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Benjamin Faure | Chief Marketing Officer at Scimob

France |

Gaël Bonnafous | CEO & Founder at SCIMOB - Webedia Group

Région de Montpellier, France |

Pierre-Olivier Cuillière | UX & UI Designer @Scimob (Webedia group)

Région de Montpellier, France |

Vincent Zgueb | Experienced software engineer, iOS expert, Entrepreneur, Dreamer.

Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon, France |

Reviews 324,115

  1. Used to be great now it's just meh
    Kiril Boyanov
    This is only my second app purchase so it must mean I am pretty much delighted with the game. It is addictive as some people say, but it is so in a good way. I normally don't play games, especially on my phone but this is the exception! Update February 2015: there are now far too many pop ups, which is extremely annoying. I was forced to use the dice even though I didn't want it need it... Overall not so good anymore
  2. Addicting
    Olivia Vuyancih
    My brother and I both own this game and we are glued to the screen playing this game! It is so fun and you actually learn while playing it. Some answers I have had to look up on Google but only because they were challenging for me. But other than that I love this game!
  3. Good fun
    Nick Gassman
    It seems quite hard to get a combination of a good quiz and one that doesn't require you to play against others online. This scores on both accounts, and also on the innovative visual interface, in which you mark a point Of select an item to answer each question.
  4. Pros and cons
    Lukas Egeling
    Great idea, but it forces the free joker on me. I Don't want to always close the app just not to use it. Otherwise good.
  5. Not the best
    Allen Nguyen
    The game is really fun but sometimes stumps me. The moderation are good but they should change that. Instead of running out of pins, you should give a power up to have unlimited pins for a few mins...
  6. An Amazing Puzzle Game... with little problems
    Sheldon W. Lewis II
    I love this game, but it is a little too precise without help of borders...
  7. Fun for a bit
    Laurence Harrison
    It's fun and different to other stuff, but becomes a bit of a grind after a while and I feel like its a duty to level up rather than entertainment
  8. Loved
    Megan Jones
    Me and my husband play the single player together on the ipad. We really enjoy having a game to play together and we are silly and laughing while playing the game and we like coming up with the answer together. We play on the ipad and we purchased the premium on their. A fun game and unique!
  9. So simple so addictive
    Khasydi Doane
    I find myself bored and this is alwayd my go to. Keeps me occupied. It's very cute. Very minimalist style. I wish kinda want a broader range of questions. Still goood though. Love it
  10. 94 degrees
    Katie Havlin
    I think its a great game. The only problem i have is the pins. Once they run out you cant play for 25 minutes maybe give the people 200 then once they run out give hem another 200 after 30 mins or so, i hopemyou take this on board. Apart from that amazing game, well done!
  11. Shadow Dragneel :3
    Its a good game but it waste so much of your space so I'm giving it a 3 I would put it a 5 if it doesn't wastes so much of ur space
  12. Great game to kill time.
    Codi C
    Usually keeps my mind going. Definitely entertaining
  13. Fun but...
    Brandon Lieu
    I've finished the game months ago. I couldn't wait for the new update so I could play a lot more. I figured it was taking so long because they were making time of new levels, but I was dissapointed when the update was only multiplayer and rankings. I would rate it 5 stars when new levels are out.
  14. Glitchy
    Siobhan McIntyre
    As others have mentioned, you can place a pin spot on but it says it's cold. Then try and use the die or compass and it just clears the pins. Annoying! Plus there are WAY too many pop up ads. Understand the need for ads but it's a little too much. Fix the glitches and give me my wasted coins back and I'll rate 5 stars!
  15. Tis good yar
    Shadé Weekes
    But ven u wan to jus play quick d tings like "so cold" I don't care I vant to put my pin in
  16. I loved it but not anymore
    Olivia Gelineau
    This is a great game, but a lot of the answers are very wrong and if I have the same question, it will give me a different answer. I think that should be fixed with either a report button so that people can report wrong answers or you should just not put wrong answers so that I dont confuse my facts. Thanks.
  17. Good to begin with then rubbish!
    Claire Narbett
    So frustrated.... Really enjoyed it until it doesn't recognise Cuba!!! Totally annoyed... Repeatedly crashes. Uses up all my pins on geography questions saying cold then reboots and place pin and its right. Never get the pins back!!! Love the fun but something seriously wrong in the set up of this game.
  18. Love! Love! Love!
    Megan Stephenson
    I am 100% addicted to this game!! It's different from any other trivia game I've played, and that's one of the reasons I love it. It's easy to play, easy to understand, and holds my attention so well, that I have to force myself to get off. Excellent job!
  19. Too easy to pin
    Ritobrata Bairagi
    Pin get finished quickly. Also visualization makes game pretty monotonous
  20. The Sounds
    Elizabeth Kammerer
    They're awkward. Also LG Electronics needs to be removed from the brands question. LG makes and sells, cell phones, TV's, appliances, computers and many other devices. It applies to FAR to many questions, yet only counts for one. Lastly the wine bottle names are HORRIBLY misspelled.


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This version includes improvements to the app and corrects minor bugs. So, will you know all the 94° answers? Play and find out!



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