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  1. Fun game most of the time.
    Earl Wallen
    As the title says it's a fun game, but making enough money to progress can be quite difficult. By the time you are ready to make some decent money your trains start breaking down. Repairs for the trains cost more than what you make by delivering 8 cars worth of goods.
  2. Excellent but...
    Loki Brokey
    The game is overall excellent and addicting. However, it doesn't seem to ever give out what the popups say you've earned. Most recent example: I had 38 bux when I signed out of the game, when I came back, I had levelled up, earning 30 more, and completed an event, earning 30 more. Should then have been at 98 but was still at 38. In that example, the cash and crates earned were also not added. If this is fixed/patched, I'll gladly give a 5 star.
  3. Great game
    I am true fan of simulator game and once I went through the initial setup I was hooked. For those who dream about operating a train company and not just train, this is the game.
  4. Good but WTF
    Cameron Streat
    Why the hell do you need bux to refuel trains seriously WTF please change also it starts not to expensive now it costs 8 bucks just to refuel and now trains are breaking down all the time you just can't get anywhere in this game witch is a shame because I really loved it at first
  5. :p
    Anthony Adams
    It's cooler that crappy old pocket planes (I know you diddent make it) but for the sake of more richness. Plz make flying bux alittle less rare like after grabbing 10 flying coins & 20 flying coins pass by then a buzz appears during a train ride. Also you should add a "trainpedia"
  6. Microtransactions are the only downfall
    Jason Mireau
    It's a brilliant addictive little game just as many Nimblebit games are. Don't expect to get anywhere without paying some real cash, especially at the beginning.
  7. Decent game, but...
    Andrew Bittman
    I like this style of simulation management game and it starts off strong. However progression becomes very slow quickly and it's super evident that you are not moving towards any motivating goal. Just more railroads for more money and more clicking.
  8. No restore
    Michael Hagood
    Missing lots of simple elements I would expect to see that Pocket Planes has. The biggest annoyance is when the jobs at a station are completely different for each train that is there. I was trying to get a 5 car load worth 20 bux to its destination and even though I hauled it around it won't go into the yard at the station I got it from. So I bring another train to finish the trip, when it gets there turns out I can't transfer the load because I can't get it into the yard! Switched back and it was gone!
  9. Brilliant game! Addicted
    Sam Harby
    I really enjoyed Pocket Planes but Trains is even better. Just a fun casual simulator game.
  10. excellent !!!!!
    Drew Ramage
    This a very addictive and fun game. It is allways keeping me high bux which is great, but id like it if you got too choose where you start your train empire and the refueling is a bit of a pain i dont know if it auto refills or you have too pay but besides that amazing game !!!!!!! :D
  11. Fun game.
    Jim Newman
    Love the game. Addicting. One thing. When trains arrive they should be at the bottom of the list instead of having to scroll down each time for a fresh train. Especially when you have a lot of trains. Great game though.
  12. Nimblebit Lover
    Nina Cavasso
    From the perspective of a nimblebit lover, this game isn't nearly the fun I expected. Waiting for the trains to refuel seems a waste of time, and more often than not I end up ignoring the game entirely once my trains run out of fuel, which makes it hard to progress. Then the trains break down and want me to spend more money (or parts) fixing them. So the second I make enough money to buy more tracks or another train, I need to spend it all on repairs. Ugh.
  13. Rigged to lose. Fun, but serious errors appear in game.
    Padraic McGuire
    Bought boxes, but never delivered. Earned and opened boxes, but many parts not credited. Seems no real way to build profitable empire. Costs always exceed revenue so you have to keep investing real cash.
  14. Would get 4 stars but..
    Benjamin Bronze
    I'd like yo be able to click on cities to see what jobs are available not just parked cars
  15. Can't stop playing it!
    kara berg
    So addictive! Really fun if you like trains and 8 bite retro games or whatever. I only wish there were more trains and that regular crates were cheaper then special crates. Great music and hilarious ad!
  16. Can't stop playing!
    Heather Shumaker
    This is the only game I've actually put real money into. Playing doesn't get any easier that way, but it gets more fun faster. So many levels of game play included: the puzzle of where to most efficiently run your tracks, daily challenge to beat, mindless catching of bonuses as you watch your trains travel, bright colors, deciding according to cost/approximity/profit how many and in what order you will transport which packages, and finally the appropriate amount of addiction versus frustration in playing.
  17. Fun and addicting but!!!
    Chester Lewis
    No way you can earn enough bux to expand train yards and build trains, without spending some real buxs. I understand game was ment to be a money maker but 2 to 1 ratio for expanding yards and opening crates is to much. Never buy crates in stations. Way to expensive and then costs you 10 buxs to open.
  18. Tons of fun!
    Scotia Draven
    Level 6 right now and having a blast with the daily events. Haven't spent a dime so far but microtransactions are very reasonable for what you get. Syncs flawlessly between my phone and tablet, too!
  19. "Pocket Trains" are great!
    Pedro Rivera
    Awesome game, great idea and enjoy just about everything!(to the designers the only change you should make is allowing to start in another area, outside of Europe. Other then that awesome game!) Tiny Tower users and Pocket Planes users will enjoy it! Thanks!!
  20. Good but..
    Austen Branch
    Was liking it untill i got an error msg, then i look and the time for all of my trains was 4 1/2hours...Not much fun now.could get 5 Stars If it wasnt for that.


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