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  1. Lots of bugs Tons of ads....
    david small
    1 out of 5 completed games bug so you don't get extracted you have to quite which gives up your rewards and xp. Fix the endgame bug for 4 stars and add more missions for 5.... only 8 missions can finish single player in 25 minutes.
  2. vincent hayes
    OK everyone I looked at the comments and first the new armour thing if u play this game on PC it will answer all UR questions u get tons of new armours wepons and a new strongbox so check it out but there is no buddy sorry guys.
  3. Needs some fixes
    Bryan Dwyer
    My boss was taking damage from nothing for a bit then it walked backwards into the black on the first map and disappeared. I couldn't kill it. I mean what the heck
  4. What you need foe the next update
    Adam Palmer
    Hello there game creater im here to talk to you about in inventory space for guns make it biggar all if favour say mis in the ratings dor more inventory space.
  5. Great game no game other like it
    Isaiah Gadil
    The game is gooad the thing is it has no buddy with no online game i like a buddy like sas 3 it has a buddy with out a wi fi need so looking for it :-) :-) and hey aad new map :-) :-) :-)
  6. I really liked the game
    Andrei Mira
    But add more armors, more guns and if you could add some melee weapons like wrench and baseball bat like that this game is gonna be much more awsomer
  7. Great game!!!
    chris keate
    I love the 3rd game and the 4th game is even better. The only issue I have is that the 7 levels are getting old... The 3rd game has a lot more to offer as far as levels go. Please continue doing a great job! (P.s.- am I missing something like an update or downloadable content for the 4th?)
  8. Amazing
    Mihill Dushi
    I love how they added strong boxes and many weapons. only suggestion is that they should add challenges like in sas 3 and more levels. But other than that the game is a 6 out of 5. One more thing I get armor / weapons in the collection that I don't have not complaining but it's just odd.
  9. Great!
    Mîçhâel Çoôpêr
    Nothing wrong with this awsome game! Have a great day! :D
  10. The only one games, the best for me
    Tjioe Tjok Seng
    Very detail, step by step to become advance to complete this game, sometime so booring..because must be fullfill the xp (to achieve next level) and not easy to get the higher strongbox (nantonium), but I just be patience.. more than a game
  11. Add
    Diamond onyx
    I like this game now but I will give it five stars if you guys add more maps then 7 or I think it is 8 but can you guys and 5 different map
  12. Thanks for the update
    ismahaziq ismail zaki
    Thx for the update ninjakiwi. I would like you to add nightmare mode in multiplayer and apocalypse mode in multiplayer and single player too. I hope in live event not have a time anymore
  13. Sas4
    Andrew Uh No
    Just letting anyone who hasnt figured out why your getting collection discovery without finding it, the game counts co op weapons and armour towards the collections. The games cool and all, i play it everyday but you need to start adding more levels...starting to get bored of it..make it like the computer know levels, secondary missions and play alot more if you...still get 5 stars though
  14. Really Fun, Addicting, Yet Buggy Game
    It Is Ellusion
    So i played this game on ios and it was not buggy but due to the recent update some maps have constant bugs for example vaccine gets really laggy once you get to the subway station ( both multiplayer and single player ) Also another map with a reay bad issue is zombie pods. As soon as one gets to the parking lot/pod area it tends to lag 50% of the time and other times the game will just freeze. Although there are some bugs to work on that doesnt stop this game from being overall fun.
  15. about the new collection update
    Aditya Rai
    I have all of my character above level 20 and just now i updated this game.i would like to inform you that now i have no chance of encountering hvm pistol (and other such weapons and armors) and so my pistol collection will always be incomplete so plese do something for it.
  16. Description is true
    Jaya Ganesh
    This game us epic!!! It's t the too of my list. My friend recommended it. I was not sure at first but now I am impressed. World's best action game. Can't wait for SAS 5! Edit: I found the heartburn but I'm level 31. Collections still cool though! Keep up the great work! Pleas add more levels!!!
  17. Best game but...
    daniel briones
    It's a fun game but it lags and freezes and I want that to get fixed because I loose my strongboxes and money I used in battle. Plz fix it and will be great.
  18. People need to PTFO in live events
    Sebastian Corona
    Every time I play last man standing you have one guy who doesn't do anything and just sits there watching you do all the work and funny thing is that he is the winner in the end and when you see your own results and you got maybe 200-300 kills while he got at least 50-100 and it's unfair for a player like me actually play the game and in the end I lose because they want to gain points without the hard work of actual playing. high and low levels do it all for the same reason.
  19. Very Good Game but lag issues in the tournament and Pods map
    Josh Markle
    There is tons of lag on the zombies pod map when you go to enter the final area plus there's some lag on certain maps when you go to wave 13. Otherwise keep the good work up and maybe randomize the strongboxes a lil more and drop 4,5, and 6alil more often.
  20. GAME UPDATE...
    Mark Samonte
    -Game still freezes on certain level -coop more laggy than before. -Game slower than previous version. -Rare boxes gives sh*ty items. -still lags when door opens. -Random game crash. -Lag/freeze occur on last door of zombie pods. -Most of all game still DOESN'T SAVE GAME PROGRESS so uninstalling the game means loosing everything.(goodbye ingame purchases)


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It's every man for himself in an all new special event, Virus Samples. The research corporations want virus samples from the undead and they're prepared to majorly reward whoever can bring in the most. Compete against your teammates to collect the most virus samples from defeated zombies and secure your place on the leaderboard for some big strongbox prizes!

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