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  1. Dots... I love this game!!!
    Patricia Laas
    Help... I paid for the Dot Doubler via my T mobile account. However, when I go to play the Dot Doubler credit doesn't appear... How do I fix this?
  2. Fun but..
    J Jrock
    Can't connect to Facebook since new update, I can't even find the option to connect to Facebook please help
  3. Great game to waste a little time
    Rebecca LeCain
    Nice game for when you have a few minutes to kill.
  4. Love the new update
    Ashton Leo
    On my Android One device with Mediatek MTK6582 chipset, the previous versions exhibited a few small but annoying glitches. This update not only fixes the issues but also adds new customizations/features Good job guys!
  5. Awesome new features..but "Timed" Mode freezes!
    Allison Armstrong
    I love the ability to change themes...and now a PURPLE theme is available! Woo hoo! Having a few different colors other than the boring ones, makes the playing experience much funner. So thank you. My only problem is that, quite a few times in "Timed" Mode, the time freezes around fifty-six seconds. Please fix this!
  6. Won't open
    Lisa W
    Since update, word 'dots' appears on screen then says game not responding. Also, when I try to open game from app shortcut placed on tablet it says app not installed? However I go into play store it says installed. I hit open and nothing. Please fix
  7. So Addictive
    Lynne Hughes
    Easy to learn, Hard to master. No annoying ads and no constant hints to "just" buy this, that or the other.
  8. Neat
    AnkuSH M
    So easy and fun! Can't stop playing this game.
  9. Love this game but..
    Sheridan Navarro
    I can't connect to Facebook and play with friends when I could before. I uninstalled it a couple months ago and decided to play again cause I missed it. Please fix and I'll give 5 stars! Thank you.
  10. Evelyn Foster
    Love it so much. It keeps my mind sharp.
  11. Good game but not so interesting.
    Abhishek Singh
    Its a good, simple, timepass puzzle game. Not a interesting game in which you come again to play.
  12. Dots
    Steven Anthony
    Awesome game that's so addictive I've found myself playing it for hours without a blink of an eye.
  13. I would give it no stars
    Nelva Grossnickle
    You have to connect all the dots ok connect them they won't actually connect then you end up just getting rid of one. Instead of like four
  14. Donovan UK
    The latest update has made the game unplayable on all platforms. It was fab infuriating fun. It's now crap!
  15. Dots
    Alex Midyett
    This game is one of the best time waster games I have ever played.
  16. No scrolling
    Kendra Paterson
    Can't scroll through high scores or trophies.
  17. Douglas Erickson
    Most addicting game I own. Cute, fun, lite .. great for the ADD crowd.
  18. Awesome!
    lucia zou
    Takes time to finish the levels and sometimes I loose my patience but most of all, great game!
  19. Perfect
    Angelisa Marchesini
    The problem I had with the app freezing on startup was fixed with the new update! It was a quick response to the issue and I am more than pleased. This is my absolute favorite game and it keeps getting better! <3
  20. Wtf?
    Pull Me From The Gallows
    Fun game, but constantly pauses on me. Fix this bug and I'll 5 star this game.


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