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defender 2



Supriya Vichare | Sr.Sales Executive at Nivalink Tours and Travels

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India |

Ben Harrison | Freelance Translator

Other |

Riitta Latvala-Erkkila | art teacher at Nivala city

Finland |

Markku J Niskala | Managing director at Nivalan Osuuspankki

Ylivieska Area, Finland |

Reviews 191,779

  1. Would be fun, but......
    Erik Vos
    This game might be really fun, but all the words in the game are way too small to read.... and you can't zoom in or make them bigger. It's hard to see the tower icons to know which ones you want to place. I've never had this problem with other games...... make things bigger for more stars
  2. Cannot connect to my facebook
    andy l
    When i push facebook button just keep loading but dont want to open and connect to my facebook. Please fix this, i will give 5 star back
  3. Nice game
    Gracia tee
    Reinstalled coz my tab got reformatted... love this game so much. U dont need to spend money just to advance ur level.. u only need to spend time and patience and whoaaa start enjoying the game... :)
  4. It's fun but a problem
    john haywood
    I synced it with fb and I liked the page but it's saying I haven't liked it yet :/
  5. Really like this
    Mark Barker
    Nice graphics good game play simple strategies to learn but difficult enough to surprise you.
  6. incrediblee
    Ryan O'Connor
    best graphics ive seen in a mobile game. story is cool too. gameplay can be a little unchallenging and boring but its not too bad once you get a bunch of towers. would be cool to have the different units affected more or less by specific towers in obvious ways... eg. amphibians which are immune to slow or magic shield which are immune to wooden towers. something like that, lol
  7. Best Game ! Very good. 4 Star.
    Jesus Maria Jose Flotildes
    Nice game indeed. Shall i say excellent, but not that perfect. Needs improvement. Keep up the good work
  8. Great time killer
    Jason Henninger
    Easy to play Good waste of time. No money needed.
  9. Very nice game
    Eugen Alexandru Vladar
    But I have one problem, I have liked the game in facebook but in game i cannot receive my reward because it says that i need to like the game, I would really love to have that bonus energy cannon
  10. Very good tower game
    Bryce LaBiche
    Tower games by nature are supposed to be fun time wasters. And with its pleasant looks and fairly unique way to upgrade, this one does a good job. It has certainly lasted a lot longer than the dozens of other ones I've tried to play. Besides that this one actually has a story line that doesn't totally fail to be interesting. On that merit alone this earns 3 stars and the other 2 are for its previously stated qualities.
  11. Hit download
    nick strickland
    I've pretty much beaten the game just a few minor complaints but all in all the game has a very good tower defense set up and isn't just single dimensional like most Tower Defense games, in this one there's several ways to beat a level.
  12. Oh yes
    Christopher Straw
    Been with this title 4 a few months. Download it, now. Incredible concept to a "base defense"-style game. #2thumbsup
  13. Need more improvements
    Jeff Sulla
    Excellent Gameplay.. Outstanding Graphics.. No need to purchase items or silvers just to enjoy the game.. Love the fusing and evolving concept.. But theres a lot of problems including minor bugs.. Connecting to fb.. And missing rewards..
  14. Quite successful game
    Vikeca Dimitrov
    I enjoy playing that game, everything is perfect! I just want to suggest to make it possible to see statistics of the next levels of the towers/magics. That would be helpful in choosing which towers does worth to upgrade. Thanks ;)
  15. Cant connect to facebook
    Kristijan Korman
    I have account and progress there so i do not want to start over on my mobile. Nice game but its not working here and everything is too small on the screen.
  16. John KY Tan
    Great at 1st. Later stage 17 no $$$ cannot go on
  17. Solid Experience
    Tyler Standen
    The game is good; graphics are nice and hold consistent themes, enemy variety is nice and eclectic, writing isn't terrible but needs a good spell check, voice acting is kinda poop. Not bad in a tower defense.
  18. Stuck on loading screen
    Sam Huang
    I'm stuck in the loading screen with the first splash logo and it won't load past it no matter how long I wait.
  19. Terbaik laa
    Syafix Symmetry
    This is the best tower defense games. The graphic is awesome and really great.. I love this game.
  20. It is a great game
    Edinver Arzate
    It's so fun to play. Because you build towers and get tower's.


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