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Reviews 14,536

  1. Code: N8Jb2gAVPC
    Zubaida A
    This game is very very interesting and I have a love for things slightly morbid and creepy which is why I think I found the perfect game for me ♡
  2. If you like spooky and morbid but cute!
    Ariana Leichnitz
    I really like the style of this game, plus the characters are really unique and different from each other. It's a bit hard to get items but no more difficult than the Angel and Demon game from this dev. Use my code so we can both get goodies CxWrLLYELe
  3. It's interesting, not surprising though.
    Pao Chavez
    DHajSBy0vC - INVITATION CODE ~('-'~) It's fun and cute, not too romantic which is kind of a bummer. But comlared to Blood in Roses+ where you have a visible protagonist, you have a silhouette type of character but she's very stylish so I'm osu with that and hopefully you are too. I can't complain with the system of points because the same goes to all the Shall we date + games.
  4. Love It
    Alexis Flores
    I love this game, I love all the characters, its great, my favourite story so far is between Nick and the Princess. My thing is, if a Skeleton and the Princess can hook up, and a Ghost and the Princess can hook up, why not Sunny? She's one of the main characters also, and I really want to know her back story!! Just a suggestion though. :)
  5. Lovely and enjoyable
    Ivy Marcia
    At first I didn't like the atmosphere of the game and thought it was kinda creepy. Okay, it was a mistake. The story is cool and lovely! I love how they don't put a face to the MC since it makes me need to imagine it more. Each character get 15 chapters and 3 endings. Oh, and the wait for each chapter ticket is long (4 hours) so be patient, okay? - Friend code: KBdy6bQ7qs
  6. Amazing!!!
    Dolly Do
    I'm Truly in LOVE with this game! I LOVE how they did all the art! Specially the main character she's done PERFECTLY! I love that they kept her shadow. I LOVE J.J.!!! All character design is done perfectly to! Truly a Unique game!
  7. great but frustrating
    Sophia Hopping
    I looove the characters/atmosphere. The setup and way of playing is really interesting. But its way too hard to get coins. 30 bucks for just one item set is ridiculous. I'm not rich.... The wait time for story tickets is dismal too, 4 hrs for 1 ticket is practically evil. All that aside I do loove the game (especially JJ and Skeletiano) I just wish it was way more accessible.
  8. Beautiful
    Anna M.
    It's a beautiful game, with amazing characters and art. My only wish is that the money is easier to earn as in Blood & Roses. It makes it so frustrating that you can't really indulge and buy pretty avatar items for your character because the game currency is so hard to earn. Please fix, thank you! :)
  9. Great.
    Destiny Dozier
    I adore the characters and events that this game hosts. Its always so much fun to attend and compete. The only thing I have an issue with is the difficulty to get dressers and warehouses. I keep havening to purchase more but by the time I go through an event and a story, they are all filled up again. Either than that, lots of options, lots of fun, lots of things to do. I love Shall We Date games!
    Kana Llaneta
    I was a certified Shall We Date fan. I installed Blood in Roses + , Wizardess Heart+, and of course, The Niflheim+. When I watched the trailer I almost cried coz its amazing.
  11. ID: MLajihezXU
    Miyuki takanashi
    Amazing App. Here is my ID ( invitation code ) so both of us could get gifts ^.^
  12. Good game; crappy data transfer
    Bethany Hicks
    I love this game and the others. However the data transfer process is disappointing to say the least. After spending +$50 over time on these games, it is sad to have lost all of my data after switching devices. True, I should have read the directions to save my story progress, but I feel that with today's technology the process itself should be much easier than that. With that said I really hope the company will get back to me and be able to restore my lost progress.
  13. Code: hY0kmeuZU
    Elizabeth Kajka
    This game is adorable! All the characters are the right mix of adorable and sexy ;). So far my favorite has ti be JJ i just want to cuddle the mad scientist!
  14. Amazing
    Lucia Silver
    Only one problem was that all my games De idea to go black screen on me, so.I Uninstalled and reinstalled them, seems to have fixed the problem and you Co.tenure from your last save point so you do.t lose any items
  15. Good
    Allyson Dyer
    So far so good, a couple glitches but nothing too bad. Referral code: PYZCHpB44S for items
  16. Intresting
    Evelina Kielaite
    There is too much reading ,but overall the game is nice. Invite :p PYaafuvwF6
  17. Good game.
    Kim Gary
    I love these games but the 4 hour is a very long time in total we have to wait 12 hours to get 5 story tickets that's just crazy. Shorten the time to have to wait and I'd definitely give it 5 stars
  18. Invite code: C6sSW6WHwN
    Honey Senpai
    Orlando is my all time favorite thus far. I really wish they went into more detail about Jean, but maybe there's a spin off story in the future for it? Feel free to use my invite code for goodies! xx ヾ(≧▽≦*)o
  19. love it
    Ember-jade Edwards
    i love this game and i love the cute options. would recommend it to anyone.
  20. Tracy Burruel
    I absolutely love these games but this one is my absolute favorite!! use my code pls GSj0jf8BQ for free stuff


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