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Reviews 13,529

  1. Jessie Will
    New game the characters are so good lots of missions only complaint is you only get 5 story tickets a day instead of one every 4 hrs like it normally is on shall we date games my id is NNdH4QGmew please and thank you :)
  2. Many glitches
    Jennifer Pendleton
    The words stop showing up during the story. Have no idea what happened in the prologue. Please fix! I want to read the story but it won't fully load the screen goes black yet the my page and other buttons are still visible at the bottom. Love all the other games so would give it 5 stars if it's fixed
  3. The prologue
    Alya Aqilah
    I really like to play the game but i can't even get past the prologue...i can't read the prologue because it's stuck at the prologue page...i already tap the screen and wait(because i thought it is still loading)but i still can't start the game,i even uninstall the game and delete the data and still can't play ._. Please fix!!!!
  4. Couple Issues
    Miya Wasbrekke
    Well for starters this game already stole my heart with the prologue alone but at least for my phone which is a droid razor max the text and pictures are all really blurry readable but blurry and not very clear I'm sure this will get fixed soon hopefully and I don't want to start playing the game until Rimdoh is available;-; will that be soon?
  5. Elle Sowulewski
    Awesome, but as in all the shall we date games the waiting for 4 hours to get one ticket to read a quick chapter is annoying but the stories are so awesome I put up with it.Also it would be nice to be able to send the photos to the phones picture gallery.
  6. Whoooaaaaaa!
    A.J.T Sagittarius
    Its HELLA awesome. I'm now going to have a hard fime balancing the three ninja games I have. The only complain I have is that i'd Like to make a character with dark skin, sort of like in My Sweet Prince. And maybe some short hair options
  7. Grrrrrr
    Audrey Baker
    Every time I tap it to change the page when people talk and stuff it won't do it I hate that it doesn't even deserve one star
  8. Great game but...
    Casiidy F.
    It is very blurry and unclear when playing the story. I'm a big fan and I play a lot if your games but it hurts my eyes while playing. The menu and UI are fine. Just the story is blurry. I use Samsung Galaxy S5. Please fix.
  9. Wwwwwhhhy!!???
    Cerissa Herman
    Why must you be so good at this story layout? Why? I was getting all pumped up for the characters! I wanted to choose Ran(T-T) *understands why I was expecting too much and backs off* But it is a very promising game, the art, story, effects, transitions, play style, and choice affects are all amazing so far!! I'm so happy they have the "Bride in Training"&"Ball" type mechanic, makes things play easier^^ keep up the good work!!ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
  10. wonderful
    rose marie
    it was like a mixed of the old and new games and we love it. i love how the storages were cheaper--coins and zenis alike. it was awkward though, i named my character with my otp in knb and was like what?! her caretaker was named kuroko. coincidence yeah. anyway we'll wait for the route of yayoi. =D
  11. Invitation code: egWSxLkkn
    Anime Fan
    4 stars for it! I am really happy that this otome game came out 1/2 days ago, and finally I can see myself in this story! Other than that the music suit in perfectly with the stories. HOPE THAT IN THE FUTURE WILL HAVE MORE OTOME GAMES WITH MUSIC! I not yet choose a character because I m too excited about this game so I decided to make a review first. But the characters are perfect as always and the storyline is interesting!
  12. Not what I'd hoped
    Jessica Wade
    I love these games! Love most of the story lines and characters, but this game to me was a let down. I love the the game preceding this - it is my favorite of all the ones I've played - and this honestly made me feel from the get-go I have to babysit the men. Maybe I didn't play into it far enough but I couldn't get past the dumb profiling. And seriously, story tickets only recover at 4am? I'll just play the one I actually enjoy
  13. Amazing!!!
    Melissa Tatum
    I'm so excited to read these!! There's only 3 of the 8 ninjas to choose from right now, but I can't wait for the others to be released especially Rindoh!! The art is amazing and I'm happy that you can actually see the female main character on screen. Only on chapter 2 but great job so far!!
  14. I LOVE IT
    Inana Luna
    But i couldnt choose any of my favorite ninjas... i wanted the winter guys, or Ayo, or rindoh.. but in the end i was left to choose between 3 guys that i didnt even like. Well i chose KIKYO and i didnt know i woupd be so happy about it lol HE IS RLLY A GOOD CHOICE but still i want the white hair boys and ayo
  15. ID: NBHM6Ppxc0
    Victoria Taylor
    Hell yeah! I have to been waiting for this game to come out. I love the first Destiny Ninja so I was excited. So far it is a great addition. Interesting characters and beautiful graphics. Can't wait to get further along and learn more.
  16. Hell yeah
    Cd T
    Best thing about this sequel - straight out - is that the leading lady knows business, aye. Second thing is, really liking the smoother text transitions and gameplay animation as well! Only problem is that the gameplay charac stills (not the cgs) are kinda fuzzy. The rest of the game is pretty much the same, and the art is cute as always (seems to be same artist as Magic Sword). This sequel looks promising so far, and I'm definitely looking forward to exploring it further. MQi69c58KQ
  17. Code: F7h9MiC3Xk
    Blood Berry
    Best otome game I've played so far. It has unique characters, great plot and a strong heroine - couldn't ask for more. Even the effects are superb. The grammar is correct (which is a rarity in some otome games, though there are a few minor exceptions - forgivable unless you're a strict proofreader). Enjoying every bit of it. Please use my code indicated above so we can both enjoy the goodies. See you in the game!
  18. WOWOWO
    Tammy Y
    It came out like Yesterday or something and I already love it! I love how we can see ourselves now! But I'm not really used to it XD. But the guy with blue hair something hanzo something, he looks like Kou Tanaka from Ao Haru Ride! I haven't chosen a ninja yet because they all looks so cute, and promising <3
  19. brianna7921
    My invitation id is HsnBdzH1gs. It's really good so far. The only problem I have with it is only getting 5 tickets everyday instead of the 1 every 4 hours. I liked that so much better. I know I can buy 1 at 3,000 zeni but it's nice to gain 1 every 4 hours. But other than that I don't see a reason to give this anything less than 5 stars.
  20. My actual fav character isnt in the game
    sarah styles
    Ara they working on them still i want hanzo plzzzzzz. And i will give a rate 5 stars out of 5 ty


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