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  1. Story Mode
    Aaron Barbee
    I cant access story mode on my tablet, there are challenges id like to do but cant bc of this, does anyone else have this issue? I like the game but it seems like certain things are just missing from the android version!
  2. I expected more
    Brill Aritonang
    Ios gets 1-47 while we only get 1-40. Please get episodes 47. I wasn't aware of this when I bought it and now I am. I really want to uninstall it, but please release an update. Then you will get a LOT ofe 5 star ratings.
  3. Still waiting
    The game is fun, lots of things to do in it, but after several YEARS of waiting for the remaining 7 episodes to come out, which have been on ios for several years now, and STILL nothing. I understand that it is"harder to make updates on an android client"but after 3 years I would think you could get at least ONE of the new episodes onto the android client. If and when the remaining episodes are released, I will rate this game 5 stars.
  4. Still waiting
    Evanda Isaacs
    I got this app over a year ago and still didn't get the update for android. But I got I for my iPhone and its always up to date. I guess they already got the money so they don't Care anymore. And for this great customer service they get a nice one star. Can I have my money back
  5. Its ok but.....
    Trey Moore
    Where's the update like on ios you give them aliens and stuff but we android users never get anything
  6. Restore my levels?
    Austin Brown
    I almost beat all the episodes on my other phone and I got a new phone and installed it and I used the same google account and it didn't give me back my levels???? Would rate a 5 star but this happened
  7. Wtf
    Alex Bautista
    Guys really pocket god was the first app I have ever gotten and I made this account about two years ago and immediately installed this but what do you know we get NO UPDATES apples sitting pretty with all the updates the have guess you guys just don't appreciate your paying customers
  8. Pocket god
    Alan Cartagena
    It doesnt have an update like the ipod,i saw my friend with his ipod and he was playing pocket god ,and i noticed that the ipod had more levels than andriod,so please put more updates so that i can give you 5 stars
  9. Like it but don't like it
    Lynbarjean Salisbury
    I can't access all of the challenges because there are actually 47 challenges and you can't even get them. Also you can't even update the game
  10. Its the end of pocket god for Android
    Amin Noujdi
    I just saw that Android isn't getting anymore updates but apple did 4 years ago they have so many more updates then Android I guess Andriod isn't as important as apple and apple once paid a company ti slow a game in production did apple do that to you because if so I don't know what your talking about we don't have money to update android its been over a year since we had a update please give us a update and you never awser your reviews and your utube song is give us the update where's the update
  11. Update
    Sarah Hallam
    Cmon mate. Dont we all think that its about time that it updated im mean I love this game and so does my little sister but her friends say that the ipod is doing much better than this . Unless it gets updated im uninstalling. Please guys this is pretty poor
    The Thunder
    What did they just Give up you will get 1-40ep that's it but IOS gets way more EPs then us no fair
  13. No updates in well over a year
    Joey Dimodica
    As the title states, there has been 0 updates, not even a bug fix, in over a year (honestly it's probably over 2, but let us give them the benefit of the doubt). The game is relatively fun, but it is quick to complete. Upon examination of the iTunes version, they have many more features and chapters. I do not recommend purchasing this game unless you have an Apple product. Poor customer support comes to mind when I look at this sorry excuse for a company.
  14. Underwhelming at best.
    Tristan Greer
    I honestly expected more from this game, seeing it was a P2P and not some random free app I found on the market. There's not a whole lot to do, and the things you can do lose their luster eventually. If you were looking to entertain a young child, then this game is right up your alley. But otherwise, just ignore it and move on.
  15. We are tired of not geting a update
    jaden o
    U have about 8 ep that android doesnt please put them in that way we have some things to do
  16. I just went through all the androids comments :P
    Kirsten Moline
    Ok it took me about an hour and a half but I did it and almost all the comment r about how U NEED TO GIVE ANDROIDS THE UPDATE!!!!!! and since there r so many of them some from a long time ago I bet u dont even care u probably dont read most of these because u dont care so im gonna stop waisting my time trying to get the update and just delete the game .all of u should too because they obviously R NOT going to give androids the update so if u dont like the game now then just delte it.
  17. Good to when your bord
    Reid Whitley
    Its basicly seeing how to do rituals and when people screw up you make them die in ridiculous ways. Worth buying. Great mini games and lots of levels for burning time. Its a good backup when great games get old.
  18. 31B
    Natalie Aleman
    Not only is the android missing 7 of the levels, but I can't even unlock 31B because the news portion of my toolbar is completely missing. This is getting stupid.
  19. No updates
    Wulfgang Blitz
    I've had this game for a while and there hasn't been an update in over a year...really fun game but the lack of attention to continuation of it by the devs ruins it.
  20. Fun game, but
    Ivy Shepard
    Please give android users the ability to create stories, jus like apple users! My friend let me play it on her iPad and I had so much fun creating stories I got it myself and I'm vastly disappointed I can't do this on my own system. Please update~


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The Challenge of the Gods! Complete various episode challenges and unlock at least four idols to enter the arena and Battle! There are forty episode challenges. Can you solve them all?
The Battle of the Gods! Once in the arena, use the powers of the God Idols to fight all the gods! Choose the right REALM TYPE and ATTACK TYPE and defeat your opponent in a fun spin on rock-paper-scissors. Experiment with different idol-related powers to become the ultimate victor!
We also made bug fixes!