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  1. Arcane Quest 2
    Greg God
    A fun adventure roleplaying strategy game with a chance based combat system that makes it even more fun. Great game for those who like table top gaming.
  2. An improvement on the 1st
    Alistair Midgley
    This is great. Much more streamlined than the first (without losing any features, in fact there's much more to do). Ads are not invasive and its cheap to get rid of them.
  3. Steven Sitner
    It's great. I love the way the game works. It's not too easy nor too difficult. If you're looking for an RPG game similar to D&D, this is your best bet.
    Thx for the great game. I cant stop playing. Very enjoyable but would of prefered hexagonals instead of squares, maybe third one can get an upgrade ;D
  5. Possibilities squelched
    Jeff Heikes
    This game has a lot of potential; decent story lines, simple old-school maps, fun UI and combat, but it fails miserably in several ways that make it infuriating! Search chest when inventory is full, oops you get NOTHING. Couldn't just ask if ya wanna switch? Defeat a dungeon? Lose all your inventory and start the next one with nothing... Guess I didn't need all those potions I was saving. I dunno, could easily be better.
  6. Love it...more than the 1st
    Joshua F
    Overall it's a good, simple, offline game. I like the improvements to movement and combat. The monsters don't use each other's stengths as we'll..but maybe that changes with hardcore. I have been having an issue with the latest os update to Android. The game doesn't close when I close it...though it stops the game I am playing if I switch screens. It uses a lot of battery in the background.
  7. Angel Young
    Excellent RPG with just the right amount of a D&D element. RPG and D&D gamers will love it. Just one complaint though. Too many characters spaced out. I like leveling my characters at the same time.
  8. Old-school feel...
    I really like this game. It plays well and the top-down, token feel is awesome. The storyline is nice and adds nice flavor. Dungeons can feel easy when you're rolling well, but it gets tough when the dice fail you. Overall, there is great balance throughout the game. My only complaint is the "search" mechanic. Sometimes I run over a hidden trap after searching the area. I wish I knew the rules of this mechanic a bit better, but it does NOT detract from this great game. Well done!
  9. Frank Thomsen
    Similar to Decent, Warhammer Quest or HeroQuest board games, in it's dungeon romp play style. While fun to begin with, I find it hard to recommend beyond that as it quickly becomes a tedious slog-fest. Battles start out being quick and easy (bosses excluded) taking only 1-3 turns but after a while (around the 4th level/ 4-5th quest) as your character's level and the enemies with you it becomes a zero or negative sum for rolls in the enemies favour. This will lead to battles lasting at times 20+ turns against just normal enemies (while averaging 4-8 turns per enemy), and much longer for boss battles. This can be made easier with gear but in general you will only earn enough gold for one piece of decent gear each character, and if you don't buy armour your characters will be slaughtered by anything larger than a goblin (the very first/weakest creature). Too much focus on enemy dice as they level. With this kind of game, enemies should be quick to fight, and level only with the dungeons. Leveling with characters makes the leveling pointless, as well as the bonus XP for hardcore a liability. Was considering buying it, but not with the increasing tedium as you progress
  10. Solid tabletop turn based dungeon crawl
    Matthew Deacon
    Not quite "big league" level of polish but pretty darned good in that regard (art, music, etc) too. For free, its excellent. One thing though: if you find media server preventing your phone or tab from deep sleeping and killing your battery, you might need to force-close this app.
  11. cari recehan
    balance throughout the game. My only complaint is the "search" mechanic. Sometimes I run over a hidden trap after searching tough when the dice fail you. Overall, there is great
  12. Amazing game
    Chanley Currie
    This game has a lot of stuff for a free game. The quests are fun and the story is well done, even if there is the occasional grammer error or typo. The only thing i could complain about would be the shop system, particularly when you sell things. Both the items you have not equipped and have are on the selling list, so its easier to accidentally sell something your hero was wearing.
  13. Arcane Quest 2
    Graham Kennard
    Love it. Simple to play but takes a lot of thought if you do not want to die too often.
  14. obvious cash grab from stage 1
    BelleTheGreat IsGreat
    almost impossible to even pass the tutorial without two hours of grinding. obviously imbalanced to try and force pay players but not nearly substantial enough of a game to encourage such. failure of a game don't waste your time
  15. Aaron Jackson
    This is better then the first one which i bought. The boss battles are great, dice physics are perfect then before and the map is fresh. 5 stars man! Keep it up. After i beat 2 im going back to the first.
  16. Arcane Quest 2
    Hippy Rogers
    27/07/15 my youth on the Amiga 500 with this brilliant Hero Quest style game.
  17. Awsome game but the crashes....
    rythm quraishi
    A nice and addictive game. But the occational crashes are becomes ming quite the nuisance. Hope devs will do something about it soon.
  18. John-Paul Goorjian
    Great classic rpg feel. Wonderful mechanics, story telling. Premium content is very modestly priced.
  19. Good old memories
    Eric Blau
    The game brings me back to hero quest. Very similar to descent 2nd addition as well. Very fun. No pay wall yet. If that continues it will be one of the best phone games I have ever played.
  20. Fun, very modest prices dnd 2nd edition
    Ethan Lee
    It's turn based, takes 20m or so to get a grasp on how to succeed. I bought 7$ worth on the store and can't set it down


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