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Monthly active users estimation: 1,000,000

Reviews 72,488

  1. Alerts and scores
    Dean Edgley
    I updated it with the supposed bug fixes, and it still gives me alerts even after I turn them off, I'm in Australia so I don't want my phone going off in the middle of the night. And it doesn't show the scores any more, you have to go into the box scores which doesn't always work. Un-installing and getting Stanley Cup scores off the internet
  2. Daniel Mak
    There is no opt-out push notification. Still get them with all alerts turned off. It came with my S5, somehow used 65MBs of data over a weekend of push notifications. Had to disable it since its baked into the Rogers ROM. no way to fully get rid of it.
  3. Not great but gotta watch the game
    Josh Kaler
    If I wished upon a star would you guys pull your heads out of your assess and make this a functional app? Please
  4. Ummm what?
    Jack Hanington
    Notification text color has switched from white to a much darker color which requires me to increase my screen brightness just to see the news headline. Please change it back to the color that every app uses for its notifications
  5. Opt-out doesn't work, continually get notifications.
    Rick Andrew
    I have gone through the settings repeatedly and I keep getting notifications. Fix that and it's a 5 star app. Uninstalling until the problem is fixed.
  6. The "News" section is to big for the screen
    Mike Meisinger
    News articles do not fit the screen of my Galaxy Tab4. The words go off the bottom of the screen and you can't adjust it to fit.
  7. New phone, new set of problems with the app
    Kurt Amundson
    My old phone would shut down the app when I opened it for the first time, as well as when I scrolled between game days in the scores area. I'd reopen it and it would be fine. Now my new phone won't show scores and sends me notifications while it is selected off. Developers say it's fixed but I got more today.
  8. Adam Henry
    Just got a new phone, galaxy s5 active, alerts are set to off yet push notifications are still coming through. I've turned them on then off again yet i can't get them to stop. This caused me to uninstall.
  9. Horrendous
    Brandon Winters
    This has to be one of the worst apps that I have had the displeasure to use. It exits the entire app when you hit the back button no matter how deep you are into it; it won't stop giving me alerts no matter how many times I turn them off; and when I had paid for GameCenter Live, it had major connectivity problems. Needs some serious attention and updates for me to consider downloading ever again. Avoid the frustration and get a different app.
  10. Notification spam
    John Wilson
    The app has ignored any settings to not get notifications for so many versions I'm pretty sure it's intentional. Even in the off-season it can be a dozen or more notifications a day. Guess I will uninstall until next season at least. Most notifications are useless anyways, as opening them takes you to a page in the app that has nothing to do with the headline in the notification.
  11. Schedule
    Richard Gellatly
    Didnt work in anaheim california i wanted to watch the games down there on my phone and both conference finals were blacked out to me. Um it says on ur commercials u can watch ANYWHERE? Is anaheim anywhere?
  12. Broken notifications
    Michael Rak
    Nice to have but I have it set so that I only receive notifications for important things regarding my favorite team. I specifically did not choose league news notifications but I still keep getting dinged about 5 or 6 times a day over stuff I don't care about. It's annoying to have the phone keep going off only to find out that it's something unimportant.
  13. Spoils results.
    Kevin Diamond
    This app with scores off, still shows the updated series results, so I know who won just as I'm about to watch. Just dumb.
  14. App sucks-cant give it zero
    Sylvia H
    Settings not working when trying to set up teans to follow. Alerts wrong. Doesnt go back to last page visited. There's more but I would probably run out of space
  15. Push notifications too prompt, don't look at app if watching elsewhere!
    Mike Miller
    If I'm watching on NBC Sports Live Extra, that live stream is delayed a few minutes. This app tells me the score with the push notification before I finish watching the game on that app. I have to remember to not look at my phone if I don't want the ending ruined.
  16. Still getting alerts
    Steve Dummer
    Turned off all notifications except for my team final scores and it won't stop sending league news. Bye bye NHL, guess I'll have to re-download when the season starts.
  17. Still a POS
    Russ K
    Every update destroys saved info, freezes, fails and generally sucks. Makes me lookup my login every time.
  18. Pretty good app
    Kevin Matthews
    It's definitely the best place to get all the scores and league info. however it is sometimes a little buggy but hopefully this latest update will fix the issues enjoy!
  19. Where's the Chromecast support??
    Christopher Beauclair
    App works fine, but Chromecast support seems to be available to every other official sport app. Needs to be included here.
  20. notifications
    Joey Rysko
    I'm in Australia, I'd prefer not to get notifications even after they've been turned off. I've updated the app too!


What`s new

- Users can now connect directly to live and upcoming games from the Team page
- Live game tiles feature up to the minute scores, game clock and power plays
- Watch your Team's live stream without leaving the team page with Inline video

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