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Ryan Holowaty | COO at Noodlecake Studios Inc

Saskatchewan, Canada |

Jordan Schidlowsky | CEO at Noodlecake Studios Inc

Saskatchewan, Canada |

Ben Schmidt | Developer at Noodlecake Studios

Saskatchewan, Canada |

Jason Knight | Developer at Noodlecake Studios

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada |

Reviews 7,291

  1. You can't die
    Jacob Baird
    You only die when you hit a mine or a laser spices and enimies just lag my ga e out please fix I would like to have a challenge
  2. A good solid 2D platformer.
    Thomas Sisler
    Very basic die-and-retry play style. There are few features that can be found in later levels, but the mechanics of this game are good enough that there is no call for gimmicks. I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far. Up to level 20 with the kill ribbon and 2-3 stars on each one.
    Turd Furgison
    There's only one mode for this game and that is HELL MODE no more easy no more veteran no more mercy only the brave only the worthy and only the best can win this game and claim the prize. Keep at it noodlecake studios inc. I like the challenge
  4. Wtf
    Ian Manning
    Cheap as freak game. I mean I'd understand if it were just tricky, but the has a 180 degree learning curve that'll come right back around and ruin any dreams you had of completing this game. First few levels, pretty nice. Around the 20th level, holy shoot holy shoot, whats going on? So no, not worth the download.
  5. Great Game!
    Astro Grahams
    You would be hard pressed to find a game thats this good at killing small bits of time.
  6. Fantastic game
    Raymond Leveille
    Great game that you can replay time and time again. It has an ample amount of levels, so that things don't get monotonous. Have beaten and reset the game to start fresh multiple times. Love it!
  7. Pros and cons
    Trevor Delaney
    Pros: Game is good for anyone who likes a challenge, game has many levels and stars + badges to make it more interesting. Cons: The jump button is horribly placed, level 75 lags like crazy for me thus stopping me from completing it, has jumps in difficulty which I didn't find problematic but I can see why someone might.
  8. Like all platformers, could be improved with...
    Matt Wilkinson
    20/03/13 for physical buttons. Some of us like to have more precision in our controls, so added support for phones like Xperia Play and other phones with physical buttons / keyboards would be hugely appreciated. It seems like most quality platformers on the Play store already have support for that, it should really be standard for this kind of game. Also a way to turn off the ghosts of your old runs cause that's a little annoying. Fun stuff though.
  9. Charming and fun.
    Abdiel Isaac Rivera
    This game is alright. Playing as a 2-bit spaceman is cute, but the gameplay can get really addicting, but it's still best played in short bursts. Good game, give it a try.
  10. Ott Hard
    Daniel Pritchard
    But a good game, love the 8bit graphics and sound has a very nice feel to it. But it's uber hard and will make you rage, lol. Feels impossible to complete the levels in the time frame. Pro tip, run each level twice, one for speed then one for murder rampage. Last thing... Controls feel a bit sticky sometimes.
  11. Commander Pixman
    Joseph Boley
    Commander Pixman is one of the few retro platormers on mobile devices that get it right. The controls are tight, the levels are challenging but fair, and the soundtrack is amazing. The thing I have to stress of this game is the fact the controls are tight. All in all, in my humble opinion, Commander Pixman is one of the best retro platformers there is.
  12. Love it
    Choobee Scootts
    Wonderful game. Runs absolutely wonderful on s3. No complaints . . . It does it get difficult very fast, but its always fun
  13. Great, great, great! with one bug.
    Jess Thiesen
    I love this game! This may just be a bug on lollipop or on the Note 4 but whenever I do something a little bit complicated on this game, it freezes for a moment and then flashes to the end result of my action. Will give 5 stars if this is fixed.
  14. Highly addictive retro fun
    DJ Villan
    Reminiscent of 8bit classics like Jetpac, Manic Miner etc, this game oozes charm, simplicity and good old fashioned fun. Great for 30 somethings wanting a bit of ZX Spectrum style action, great for everyone else who wants something quick and fun and proof that games design is accessible for all and that it doesn't need to look like a PS4 game to be worth a look.
  15. Awesome. Not brutally hard as everyone says though?
    Nick Murray
    So much fun. Such a well polished game, with controls that are as tight as they can get on a touch screen. However I'm really not sure why everyone thinks that it's way too hard? I've gotten 3 star times and badges on all 135 levels, and the only legitimately difficult achievement was getting a badge on Extra Level 04. Everything else is fine. I hope they add more in the future, including some truly brutal levels.
  16. It's alright
    Joshua Wojak
    The game is fun up until a point. Around level 19 and 20 it becomes a little bit annoying. Try easing into the difficulty
  17. Awesome
    Noah Benson
    I love how this game is made seemingly rigged providing frustrating addictiveness. Great job noodlecake.
  18. It's an amazing game
    Robert desonaro
    I want more levels I love the games great pixel detail character has a great name but it needs new villains would love to have an Endless mode
  19. Awesome Game!!!!
    Jasjot Sira
    I would recommend this to lots of people because the background looks as if it is in space and people like that but it it is really hard and why would you have to pay £0.62 to skip a level?? That's a lot of money you know!!
  20. Addictive
    Peyman Foroughi
    Omg i cant stop playing comander..its like my days never end without Commander..i have a very strong addiction and bond to this game..well done


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1.1.1 - Fixed crash for users with Android 4.2, Jelly Bean
1.1 - Bug fixes for control issues.
1.0 - Initial release

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