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Reviews 3,990

  1. rich winter
    Terrible channel,terrible shows,please boycott there exploitation of history for money TAKE DIGGERS OFF THE AIR
  2. Doesn't work for Xfinity
    Jo Wi
    Xfinity/Comcast isn't even listed as a provider! Really? Then try search to add provider and you get a 404 error. Please fix this :(
  3. Why oh why
    Deserae Carlson
    I downloaded this app because I am currently without cable due to where I live. I wanted to keep up with my programming. Everytime I turn this app it crashes immediately. I have never even got to watch a program on this app. I hope this gets fixed soon!!!
  4. Poor development
    Phoenix Gasperini
    I love doc pol, It's my favorite show but watching it from the app is impossible. My cable provider is listed but the app crashes horribly every time I use it.
  5. Can't even use it
    Jessie Bloomer
    You people that can't get the right provider are lucky. It just force closes every time I open it. Happens on my samsung galaxy tab 3, and my kyocera hydro life.
  6. heather selby
    Crashes the second I try and open it. This is a big name company. ....How can you not figure out how to stop this from happening? ? Really?
  7. Lily Stump
    Love the incredible dr.pol and i hope there are all the new ones but if theres not i am throwing my phone acrossed the room i did it once on another app i was mad i just wotch the incredible dr.pol
  8. I love commercials!
    Sara Brown
    Downloaded, signed in successfully, all I can watch are commercials...gets "error playing video" after 4 attempts. The commercials play fine but the shows never do. Fix this problem!
  9. Needs update
    David Harvill
    A lot of people have problems with this app, me being one. I can't seem to access the cable/satellite section. I have a Samsung Galaxy s3.
  10. Nat Geo
    Mychele Hutchinson
    You must have a network provider. I choose not to spend my hard earned money on one.Have been bilked for a small fortune. Roku is our choice. Not paying absorbent bills any longer. Get with the program.
  11. Worthless....
    Daniel Isenburg
    Would be great if it worked but how is it that Verizon fios, one of the biggest providers isn't covered? Yet I can watch the tv show on my fios at home, which is where I saw the commercial about the app! Get it together I'd your channel is on a provider tv service it should be available on the app
  12. Samsung S4 fail
    Amy Little
    Loaded app and logged in with Xfinity. Select Dr. Pol video and video does not play. Please fix it because as of right now it is junk.
  13. Don't waste your time!
    Jessica Adams
    Crashes like crazy...... With FULL network connection it buffers videos after 2 min of watching and never comes back on. Then screen goes black, crashes, and closes.
  14. Lame
    Cassie Mosher
    Doesn't tell you until you've downloaded and signed up for everything that you can't view the videos unless you are subscribed to the channel with your cable provider. If I could have the channel through my cable, I wouldn't have needed the app! Such a waste of time.
  15. Wth.
    Brandy A.
    THIS BLOWS. Every other t.v provider is on here and even some that ive never heard of but no DISH NETWORK. lame. Uninstalling. ALSO WHY ISNT WII U on here?? Like Xbox. Ugh!!!
  16. Zero Stars
    Nick G
    HTC One m7. Like 98% of others, this app is BS. Says Xfinity provider will work. Yeah, nope. Like most others, 404 error. You'd think that with all the negative ratings, the app dev would address these issues and tell us that they are addressing the problems. I bet the 2% positive feedback is from the devs, not users. This app is trash. Waste of time.
  17. Shuts down
    Leon McDonald
    App shuts down half way through program acts like it's going to an ad then screen goes black
  18. Crashes immediately
    Cody Roelfs
    Just a crap app. Love nat geo but this app is unusable.
  19. Makenzie Nelson
    It won't let me even open it I open it then it closes on me and it is not my phone it opens everything else perfectly fine
  20. P O S
    Todd Chappell
    Don't waste your time downloading this crap. I go to sign in with my direct tv account and it tells me the username or password is incorrect. No it's not. What a complete waste of time


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National Geographic has made some changes to the NAT GEO TV app as we are now part of The Walt Disney Company:
-NEW LOOK: Don’t worry, your favorite shows and specials are still here and you can still stream live TV.
-NAT GEO TV ACCOUNT: Sign in to your account (previously known as a profile) to transfer your favorite shows and viewing history.
-TV PROVIDER: You may need to sign in to your TV provider again to watch certain videos.

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