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  1. Jason Hooks
    I started playing the NeuralPlay card games a few years ago I have played them for thousands of hands by far they are the best versions available. Now with the latest updates hands down they have secured the top spot.
  2. Yes ! Its very Good
    Claude Parks
    Good playing level and playability access. Card numerals need heavier type for readability. i have clumsy fingers and a redo button is very nice. if you play hearts you should love this game. Get it !
  3. Good but flawed
    Steve Mormando
    This app worked very well until the recent set of updates. Issue I'm currently seeing is once a game is done, it starts a new game with the same hands being dealt.
  4. New version menu changes
    Old Relic
    Newest update doesn't play correctly. Hold hands every other deal? The reset fixed that problem, now can you put the "new" option back in the menu?
  5. Worse than MSHearts
    Jim Murray
    This game, like so many computer card games, is rigged. Every time I try to short-suit my hand by passing Clubs or Diamonds, I get at least one of that suit passed to me. If I keep Spades, that suit is inevitably led on the second trick, but if I pass them, another suit is played. I had similar frustrations with this developer's Spades game. Seriously restarted. I'm looking for another one.
  6. Barry Combs
    Way too often, after only one trick, all of the hearts are taken by one "player." It's rigged and cheats.
  7. Would rate it a zero if I could
    Harold Schmidt
    I have been a life long hearts champion. I can't win even one game here. Never in my life have I been stuck with the Queen with a 3 card this many times. I'm uninstalling this piece of trash and you should also. The only positive is that it was free.
  8. Paul Stahura
    Im a very seasoned hearts player and only could win at a 27% rate. The computer randomizer for this is very imbalanced which makes this game unenjoyable. I highly recommend finding another game of hearts because this game will not give you accurate card distribution. The game designers did a very poor job here.
  9. The problem
    darlene endres
    My only two spades were the ace and king. Computer led the queen of spades 2nd round. Hmmm it wouldnt do that unless it knows my hand...dumb!
  10. Nearly impossible to beat it l4
    Andy Yonce
    When you pick up 16 points on the last hand with a 3 diamonds because the other player led with a 2; very difficult to void a suit, hard to get rid of killer cards unless 1st hand of suit; forget trying to run all the points. Sometimes even 5-8 cards get you stuck with queen. Sometimes it will stick you with repeated runs of 16 to 22 points eithout face cards.
  11. So slow I took it
    Stuarth Haddock
    I fell asleep while players were putting down cards
  12. Ok, until glitches came...
    Nick Peterson
    This was an ok hearts app, but about 2 or 3 weeks ago it started to run alot slower
  13. Game Junk
    Debby Oaklief
    I have played this game for years, on my new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, all it does is freeze and makes device reboot. Lousy game if you have this phone uninstall.


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