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  1. Humm
    sweet belinda
    I 2qnted the hot and heavy ending!!!! ;) :( then i wpuld have given it 5 stars but yha does kinda bum the story out when u have to waite forever just to reive a 1 energy only to read a lil bit of the story so im only going to give it 3 considaring these sercomstances x
  2. Normally 5 stars but....
    Gina Frasier
    Its off line or moved? I can't log in I can't play.. I have had this game 40 days now and I haven't missed a daily log in bonus yet!!!! Please please please don't screw this up
  3. How the hell...
    Kasey Mckim
    Do you beat the mini game check point? I've played it like 11 times and keep losing lol. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Ripping people off!!!!
    Stacey Welch
    It take over 300 minutes to recover one power to read five seconds of the story then its you can buy power now if you can't wait really enjoy this but you need to change the power it sucks I'm about to quit took 6 days to pass a check point unless I paid money and I never seen 30usd worth of item's and I'm new!
  5. Still Love it
    Jasmine Augustus
    This app is so fun, aside from the long wait time it's so fun and I'm just addicted. It also allows you to login so that your previous data isn't lost
  6. So far so good!
    The story line is pretty interesting. So far out of all the games I felt that this game especially Soji's route had the fastest confession lol usually all the games i played the characters didnt express thier love until near the end so I was a bit surprised
  7. Bad Gateway
    Sarah Neal
    Love this game..have played through Aoi and Soji and am halfway through with Kinshiro but every time I try to open the app it is a white screen with "Bad Gateway" at the top. Please fix this...
  8. Good but...
    Daniele Foremsky
    I really do enjoy playing this game, but it is completely ridiculous that we have to wait 4 hours for us to gain back 1 power. It should not take that long, maybe 5 minutes but not 4 hours. It takes almost a whole day just to regain 5 power. Think of it this way, shorter time to gain energy, more time people will play.
  9. Addicting - use my code NYbg47vwsa
    Tiffiny L
    I've never played a game like this before but I'm glad I gave it a try. It's fun and very addicting - I used all my Sushi at once. Like everyone else, I think the regen time for power is excessively long but I just think that it helps limit the addictive part of it - I'm not worried about getting busy and missing an opportunity to "spend my energy" like on some other games. I look forward to playing the other games in the series.
  10. Nyssa Walker
    Love! - Code: KiAKUvx4CE This game is so much fun, I love all the guys even with their diverse personalities. The waiting time is a little long for my taste, but I can understand why. The graphics are amazing, and I want this game to go on forever.
  11. Kawaii~
    Megan Gelin
    I love the romance in this game. I hate waiting forever for power. I think it should take as long as the energy, at least. But the plot is interesting...(●´∀`●) My Code: LuXJuvDya0
  12. Same old player received big disappointment
    Ira Phan
    I have been playing the game for a long time and achieved level 100. When I reinstall the game onto the same phone after an accidental uninstallation, the game started from level 1. The strange thing is i have uninstalled the game once before at about level 37 and when reinstalled, the level remained 37. So I waited for the same thing to happen but it didn't.
  13. Totally in love with this game
    Isabel Siphon
    Love the characters and storyline! Hate waiting four hours for 1 power! I think I'd be cool if you could send gifts to your friends, like sushi, power, and other things. I'm trying to finish the spin off story but I have no sushi, please use my code to help me out 'dA7jsR0r2'!
  14. Great as ever!!! - GmM0pkx3hG
    gureumin pcy
    Finally got addicted to this game!!!! with such beautiful graphics and great story lines. All the guys in this game are so hot♥. But in order to get 1 energy, you have to wait for 4 hours..... It's kinda long. ^_^ Please use my code [ GmM0pkx3hG ] then you will get the reward. You won't regret it for sure!! :)
  15. I love this game!!!!!!
    Bailey Colvin
    It is bye far the best game I have ever played well with romance anyway, u actually sometimes even fall in love with the characters or is it just me? PS. My favorite are soji,natsume,wakasa and the newest one hotaka
  16. Brooklynn mccoy
    It's a really good game with good stories I just hate how you have to wait 4HOURS to get 1ENERGY... other than that I love it!
  17. Awesome
    star lami
    Love this game but hate waiting 4 hours for one unit of power please fix it thx other than that love this game and love sion
  18. Lovely :D (ID: B1EiQC1xUS)
    Diana Salazar
    Willem!! Do I just started playing this game... and in Ichika's story, I just came across Mr. Foreigner, I really do hope he can later become a possible character to choose from :D that'd be pretty awesome!! But either way, great game guys!! God bless!! :) and don't forget to use my invitation ID= B1EiQC1xUS
  19. The size of the "Room & News button
    Quiet Kitten1546
    Can u please make the buttons larger can my tablet fell in water and part of my right side of my screen doesn't work. So can u plz make it bigger then I'll give it a full five stars.
  20. Awesome Game
    Cheryl Wey
    Good story, but frustrating to wait for the power to read less than a minute of the story. Waiting even an hour would be logical rather than 4 hours. Otherwise a good game.


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