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Ryan Holowaty | COO at Noodlecake Studios Inc

Saskatchewan, Canada |

Jordan Schidlowsky | CEO at Noodlecake Studios Inc

Saskatchewan, Canada |

Ben Schmidt | Developer at Noodlecake Studios

Saskatchewan, Canada |

Jason Knight | Developer at Noodlecake Studios

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada |

Reviews 85,060

  1. Game is great, but...
    Keith Jewell
    This game is lots of fun but there is no paid version. You can buy in game currency to eliminate the ads but if you reinstall it the app forgets that you bought anything and starts giving you ads again.
  2. Best game I've played
    Mitchell Larsen
    Super addicting and fun. Also not that hard, I have -10 or better on all but 3 courses. Great time killer!
  3. Gets frustrating
    Jackie Drake
    Certain achievements are very difficult, even in 'beginner' levels, and the feature that used to let you earn extra bux by watching an ad doesn't seem to work any more. A game loses its fun if I spend an hour just trying to do ONE thing
  4. Addictive casual game
    Jeroen Quant
    I look forward to have to ait for a long time now. Bye bye boring times! Very simple game with lots of new content every time I play it. Thanks a lot!
  5. Great game
    Carole D
    The interface and polish to the game is great. However, I don't overly like the physics...the ball seems heavy and doesn't roll satisfyingly. Otherwise it's an excellent game.
  6. awesome game!
    Tom Ladek
    very addictive. makes you want to get every achievement, every clear ball and every gold star in every level - brilliant! the physics is believable; there are no impossible shots. only two things that i didn't like was how boring some courses looked (artistically) and the unskippable course previews (camera pan at the start of every course; but that is fixed in SSG2).
    Lucia Carpenter
    I have this game installed on both my phone and tablet. Just hate the way the achievements have changed and u no longer get any for doing well on the first course "parkland". Other than that I have no complaints. Its a great little game and a definite must have among a gamers list. Also really loving the second addition to the series. Keep up the good work and im looking forward to seeing a stickman golf 3
  8. Unreal
    Rex Conway
    This is absolutely the silliest, most addictive game I've played. Can't believe how much I run the battery down playing this.
  9. Great game
    John Moates
    All i can tell u is believe all the good reviews and as for the bad: me i dont get it??? Ads: VERY seldom. Only between games and only for their other free games. Pay for extras. No. Golf bux are easily obtained through good play... fun game
  10. Good one
    Mayur Narayan
    This game is pretty good , but graphics is bad , hence play super stickmen golf 2
  11. Better than second part..:D
    rasmeet lamba
    One of the best addicting stick games i have ever played,just love to play it again and again and its better than its second part.
  12. Great game, good physics
    Kyle Koster
    I've wasted sooooooo much time on this game. It's great level design, fun physics, worth trying!
  13. Good but... there's 2 things
    kyler towery
    I was scrolling throughy memory trying to delete some stuff so my phone wouldn't be glitchy and I saw that takes up 33 MB of memory. I mean its a beautiful game but isn't there any way you can reduce the memory it takes up? Also I hate games that make you pay for stuff that makes it easier. No worries though as I will definitely keep the game reguardless if any changes happen cause I like it that much
  14. Best minigolf game
    Tyler Walsh
    Really fun easy to pick up and play difficulty increases in increments very well done
  15. Addicting
    Doug Martinson
    Great game, couldn't put it down and anxiously awaiting the next set of courses. Maybe I will do a factory reset so I can start over
  16. Awesome Game
    Jason Lied
    Awesome game and great company. Simple mechanics, great look, and perfect physics. Lots of variety to the levels. Had a purchasing issue and it was immediately resolved by company.
  17. Bad update
    Sawera Alam
    After update its not good as before. I don't want to uninstall so made it better. I will give 5 stars
  18. Close to perfect
    Kevin Martin
    Fun game. Hard and one must restart a whole course if you have one bad hole. Plan on doing the first hole of each course dozens and dozens of times. Not worth paying for something that repetitious.
  19. Love it big time
    Richard Simon Kaylie
    Terrific game its flawless in every way and its totally addictive anyone will enjoy this game.
  20. Good game. Needs to sort out multi touch zooming issue
    Rob Osborn
    Nexus 10. Good game. I've played this on the iPod touch for years and this is just as good. The only issue is that the zooming in and out doesn't work all the time. Sometimes you can't zoom in. Sometimes once you have zoomed in , then you can't zoom out. Sort that and its five stars


What`s new

* 5 Amazing New Courses! (Unlockable with 100 Golf Bux)

* Removed some permissions

* Bug & Performance fixes