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dokkan battle
dokkan battle japanese
dokkan battle japanese version
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ون بيس


Reviews 611,430

    Brendan T.
    Remember watching this show on Toonami when I was younger. One Piece not only being one of the greatest anime shows of all time been waiting for a game like this for my phone..
  2. luke sharp
    Brilliant game, can't stop playing it. The only problem I have with this game is the rewards for the log-in streak. After reaching 30 days (and probably getting about 30-40 'rainbow gems') I now have to wait until 60 days and the reward is only 5 gems. There's no incentive to keep playing everyday. In fact I want to miss a day and start it again :( please change this guys
  3. Great Fun for fans of TCGs + OP
    Jason Chen
    It's close enough in following the story and allows you to get all the crew members as well as other villains and other small bit characters so thumbs up from me, only 2 downsides are that characters are still locked in both packs and unreleased maps until updates are added periodically, but you get 1 rainbow fruit daily so you don't really need to spend money to have a decent # of chances to try to get new characters, but it's starting to catch up.
  4. To the grand line!
    Nightmare Shadow
    The new version of one piece treasure cruise is taking the adventures to the grand line. I have been playing for a while and still am still enjoying the adventure I recommend this to any one piece fan! Overall this has been a very fun game, however all I've pulled lately have been 10 sanjis...
  5. Fun game
    Annaliesa Watt
    I usually don't play phone games, but this is fun. It's also a fun way to recap on the One Piece story. The gameplay is pretty addicting too! I definitely recommend it!
  6. 2.2 one piece update!
    Christopher Parham
    Honestly the best update so far, keep up the good work, there will be a billion of us playing in no time. P.s I love the new update the whitebread pirates "OMG!" If i could give it more than 5 stars i would. Just love it.
  7. one piece treasure cruise
    Michael Wong
    Played a lot of similar games in the past but this has got me addicted due to the fact that I'm a big one piece fan, the game is a mixture of games meshed into one.
  8. A Walk Through The Past
    Beth Pham
    Love the game! Going back through the beginning without having to read the manga or watch the show over again makes everything easier. I noticed I've already forgotten most of the characters and story line from the beginning. So this is a great refresher. Having so much fun with the app, can't seem to put my phone down!
  9. I'm hopelessly addicted.
    Clark Winslett
    This is a fun game and I find myself playing it more than my PC. It does have IAP but they aren't necessary to progress in the game. Bandai Namco has produced a very faithful One Piece world, so props to them. I do think players should be able to choose the order that enemies are targeted. The option to skip attack special attack animations would be great too.
  10. Progression
    Andrew Pingel
    Like the story so far. Can't wait to see more! Game play still smooth, rare cards have been proving difficult, and bosses can be challenging. Takes a while to evolve characters. Now I'm just having trouble with progressing.
  11. So much fun
    erik vargas
    This game is very fun and it's so addictive that I usually play it until my battery life runs out!
  12. SO SICK!
    Dakota Austin
    Don't think twice. This is a great game, doesn't follow the story completely because of the type of game it is, but it's close enough and is over all really fun to play. Reminds me a little of paper Mario but ONE PIECE! You'll enjoy this game, no doubt. Cop dis ish! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  13. More Than One Piece
    Douglas Helbig
    Fun and addictive, powering up your characters using unnecessary extras is great no grinding. But being able evolve your characters where most even have multiple evolutions gives something to look forward to, in my opinion.
  14. Really good
    Willie Spicer
    I'm impressed I've played allot of corny games but this one is actually great, follows the story and the fight system is complex yet simple great stuff!!!
  15. Best app ever!!
    Teddy Zamora
    It's pretty fun and addicting. It's full of things to do. This game is so addicting like no joke omo.
  16. Like the show
    Jeremy Everett
    Tough to start learning when the words come to center is when you tap to attack. Now that I've gotten better I'm loving it just as much as the show.
  17. It's legit one piece
    Jesse Healy
    Actual characters, no knock offs, constantly adding new things. doing this cuz it gets me things.
  18. Adventure Forth
    Rommel Legaspi
    It's a nice interactive turn based game of one of my most beloved anime. What else can I say :) follows the story brings cute characters into play and so far haven't had to spend $.
  19. Nice game
    Akeem TJ Edwards
    This is a very nice game to kill time with, especially if you love the one piece anime/Manga. Remember don't let games control all of your time.
  20. Can't wait for more
    Morgan Rhoney
    It brings all the characters you want to play as good and bad and I love it and can't wait for more story!!!


What`s new

Ver. 9.2.0 Update Details
- Added new functions for quests
- Added new functions for characters
- Added new feature to filter Specials
- Added new feature "Badges" and "Expedition" for Treasure Map
- Fixed loading time issues during login
- Able to purchase multiple Character Box expansions at once
- Able to exchange Bazaar items in quantity
- Added new feature to remove Cotton Candy stat boosts from characters
- Character Box max limit raised to 2,200
- Brushed up existing features