money to compete with higher leveled players. Gameplay decent but not happy with ability to get attacked while online. Started off good but declined greatly over past few months
  4. crap crap crap CRAP!!
    Seth Enright
    Why do people eaven put out games any more? Why dont they just make a button app that says press to donate money and we will send you crap in the mail. Then I would at least have something to hold for my money I just lost.
  5. Frustrating game... Irritating game...
    Rahul Kumar
    Anyone can attack, while m online...and competing with higher leveled players.. M playing this game by 1year, before there was no such rules lik this.before I loved this game but nw I just hate it... Only because of this rules... Please correct the mistakes... So that we can enjoy this game... and I can give 5 of 5 stars..
  6. PVP battles
    Kaylee McClinton
    The PVP battles are getting a little bit to hard,the server should not be able to give you an opponent with an higher level than you are, you should be able to battle opponents the same and a couple levels down from you, because almost all the time when I'm attacking I get an opponent with a higher or the same level as I am, but some times you want an easy battle that's the whole point of battling opponents a couple levels down from you.
  7. Absolute trash, avoid this lousy game.
    Nevin Hayter
    Added elemets of chance ruining any strategy innthe game. Customer support only sends form replies and never seems to get the issues right.Too many cheating Russians playing this game to make it remotely fair.Pick on the weak, get wiped out by opponents many times stronger then you. Truely a game for bullies. Either spend a lot of money to advance or forever be the fodder for others to farm. I had to lower my rating to zero before i uninstalled. Not much fun, that is for sure. Sorry i downloaded it.
  8. Was a good game.
    Lee Nurden
    Really enjoyed the game. I'm level 16 now and level 20 players attack me, drop a couple of bombs and win without deploying a single unit. Please sort it out.
    Gavy Chauhan
    Awww Most Coolest & Responsive Devs. Ever seen who Listen us & Guide us & This Game is Blowing my Mind day by day by day & gets better & my WILL to play this Game increases really its tooo Much amazing that i can't describe in words From Past 7 months GAMEPLAY stilll this App is on Top Genre of My Mobile #Respect #HATS_OFFF DEV's Mwaah Oh_My_My_My ♡♥♡
  10. Nice boom beach/clash of clans mix
    Morning Star
    Its not a bad game. Alot slower to start to be honest that most other games. Gameplay is fine. Not many players online though, and abit too much info at times. Agree that high lvl players with low trophies dominate so you rarely win PvP. Upgrading is a very very slow process as is building units so i am rarely on for more than a few mins every few hrs. Its not fast paced. Overall not bad and good effort from the developers.
    Justin Miller
    This is a great long term war game. Absolutely the best strategy game I've ever played. Thanks guys keep up the hard work
  12. cjohnjohn96
    Twice you guys took my Diamonds Last week I put a two day protection and today I went for a two day protection and you took my Diamond I paid for them and you gave me no protection what the hell going on?
  13. I'm lvl 33 pls help but this game is awesomeMy name is General Price
    SnowWhite Racquel Onamor
    When I play this game it doesn't load and it says Connection error please check your internet But I have internet it's excellent pls help tnx
  14. Need more
    John David G
    Great game every thing in every game is slow when u play real time but I've not spent a dime on this game ( real money) and it's been the best game I've owned but however it needs more people I rarely get attacked even tho I may not have the greatest defence but I love to see the defence getting a work out from time to time I've only been attacked once but won so not bad great game
  15. James Quintana
    Love this game! I lost my phone and had to start from the beginning. Still am enjoying the challenge.
  16. Bad
    ilya sidorov
    Graphics are terrible. This hame would be cool back in 1980s. Try jungle heat. Way the F... better.
  17. Good but
    Mathew Peter
    Overall it's a good game for long boring flights but upgrades take long and 'rewards' like the double barrel towers are given then taken away :( what's the point of giving a reward only to take it away? Great graphics and animation.
  18. Plz do download
    Ahmed Olaniyan
    Clan tournaments should be shared among 20 members not 15 it hurts many people for their hardwork gone.
  19. Help!!
    Terry Lebon
    My game is frozen as i try to join clan as i was i cant do me out pls..grimshield in game...if i uninstall and install again..will i lose my level 180
  20. Salem Salic
    What is happening in this can I upgred my workers,toons.if I attack a anemy base..after I finished..and then I'll go to home base..they already attack the same time....