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  1. It was alright...
    Kiara Pattson
    I tried it for the first time right after installing it and I do realize how much effort the creators have put into it. The graphics are very good but I was hoping for more then just running. After a while it got a little boring so I decided to uninstall it. Great work, though!
  2. Not free
    James Heid
    Hey dev, you should not market this game as free when there comes a point that the game becomes absolutely unplayable without spending real money. This really upset my kids. It's understandable to offer perks for real money, but demanding it just to play the game is just sad when marketed as free
  3. Loving this app awesome :D
    Russhan Singh
    Can't stop playing it but please can you guys add a online settings so we can challenge real friends. Then this would be a 5 star app
  4. Amazing game
    Nathaniel Chiles
    Very fun and addictive...I kept trying to go to the bathroom at school just so I could see if I could complete a mission. GREAG JOB NAMCO FOR GIVING PAC-MAN A 1UP!!!!!
  5. Cheap and buggy
    Payne Boys
    The game starts fine as soon as I hit jump it goes blank or black screen or just a plain background. Works fine on my Apple. 4 year old doesn't like it that he can't play when I'm not home. + you can only race for 30 seconds and then it stops someone commented you have to pay for more time I will not do that and of course neither will my 4 year old. I haven't experienced any of the other issues but I have tried to reinstall several times and updates do not help, good luck to those download it! 10,000 1 star comments can't be wrong!
  6. Glitch
    judy endress
    I did love this game until it started glitches on me, after beating the first world, now I start playing and it shuts down halfway through the mission and says unfortunately there's a problem failure this game will shut down now, been doing this over a day now...please fix.
  7. Sabrina Altpeter
    I enjoy the game but the dam thing just turns off on its own right during a game right after I beat a level I lose my stamina but yet the game doesn't fix the fact that it keeps shutting down for no dam reason I'm very angry.....
  8. Stamina
    Michaela Craddock
    I loved the game when I could actually play it. Once you're out of stamina, the game is useless. Found this under the no WiFi needed section but you have to have WiFi to recharge. BUT the game has to be open and running. I deleted it once I realized that after 2 days, I still had no stamina and realized how the charging thing worked. Pretty sad and disappointing.
  9. Nope
    Taydem Sawyer
    It doesn't even load,everyone I tapped the app it says" PAC MAN DASH! Has stopped" every time I do not recommend this to people.
  10. Ok
    But this game is too easy and the missions are not that rewarding because this game lacks any kind of cutsceans or story to keep the player interested. The platforming is fun but the time seems to short and the items cost way too much I cleared all the missions but 2 and I couldn't do them because they required way to many cookies to get. It is also anti climatic that there is no real reward for completing the last mission other then a lot of cookies but it is not enough cookies to buy any of the big items needed to play the bonus missions. I also found it lame that you only got trials of the items and even though I had a trail of gaint PAC and a bonus level requires that power up I couldn't play the mission. Good try namco ban die but I hope you actual game on the 3 D's and other systems is more fun.
  11. So easy and hard
    Josseline Pereira
    Is it so hard mission 12 in the Pac-Mall and sometimes when i use the icons Cylindria , Pinky,and Spiral it doesn't work on the Pac-Mall for Cylindria , The Temple Of Slime for Pinky and the Fiery Maze and Maze High School for Spiral on all the time and it so pac easy with cool power ups and I am addicted and I love this game and I wish that they put the Cheery Copper and Wizard Pac-Man on their next update!
  12. I love it
    Emad Israel
    I love this game so much that i just want to be in the game and if you say it is boring i will kill you and do you now i am famous and i have 999,999 and i can give you some if you say it is cool and if you don't say it is cool and you say it is not that cool it and say it is boring i won't give you some okay listen to me
  13. Best
    Terrin Monroe
    Better than PAC man the 20th aniversery love this game PAC man dash speed and great graphics.
  14. Not worth keeping
    Misai Castaneda
    Yeah, sure, it was fun at first. Graphics are good and gameplay is entertaining. It's sad though that i have to uninstall it. It's useless because lives won't regenerate unless the app is running and connected to the internet (running in the background does not even work). This forces us to buy lives, which are expensive by the way...other games regenerate over time but this??? Sad and irritating gameplay
  15. Stamina System is the WORST
    Brian Quanchi
    This game is pretty cool, but absolutely HATE the stamina system that apparently requires you to go online. Seems very unnecessary and if you're using a device that doesn't have a network or not near Wi-Fi, it's pretty much a useless game. If they got rid of that annoying feature, I would rate it better EDIT: I tried recharging my stamina. Had to leave the game open for 15 minutes to recharge only 1 point. I closed the game and opened it again and the point was gone. Only seems to recharge only if the game is open. I lowered my rating because the game is pretty much unplayable. It's a great game, but it's extremely flawed Stamina System ruins the game for me
  16. Irritated
    Jennifer Soenksen
    Would be an AMAZING game if it didn't shut down on me after I beat a goal. Takes 20 times for it to continue.
  17. This game is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TC Tim Tim TC
    FORGET ALL the negative comments people are saying about this game. PLEASE try it for yourself. This is the BEST game I have played in a VERY LONG TIME!!! This game has taken Pac-Man to Another Level!!! I'm having SO MUCH FUN with just the FREE portion of it. So far, I have been able to purchase 3 very Cool just by collecting Free Cookies (no cash). If I were to spend real cash for any game, it would definitely be this one. I will wait until that time to pay though. So far, it's a LOAD OF FUN for FREE!!!
  18. Vivid
    Jordan Howard
    I like the vivid colors that y'all have come up with its awesome High tech Plasmas all around oh a Ball tablet would be cool I have a Ball with my Light projecter and that's way more. Fun to be sounded with live bouncing colors its like being in a dream u never wana leave but then you get tired so u need to sleep but yeah a comfy bed is always great after a full night of Bouncing.And that's great like kicking Rocks with snow globes and Sunny's days at the beach.
  19. PAC Man Dash
    Cashedout JAY
    Please fix the problem about the app taking all this space and making me delete all these other games. U also need to make the app download faster. When those problems are fixed I will rate u 5 stars
  20. Don't work
    John Hutcheson
    Doesn't work won't even let me get past the title screen before it stops working. Don't waste your time.


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