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  1. Great but needs the following changes
    AJ kitten
    1: no checkpoints PLEASE. 2: THE WAITING FOREVER FOR ENERGY SUCKS! Other than those 2 things its epic. Just like all the others
  2. Hajime is
    Irene Villarta
    Really love the art on this one. I just find Ryuzaburo's eyes kinda weird. In some ways.. XD I hope that there's also a route for Jinosuke. Because... Why not xD And yes I also agree with someone's review here that 11 passports for a checkpoint is a little bit too much even though we could get 2 from the (is it 8?) days daily login bonus when it is kinda difficult to earn money because of the 'just 30' energy for the training...
  3. Great game although. .
    Amy Lloyd
    It is a wonderful game! Story is great, so are the characters. The only thing is the energy, and how much everything costs. I mean come on need to get 10 passports in order to pass a checkpoint but with every login we're not getting that much money. :( and just to get one passport it's 1,000 .....
  4. Wait
    Olympia Esparza
    I really agree with aj kitten. The waiting is to long. And its too much to earn anything uf you only get 1 energy every 4 hrs. And the price for coins on all these games are rediculous. Id rather just stick with voltage games. St chapters are free. And tge other like 10 are 3.99. Plus you can re read them over. That seems more reasonable. Great stories though. Id say they would be perfect if energy waits were like 30 mins even. And you sell you coins cheaper, or even make ways to earn them like fun mini games or something.
  5. Dreamy
    Beth Berrett
    As with the other shall we date games the waiting four hours for one energy or power point is really annoying but, in my opinion, Raizo is good looking enough to make up for it
  6. Its a nice game
    Shimea Stokes
    Its a good game but the checkpoint with the 11 passports is a little upsetting because it takes a Long time to build up your coins so you can buy more. Otherwise its great
  7. Stuck for days
    Sherilee Johnston
    Story's good and all but I've been stuck for days trying to get 11 passports! You don't give enough options to gain zeni so I can buy or earn the needed amount. Maybe make more mini games so can earn more.
  8. Problems
    Carissa Choi
    I was casually getting a daily login when I couldn't access the news inbox link. All I can access is My Room and I'm so frustrated because all my other shall we dates aren't working either. I hope you get this fixed
  9. Awesome but...
    elise atkins
    This is such a charming game. The story, the awkward but funny moments, the character design and the art are all beautifully made, but the only thing is that it takes waaaay to long to gain charm points while training all I want is to continue this game but it keeps me back for 5 days strait just because I don't have enough charm and when I do it just because I nearly always get try again, which means no money or charm points all all.
  10. love the shall we date games
    cli furlong
    Invitation code: MtzUQC0rm6 Yes you have to wait, but they give you the options on buying the full story on the games which have no + next to it if there is a duplicate, but thats only if your happy to pay the £3.22 or whatever the price is for each if its that difficult to wait... then pay...otherwise be patient... Unfortunately these days, not everything is free, itd be a miracle if it was (even though id love that too) Anyway... the graphics are good...the stories are good... i think its worth the download, but its up to you guys if you want to... not me
  11. Fun but...
    Adrianna Burkhart
    While I live this game abd the story concept is fun I found it kind if... awkward. Your character is just really.... weird. That's fine I guess. My main issue is that the game keeps telling me I don't have a connection when I do. Usually closing and reopening the app fixes it but it's rally annoying because I usually have to figure out where I was in a chapter.
  12. Amazing but....
    Sydnee Hogan
    It really is a good game as are all the others but the only thing that makes me upset is having to wait four hours for one pass. Other than that its perfect!
  13. Meh Angeles
    Invitation Code: FcUNQ9VMY0 (Type the code above when you play the game to get reward) Great illustration and Cool story! Lots of character and spin-off to choose. Request: Please make pass for game challenge easy to achieve. Keep it up NTT Solmare.
  14. Fun but slow
    Fawn No
    Use my code for bonuses: HrCWwxYVG8 ! :) Translation (most notably grammar) can be a bit awkward, and waiting so many hours for a small amount of energy is a draw back. Actually discourages you from paying for stuff because it wouldn't likely stretch far. But still very fun and beautiful.
  15. Hot xD
    Yuuna Nakazawa
    I like it...I like it very much It's just that it have to Take hours to get that thing thing wait wtf....
  16. I love it
    Annamae Cox
    I love it but the checkpoints are so hard to go past please fix it and the buying things so exspentive but I love it
  17. 11 Passports?
    This game would get another star if I didn't have to get 11 passports... Raizo and Hikobane are sweet and wonderful. I don't like how rude Hajime is in the beginning and got sick of Enojo. PRO: Cute story line and excellent art work. Caters towards more mature audience - great! I don't want to just blush at hand holding. Love the passion. CON: What's up with passports? Too much with not enough money making games. Also, I really only like Hikobane and Raizo, although not enough to want to pay for the paid version to keep the story forever.
  18. Very fun game
    Autumn Gerfen
    This is a good game. I don't mind the wait. The only thing that I would like to mention is that this is rated as a medium maturity level. Playing through it, there is a scene that may not be appropriate for younger gamers (it's nothing hardcore or bad, just an intimate scene between the two, where the guy gets handsy with your character, then it fades to black. but it definitely came as a surprise to me since it had been fairly tame up to that point).
  19. Nice game
    Aristedes Royo
    I love all the characters here and it's ok to wait to get energy cuz in the other dating sim u have to wait one day to get you're energy full (;-;)
  20. Amazing Storyline
    Onna Awesome
    As a future game designer, this is such a good influence for game designers that make romantic games,this game has an amazing story line and very descriptive lines.I loved it when the guys got very romantic you did an awesome job at making their lines romantic,descriptive, and detailed. I love this game so much this is the best roleplay I've ever seen.I would rate this game a million stars if I could but sadly I can't so I rated it five stars.Congrats and AMAZING GAME!!! <3


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