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Brian Su | Software Engineer

Sydney, Australia |

John Daskalopoulos | Founder and Director, Not Doppler Pty Limited

Sydney, Australia |

Jason Daskalopoulos | Senior Business & Marketing Manager at Not Doppler

Sydney, Australia |

Willis Smith | Sessional Lecturer at JMC Academy

Sydney, Australia |

Reviews 82,635

  1. Great
    Mark Taylor
    Wonderful fun awesome etc etc but needs more missions, levels etc. Paid for game. Don't understand how its over already. Now,see why others say to just play free games
  2. This game needs more levels
    Jack Shipway
    This game us awesome but I would give it 5 stars if they updated it like every month or so or even very week. then it would get 5 stars. It us really easy to finish. I finished it in under a day which I was disappointed hoping that I could play it for longer.
  3. Great
    Benjamin Phillips
    Addictive and great fun for only 9p. I wouldn't mind paying £1 for this, so deffo worth the money
  4. Awesome!
    Jeff McAfee
    If you like racing, jumping, upgrading and killing z's. Check this out! Seems easy at first. Right! Just wait.
  5. Kathleen Smith
    what are the hanging zambies are they supposed to just hang there get it :3 add a parcore with 609 levels but still 5 stars
  6. Needs more
    Everyone has been saying this game needs more and I agree it's way to short for a payed game add more levels or something and it will get 5 stars but until that hapens it will stay at 2 stars
  7. Great game!
    Dave Morris
    But please add the ability to go back through the game and cause carnage with any of your upgraded vehicles once the story is complete, I've done the story mode but now have "lost" all my hard work!
  8. GREAT BUT...
    Daniel King
    Needs more levels desperatly(until then Clash of Clans is still my favourite game also) ALSO IF ANYONE ONE ELSE PLAYS COC JOIN MY CLAN "Loyalty C" and also "Loyalty B"
  9. Works well on my Android haven't had one single problem really great game
    Jt Alexander
    I recommend this game this game works 100% good
  10. Way too short!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    luke Skywalker
    I fished the game in a couple of hours. It would be great if they updated the game with more levels. It's a fun game and the graphics are great. But it's just not long. enough. PLEASE ADD MORE when you guys did the update it erased all my levels that I got to and all my trucks that I earned. That upset me and it's poor computer coding. This is the first game I've had where I updated and it erased all my data I had. The samething happened to my friends, so I know it's not my phone.
  11. Earn to die 4
    Travis Burriss
    The best game ever you can kill zombies you can buy cool cars you can even buy A boostr
  12. Too short
    Greg Hockenjos
    Way too short. Needs more to do. Still no updates in months. Not worth the money.
  13. Awesome
    James Stotts
    I loved it so much I bought the full version, love the no pop up ads, I hate ads.their always trying to sell u something, get this game it's awesome.
  14. Problem
    Bentley Edwards
    I paid for and down loaded and now to some reason it is no longer installed and every time I try to install again it closes google play store a this is the only app that does it.
  15. Okay
    Isabelle Brinkhurst
    I think it was a good game that was lots of fun but it needs more levels, I bought it yesterday and finished it twice yesterday! But I do believe that if you are lazy you might be able to get away with if if you simply let us keep playing story mode after we've beaten it so we can replay the levels easily and laugh at the zombies! Please fix XD
  16. to easy
    Monika Horváthová
    to simple to easy. there are no hard levels in this game. i finished it in like 4-5 hours. lol to easy
  17. Astro Guy
    Great game, it is so much fun and it makes me smile every time I kill a zombie! Mwahahahahahhh
  18. Definitely needs more levels
    Farrukh Iftikhar
    The story mode on this game is brilliant. It's so addictive but it took me less than a day to complete the whole thing which left me wanting more. The Halloween mode is frustrating and I did not enjoy that at all and I don't understand the point of the Championship mode at all. Would be great if there were more stories rather than the Halloween or Championship mode.
  19. Addictive.
    Drewish Young
    Decent music, decent graphics, lots of fun. My only problem is that when it goes slow mo after you hit a bunch of Zombies your fuel and boost dint slow down with it. Make sure ya take your finger off the button for thagt. Other than that, great
  20. Totally awesome fun!
    James Baine
    Totally awesome fun! Playes similar games, bUT they were lame in comaprison.


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