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igun pro 2 with all gun
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Cameron Leyden | Senior Programmer

Jason Spencer | Community Manager

Fidesse Fehr | Support Lead | Office Assistant | Social Media

Ingmar Lak | Director

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  1. Stole my money
    Stalker Xenomorph
    I spend monry on this game and now all my stuff are gone. I want my money back. It says that my email address was not found. When all my items are back, you will earn 5 stars. Im waiting.
  2. Crashes all the time
    Jared Kennedy
    This game has crashed so many times I lost count, it was fun at first but then it started closing for no reason and wouldn't stop. Hopefully they will release an update for this game so that it will stop doing this.
  3. Good game terrible support
    chris schleppenbach
    Spent three years working on ranking up and getting my guns upgraded had the game almost completed when my old phone broke and i lost everything i had because it doesnt carry data over from one device to the next anymore contacted support and they wudnt do anything for me because i didnt have any inn app purchase reciepts i earned everything i had by playing the game not thru just spending money on the game
  4. No Good
    Kota Swiftpaw
    I lost a lot of hours of gameplay because the game said I had no profile. This is happened more thin once I'm not going to download load this any more.But I hope you fix it for the people who actually want to play this game.
  5. Bugs, still bugged
    Jay Sanders
    Great game but, when I mastered my AWSM via training my accuracy got worse rather than better. I think that I broke the cross hairs thus ruining my near perfect accuracy. Please fix it.
  6. Guns
    Dan Opris
    The game works fine, did not crash. Minor glitch: the supressor off my Thompson disappeared and appears as though I need to buy it again. Minor inconsistencies between range and gun sim. Thompson and Sten have single fire selectors in sim mode but no single fire button in range mode. Delisle supressed rifle does not allow bigger scope than 5x despite being bolt action with Garand mount. Same mount alows Smg and Mg up to 22x scope.
  7. Eric Kretlow
    Hands down I love this game to death this game is the s*** please come out with a gun club for with better artillery weapons on that s*** and remember going to keep the zombies to man just make them a little better
  8. sycua42
    Cons: 'regular updates" is a lie, guns are entirely too expensive, achievements require in app purchases. Pros: game is actually fun, a much different approach than gun club 2, New features, challenging challenges, and interesting mechanics.
  9. Good game, way too many crashes
    Delsin Rowe
    The game itself is a pretty good game, but I can't even play 3 challenges without it crashing along the way, especially during challenges when I've already spent a bullet and it decides to crash. Really takes all the fun out of it.
  10. Awesome game
    franz sevilla
    Joy stick is more better to accurate your gun to the target but sometime the game become laggy when i play about 10 mins it become laggy and it let me fail because of laggy i accidentally fire at the hostage
  11. Glichy, bugged, messed up
    Thomas Peters
    I got a new gun and I played a stage and it keeps saying stage failed when I cleared it. Also guns are so expensive + attachments and bullets take to too long to regen. Also it gives too little of a prize when you rank up. I hate this app and there is many other reasons why.. FIX THIS GAME BINARY MILL!!!
  12. Good game, some glitches
    Alex Ripard
    I had a problem where I lost some attachments, though they came back when I restarted the game. Also, the only thing stopping this game from being 5 stars is the fact that I have to wait for the things I buy to arrive in the game. I mean, seriously. How stupid can it get? Honestly if the rest of the game weren't so good, I wouldn't have rated this any higher than 2 stars because of that stupid feature. If you could remove it from the game, I would DEFINITELY suggest this game to my friends and rate it 5 stars.
  13. Uhh... Well it's the same
    Rick R
    I haven't played this game in over a year and i just recently downloaded it. It's disappointing to see that no changes have been made since the WW2 weapons update. I say that because i really enjoyed this game and would like to see it improve but it's just a big let down so far. Still would like to see a bigger selection of guns. Again personally I would love for you to add the FNH SCAR-17H.Over all its a disappointing to see no improvements.
  14. Lack of new content; no more login bonuses
    Tsukki Chaisri
    I've had this app for about a year now and in the begining it was a GREAT interactive gun sim, being perhaps the most realistic gun sim on the market. However, with the newest update and the sheer lack of dev support made this app no longer enjoyable despite the ammount of time and effort I spent collecting the guns and all of its various attachments. Would still recommend it, but unless you want to spend around $15 - $30 to get a decent play of this, don't get ur hopes up folks.
  15. Problems
    Ever since I updated my gun club app.continusly crashes I remember when I first had the game and I put.all my points in my ak47 it took a wile now I can't even use it you'd get a higher rating if you fixed my problem
  16. A great game still, but here's some requests, or tips.
    Charlie Tuong
    Dear The Binary Mill: Can you please add the new themed range with new weapons soon? When I saw that Gun Club 3 would be ready to be updated, I got my hopes really high in that the new themed range would come. Instead, you just fixed some bugs that never occurred to me and that disappointed me a lot. It's been almost a year since the Allied range came out, I'm running out of patience. However, I am glad that the Allied daily events reset, but, they're the same as the Warehouse ones, so if you could make them different, that'd be great. I also don't like the fact that the daily bonuses were removed and I no longer got additional cash. Plus, the daily bonuses were my main way of getting coins, which is pretty much impossible for me to get now, since I've completed all events for all types of guns for both ranges plus I am at the highest rank, which is Rank 34. So if daily bonuses were added back, I'd be very thankful. I also, I wonder what the promo code is for, is it for when you buy something, or to get free stuff, like ammo, cash, or coins? If you can tell me what it is, I'd be satisfied. Thanks, A huge fan of Gun Club 3 and very devoted player
  17. Poor
    RC .Rhinehart
    Update: after playing for months I did an unrelated OS update and this was the one and only game that I am unable to restore my progress with. Emailed devs and no solution is possible. All my time and much money and good feelings are gone. Cannot recommend you spend any real money on this game. Update TWO. Bought a new tablet and devs say the problem is same, cannot transfer progress, all money out the window. These guys don't deserve your money. I feel like someone peed in my drink.
  18. Also stole my money!
    Mike Sciba
    I've had this game for a long time and all of sudden it took everything, money, coins, all of the achievements I've beaten... everything!!! It's a good game and I'll give it 5 stars once I get everything back!!
  19. Gun Club 3
    Alexander Grant
    This is awesome game, and I really love it too. Could you possibly add the Mac-10 and Mac-11, Uzi, SCAR-H and SCAR-L, and some more pistols, snipers, smgs, and assault rifles. I mean this is an extraordinary game, but I'm kinda tired of waiting for the next update of weapons and that new area. But overall fantastic job, keep up the good work.
  20. Request.
    Fauzan The Combine
    I think the Facebook login must be added again. And please add GP-30 for AK47 and more themes please. (Pardon my English). I'll give you 5 stars.


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