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  1. Needs Famicom Support
    Josh Whalen
    Other then that best NES emulator im only saying this because i am trying to play Super Mario Bros. 2 (Famicom not the Doki Doki Panic resprite the Japanese release one) but it fails to load the ROM *Correction* I dont know if this affects my issue but its for the Famicom Disk System not the Cartdrige one
  2. No controller support
    Daniel Sharon
    Can't hook up my Moga to this emulator and the on screen buttons are junk as expected, so it's impossible to play...
  3. Noice
    Jordan Fink
    Doesnt get very much better. Thanks! (8/2013) Now using a z3 and im able to move the character when there is a wireless dualshock connected through the sony app. If you could somehow incorporate A & B buttons that would be remarkable. Thanks for the app!
  4. Awesome
    Ive loved this app since the very begining nice ui emulates smoothly...but just one thing....HOW COME YOU GUYS HAVENT MADE A SNES EMULATOR YET :) you guys have made the best emulators I have ever seen. If you do make an snes emulator I will be willing to pay money for it :) c-ya
  5. Outstanding !
    Uber fenastray
    This emulator works great and no adds during game play ! Play is just like the original nintendo except you dont have to blow on the games. :)
  6. Nvidia shield help
    bob jinkins
    I love this emulator but only the dpad works on my shield. How do I get buttons to work? There is no controller options that I can find.
  7. It's good but
    Ali Hassan
    I want to use my old Android as a controller for this emulator via WiFi or Bluetooth, Is that possible?
  8. Good emulator, but....
    Chase Trujillo
    This is a very good emulator very smooth and the buttons are decent, but some times during the screen rotation in the emulator it completely freezes and basically temporarily bricks my S5 so I have to pull the battery to restart it. Otherwise very good app!
  9. Amazing
    Orly Pares
    Do yourself a favor and download this app and torrent the Nintendo catalog. Less than a gig is like 800 games.
  10. Outstanding.
    Jay Colbert
    By far, the best NES emulator on the market. Finds the ROMs for you (from your own directory), and plays flawlessly with no crashes. This is the third phone Ive used it. LG Esteem. LG F70. Samsung Galaxy S5. All brilliant.
  11. Bump N Jump & Joust
    David Rogers
    I spent hours upon hours in the local 7-11 Playing these games and about a year ago my best friend who was usually right there with me back in the day email this to me and I still haven't been able to thank him enough. these are just like I remember. I have a Disability and on bad days they have been more of a help than I can say so. I not only have to find a way to properly thank my buddy but also the people who developed this flawless time machine to the 80s, Jules Verne would be proud.
  12. I love it
    Christian Salazar
    This is really smooth and I know now nes games please please...make and snes emulator i want one so bad
  13. Good emulator
    Kris Storbeck
    Only downside is i have to be online to save states but thats the only downside ive experienced. I have played multiple games for muliple hours and thats the only issue i found
  14. Perfect for me thx
    Fs Donny
    would u make for snes game also. u know u are the best...
  15. Not Bad
    J Doja
    For A Classic .NES ROM Player (Free) Not Bad...
  16. It's So rad
    Carter Wilson
    The only 2 problems are when I turn off my phone while playing a game my phone softlocks and turbo button doesn't work well with silver surfer.
  17. Most awesome app ever
    Xander Rittenhour
    This is the one of the few good nes emulator out there and it works with my tablet and its not the newest up to date
  18. Collin Whitebread
    Great emulator. Love the free save state capability. My only concern is that this emulator seems to be causing my Galaxy S5 to lock up fairly often. As far as I can tell it's mainly happening when I change my screen orientation while playing a game. Doesn't happen every time, but often enough to be a nuisance.
  19. Perfect emulator!
    Do I really need to say more?
  20. Awesome, but needs a little work
    Bonnie Griffin
    I've only had an issue with the games lagging, even on low quality. Otherwise, this is a great app!


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