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  1. Not long enough, poor difficulty design.
    Jeff P
    This game only has one world, about 8 levels. It doesn't take much to take the existing decks and create a world around each. It is unfortunate that the game is so brief and the difficulty jumps so sharply. I wish I had more to play, but, it is done and over.
  2. Caught By The Art.
    Andrew Whitaker
    At first glance game gives a retro feeling of a late 80s groove. Characters are corny yet humorous, game style plays in well with tablet mechanics. Overall challenging due to the math and card factors of linking up for your next big strike. Well worth the buy 5/5 Thanks guys!
  3. Mathematical!
    Fábio L.
    I've never been so addicted to a calculator. Played a lot on the ipad, and just HAD to have it on my mobile.
  4. Incredible
    Skyler Kona
    My dad introduced me to this game about a week and a half ago. I'm already on hate-bit, because I spent so much time on it because I loved it so much. Although I don't know much about seanbaby, this is still a mathematical masterpiece.
  5. Fun, but could be better.
    Charles Klrynhans
    Very nice game. Freezes up every now and then but not regularly. Would be nice if player level modifyer were a bit more reasonable. Once you beat Hate Bit you get 0 points for beating anyone else. Makes playing them again seem a bit pointless.
  6. Finally on Android
    Frank Fagnano
    When I was a wee boy I would look to the heavens and question the almighty, asking, "Lord, you know how I love 8-bit video games, math, space battles, and looking busy during meetings: when will there be a game that combines all that I love that I can purchase on Android for me?" Well, my prayers have been answered. This game is everything I hoped it would be, and easily the best purchase under $3 I've ever made.
  7. Quite Fun and a Great Way to "Learn" While You Game
    Brian MacLean
    While I love an old school art style, I don't find this game particularly attractive. That being said, the game play is quite challenging and is actually a really challenging "Mathematics Game." If you want to trick someone into doing some school work in a fun way then this is the game for you to buy. It's not one of those terrible education titles that is just boring school work with some graphics to make you think it's fun. There is actually some pretty deep game play involved.
  8. Awesome.
    zachary bevacqua
    I love everything about this game. I have one question though. Why do I battle in outer space when on other versions you battled in the locations where the enemies resided? That looked better in my opinion. And PLEASE make a sequel or expansion pack. I can't get enough!
  9. I'm addicted
    Jhonny Quiceno
    This game is easy to jump in, it's definitely not intimidating, but at the same time it takes a long time to really master. It is a hybrid game and pretty lengthy to explain, but trust me is money well espended. I love this game and I've been playing it non stop for days; surprisingly, the more I play it, the more I enjoy it.
  10. Mixed feelings
    Mark Hiner
    Easily the greatest resource system ever in a CCG. I'm a little disappointed there are only 8 enemies to play against. To the dev's credit, there are tons of challenge medals to earn for each of the 8, so you can definitely get a lot of play time out of the game. Collecting all the cards will also take a long time. I have the fun club upgrade (3 rewards instead of 2 per game) and am at max level, beat the game, and replayed many times... and have yet to get a "super rare" card. So for a perfectionist collector this will add even more time to the game's life. The flip side is that it ends up feeling extremely grind-y. After a short ramp-up period it's also way too easy. I did buy the DLC packs, but only really used the cards that put out more than one unit at a time. You can certainly collect enough of these cards for a ridiculous deck without the DLC. But spamming multi-unit cards is just way, way too effective. It makes your enemy's units meaningless, and it makes the stats and abilities on your own units meaningless (columns of troops attack together and player hp totals are low. If you get a column to the enemy base, you will win)
  11. Edutainment's Revenge
    Jeedy Jay
    Ninja Crime has created something exceptional in Calculords - they have successfully combined the compelling treadmill experience of collectible card games and the breezy entertainment of internet comedy with the self-improvement qualities of the often-overlooked genre educational software. Calculords isn't just fun, charming, and ingeniously put together... it's a whetstone for your brain.
  12. Good, and good for you
    Daniel Maurice
    Fun, and it makes me feel smart! Great presentation, and refreshing, unique ccg mechanics. CONS: Where is the multiplayer, Eggman? Squadspam is too strong, no can defense. Opponents are unique, but have no replay value, because they never become stronger to match the player's late-game decks. Many units are so big that their fat pixels block the AP/HP numbers of the units in the lanes behind them.
  13. Stupid good
    Jared Balser
    This game is excellent. You feel great as your number crunching ability improves and the game play is strategy at its finest. It's simply begging for a multiplayer mode though! I'd love to go head to head against a friend!
  14. Surprisingly fun
    Dustin Reid
    Wasn't really sure what to expect with this. Didn't think I'd even be into it since it involved math in some way. Totally surprised at how fun and addicting this game is. It's pretty funny, charming, intuitive, and of course, fun. The math aspect is implemented really well, and like the game says, more often than not you're able to spend all the numbers in your bank and attain a bonus. Overall a really fun, great game.
  15. Yay
    Gordon Cheong
    It should actually have a pvp. Im serious. A great card game like this should have some serious players, so pvp COULD work. Im not saying it will though
  16. Wonderful, challenging game, space chum!
    Robert Fleming
    Beautiful pixel art, unique gameplay. Hilarious writing as a lovely side-benefit. You know how strategy game reviews will say things like, "rewards creative thinking?" Well, this really does reward thinking, beyond the standard strategy game "use whatever the enemy is weak to." Thinking creatively and tactically is what you literally need to do to make the game work!
  17. What an amazing game, but....
    Lee Welsh
    Wow, I can honestly say this is the most unique and best game I've ever played. Definitely helps with the long journeys in the morning. Highly recommended to anyone that what's a different kind of challenge compared to the main stream games out there. My only but of this game was it was really short! After beating hate bit, it all grinding from there. There should be more enemies, and more things to do. I hope you guys are making a sequel! I'd pay for it!
  18. The best card game on Android.
    Ozzie Olin
    Unbelievably deep, endlessly entertaining, this is the number one card game you can buy for your device. No pay-to-win booster packs (the IAP cards are no more overpowered than the ingame ones, and I beat the entire game easily without them), and no consumable IAP nickle and diming you or hiding content behind a paywall. You buy this game, you actually get a whole game, and you WILL NOT find a better-written card battle game than this. A great story without any pretension, chock-full of hilarious jokes and memorable characters, wrapped around a simple to learn system that uses whatever math knowledge you retained from third grade as a resource to play your spells and monsters. If you can find another game that allows you to play every card in your hand on turn one and still be challenged by your opponent, let me know. Until then, pick this game up, and clear your schedule, cuz you're not gonna put it back down anytime soon.
  19. Too difficult
    Kari Perho
    As soon as you reach the third boss the opponents cards get just too powerful to be fun or sensible. Nice pixel style but balancing feels completely off
  20. Fun with a retro sheen!
    J.R. Raith
    Calculords is a brilliant take on a deck building card game. The writing is hilarious and the gameplay a delight. It really shines on my tablet!


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