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  1. Random dice?
    Al Vait
    In Crown of command cell, throw dice, remember number then force stop app. Open again and throw dice... same amount :(
  2. Random Number Generator = Bad
    Preston A. Rawson
    The R.N.G. doesn't work, it's more like a cheap program that attempts to look random, the game is programed for bias which is fine, except the developer refuses to post how the bias is setup, I bought the game and one expansion to test a specific character I read about to determine if that was true and it was. Looks great though, would be nice if it played like a proper RNG.
  3. Love this board game
    Erik Robertson
    People complain about the game not being 'random', but you have to think about it this way. If you quit the game when you roll badly, only to come back and reroll until you get exactly what you want, you break the game. For what is necessary, it works brilliantly. I own the real game and this an awesome to go version.
  4. Kim Hartsfield
    I would give it five stars but there's no gratuitous nudity and I need that for five stars. But seriously, it's fun. I have an S6 and it crashed to desktop (homescreen?) once, but you can't expect everything to be perfect. It does have DLC / in-game purchases, which isn't the best for a game you've already paid for, but you don't need it.
  5. James Fallows
    This is a superb implementation of the classic boardgame. Guess I am a fan as I've been playing the boardgame since the second edition came out and electronically since the old Speccy version... The AI is smart and if you pit yourself against the likes of the Wizard and the Prophetess, very challenging - though I've noticed that they seem a bit conservative about heading for the Crown of Command. Seem to be a couplke of glitches here and there in rules interpretations which will hopefully be ironed out - the options for House Rules are good (also could do with expanding, eg to include 'fast rules' of 'levelling up' at 5 points rather than 7, and 'classic rules' of no encounters at the Desert and no trading in points for Craft. Would be nice to be able to zoom in to the board - the game is much more playable on a tablet than a phone.
  6. Perfectly preserved
    Mor Blau
    The board game is a classic, non-stop fun, so I was excited to see a digital version come out, but was sceptic about its quality. I'm happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised to see a perfect replication of the 4th edition, with great graphics and attention to detail! The digital game even clarified to me some of the more obscure rules
  7. Sahhhhweeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tim Kline
    And this just cause me less than a candy bar? I am almost guilted into buying all expansions, and oh, I will! So glad I checked my wishlist last night. Already got my brother to buy as well and he loves it. btw, you can zoom in by pinching or clicking magnifying glass, but only 2 modes...way in or way out, not a huge deal. Gameplay is superb. Lots of settings, such as AI speed and rules. Cant wait to try online play. The nostalgia is top notch because the amazing closeness to real game! What a gem!
  8. Text size is OK
    Gábor Salacz
    I've been worrying over the 'small text size' that can be seen on the screenshots - not being legible on my phone. AFTER purchasing: No worries at all, the fonts are MUCH BIGGER - making every text easy to read. If it's the only thing between you and this awsome piece of game, don't hesitate to buy
  9. :(
    Logan Crosby
    Can you help me it put my name as blank and now people think it weird and leave before i can explain it to them. I can't play with real people now :(. Can you change your name in the game?
  10. Too many bugs
    Michael Mleczko
    My favorite game so potential for my favorite app.... But too many bugs Forced to fight melee when vs other characters, lose all items when casting obliterate.. Which is board only.. Maybe magic bags count as spaces? List goes on. Great effort though.
  11. Do you playtest your games?
    Joakim Roijer
    The Guardian Angel card can't be discarded during battle, for example even when the card clearly states that it can . If this doesn't work properly, then what more does not? Anyway Nomad Games, you fix this problem and I will happily change the rating to a ⚄.
  12. Works great!
    Chase Greene
    Just make sure if you are planning to play the game multiplayer on two different devices to not use the same google play account. It won't let you connect to eachother, but it will let you connect to other peoples' games.
  13. Michael Pio
    Random number generation flaw. Computer has really good luck on certain NPC like the troll.(or mabee not a flaw just really seems that way) And tho I do think its worth it, the whole game is not cheap. What your buying here is the core game with in apps for the expansions. If you don't know how to turn off notifications your gona need a friend, the game has shameless constant buy me notifications. Would I buy this again? Yes! Should you buy it?.. Probably, some games are worth a high price tag this is one. I would have given you all a solid 5 but the buy me notifications after just spending 7$ to expand the game was too much. Might want to program that to end after we buy...unless something brand new is released.
  14. Awesome
    David Missman
    I've been playing this game for years now - since even Prologue. I've purchased every expansion and every unlockable character. I've never spent more on a mobile game and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. The game continues to be fun and feels like it will remain that way forever. Needless to say, I've found this game to be quite a treasure.
  15. Good fun
    Dali Morse
    I've not played this before downloading the app. The tutorial is useful but not too intrusive. Looks like it is going to be difficult to master. I've also noticed that the dice rolls don't seem to be random when rolling, force stopping and going back into the game the second roll always comes out the same as the first time you rolled.
  16. No tutorial and Zero support.
    Jonathan Gilbert
    Another game update, and they STILL have not delivered on everything they promised in their game description. There is not a tutorial of any kind in this game; so if you are a brand new player of the game, good luck figuring it out. And don't try to contact them, they will never respond. I'd give them 0 stars if I could.
  17. Awesome work Nomad Games!
    Grayson McKinney
    Ive played the board game Talisman for a while now with my brother and dad. So when I figured out there was a digital edition... well you could probably imagine my reaction. Thanks, and keep up the good work
  18. Awesome
    Jacobus Jam
    I love this. Great fun and blast from the past. I have all the expansions and i get hours of joy
  19. Aggravating drawbacks
    Peter Harrison
    "Random" numbers are anything but as anyone who force-restarts will see. That and sometimes computer opponents get a bonus against you for no discernable reason. That said, beating a cheater gives me great satisfaction. Got the game on sale, and the drawbacks keep me from buying expansions.
  20. Awesome!
    Bradley Miller
    It wont let me buy the says they are coming soon...


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