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Reviews 17,531

  1. Won't let me scan
    Jennifer Ulloa
    I was very excited for this app, but am being let down by the fact that I can't scan anything. It won't even let me enter the barcode manually. Just keeps going back to the home screen. Please fix or I will have to uninstall as I have very little memory on my phone and won't take up space on a useless app.
  2. Too Few Categories
    Kim Warren
    Good app once you figure out its quirks, but I buy lots of things through a co-op, online, etc., and I can't add nearly half of my purchases in a month because the categories in the "no barcode" section are so lacking. Please fix, NCP! Also missing many tutorials that I've had to call customer service to figure out, e.g. how to enter things with a per pound price when you can only enter whole numbers in the quantity field, and what to do when you use more than one payment method.
  3. Account creation broken
    Erica Caplinger
    I was in the middle of creating my account, had to set my phone down, and now I can't finish. The app admits that my email address is registered, but I can't log on, as I didn't get to password creation. I can't start over, as it says my email address is already registered. There is no help option on the log on screen! Too frustrated to continue!
  4. luz figueroa
    Keep saying wrong I'd and password so try forgot password and it doesn't let me access keeps saying no account...I know all my info is correct
  5. Joe Ward
    Great for shopping trips with less than 10 items to scan. If you have a large trip to scan, the app will eventually (after scanning a few items) get stuck on the main screen while loading the scanner forcing you to start over which results in the same problem. And you have to make sure you have the camera positioned so it's in focus when the scanner loads, because the auto focus on the scanner is terrible and there is no refocus button. Don't bother emailing NCP to tell them what's wrong, they'll just tell you that you're not using the app right rather than fixing what's wrong. This app is a good idea, but has a long way to go. They should be happy to accept people problems with the app and forward then to their developer.
  6. Angela Owens
    I love the app so much better than the old scanner. Since I'm on the go a lot I don't have to worry that I don't have my scanner with me. Hint for those having g trouble scanning use the flashlight button it helps.
  7. Liking The New NCP App
    PinkLilly Carnation
    I'm enjoying the convenience of this new app. It makes scanning and submitting all our purchases with more ease and accuracy. We have the app installed on three phones which makes it easier for my family to scan their own purchases. There's a little glitch with one survey I wasn't able to complete. Half way through the screen went blank and sometimes the scanner/camera doesn't focus but these are minor issues and I prefer the app as opposed to the bulky scanner.
  8. Love the app
    Terri Mostiller
    I love being able to have my scanner with me wherever I go. The only complaint I have is when I try to hit the forward button and miss, sometime can't retrieve what I have scanned so far and have to start over. Frustrating.
  9. Camera focus
    Karen McKenzie
    I love that I can use phone to scan purchases and that it automatically transmits. That way I will never miss doing a weekly transmission in my busy schedule. However the camera does not focus well sometimes and I have to keep trying or end up typing it in which can be frustrating. I like that I am notified and can do most surveys in app. I would like it to be able to do specialty surveys as well which I am to do weekly. If they would make scanning more efficient would love this app.
  10. Wonderful-Galaxy S5
    Esperanzia Williams
    Love this better than trying to use the original scanner. Hope there be an app for the tablets then it would be awesome
  11. Sometimes Good - Many Times BAD - BAD. Samsung Galaxy S5 - Lollipop 5.0
    Brad Hill
    The scanner app will reset to the initialized screen between product scans while at the store. Each time, it asks me to click on the favorited store and then scan the barcode adding the price and promo data. Moving to the next item may be a few moments or minutes while shopping. If I have taken too long, it then requires me to enter the store name before the next item is scanned. This would not seem to be a real problem.... until clicking the "done" tab and finding that every item scanned has been deleted by the app except for the last item. Can you imagine shopping, scanning, price and promo details all being lost on dozens of items when shopping for your family? Do you re-scan everything or just enter the total paid for the shopping trip and ignore the work you already completed? You will never see any confirmation at NCP that the scans were accepted until the end of the week and the on-line system shows your points awarded. Additional feedback should be provided by NCP or the app. A weekly total of money spent / logged would help. This app needs additional real-world alpha and beta testing before the next update to resolve issues expressed on Google Play.
  12. Login
    Robert Slaymaker
    Joined filled out all of the application and now it won't let me sign in. So I can't rate the app properly until this is fixed. Quick response to fix the error, can now sign in can't wait to start scanning and earning rewards.
  13. Convenient
    Amanda Allen
    I like being able to use my phone and transmit without cables and a computer. However, I did notice that Wal-Mart is missing from the store list.
  14. Great app...but have some kinks.
    Katherine McCarthy
    The app is simple enough to understand. User interface is pleasant. However, I noticed that the pages are not scrollable. I am unable to see some information. Specific examples of this are on the home page, I can barely see the second tap below "new purchases," And the page where we input the total and select payment method. I cannot access the "card type" button.
  15. It's ok
    Krista White
    I don't stay stuck to my phone so I don't always remember to put in my purchases. It would be nice if there was a way to set a reminder within the app to remind me to enter purchases every day.
  16. I never received my physical scanner and this app won't let me log in
    Shalayna Moffatt
    I finally received my "congratulations! You've been selected to be on the panel, your scanner is on its way. Until then use this app to upload purchases" email months ago. Never received my scanner and the app won't let me log in. The password it gave for the app doesn't work and I can't get any type of help on the log in page. Frustrating, beyond frustrating. Only because the emails NCP sent me afterwards were treating me as if I had no interest at being on the panel due to my lack of submissions...
  17. Love the app!
    Darlene Millette
    Would really be great if you added more items to the list. I love using this app. Much easier then scanner one you get use to it.
  18. Nothing
    Kimberly Jeffcoat
    I have tried many times install uninstall and nothing it won't let me log in. We will see. It says I hated it it's not that I don't like it. It just won't work.
  19. Jacqulin Quitugua
    Would give 4 or even 5 stars, but since one of the last updates it reverts back to the main screen whether it is scanning or putting it in manually. They should offer more options manually but it is manageable. Had help with the app from the help center but the problem persists
  20. Christine Hughen
    Can scan my items but after u enter n quantity, price & any offers used it won't let me go any farther. It's like it's missing the "NEXT" button. It's the same way when trying to add shoppers. Glad I still got my home scanner. Technology, huh!!


What`s new

- Upgraded scanning engine for quicker barcode recognition
- Minor bug fixes