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  1. ABC Dr. Seuss
    Debra Barry
    Loving the listen, read aloud and read by myself features!
  2. Who doesn't love Dr. Seuss?
    Tammy Olive
    I love sharing these stories with my son in an interactive format that he likes to play with.
  3. Good app for kids in 0-3yrs range
    Varghese Zacharia
    My both kids love to hear this app
  4. Daniel Barrera
    Daniel Barrera
    This is good for my little sisters!
  5. Almost better than the book
    Andrea Blue
    My son interacting with the words an characters
  6. T HTx
    Love it and so does both of my kids
  7. Dr Seuss' S ABC
    Barbara Wyatt
    Really enjoyed by 2 year old granddaughter. Would have preferred English accent!
  8. Amazing
    Stephanie Vindel
    I Love this App...I read it to my one year old all the time. And I love the auto play option so she's entertained but I didn't give it a five because it need a screen lock for the auto play option so she doesn't exit out.
  9. Alphabet play
    Sarah Ratliff
    I love to play with the Alphabet with Anna & Adam & this is perfect for that. When their experience with books is fun and the words and letters are interesting. But phonetically there are better choices:)
  10. Great fun for kids and their grown-ups!
    Pat Phelan
    We love all of the Dr Seuss books, but this was special. Dr Suess wrote an exceptional book and Ocean House made an exceptional application.
  11. Great app!
    Carmen Lewis
    I love this app and so does my now 21 month old daughter. She knows the book by heart just about, and now she has the app when the book is not available.
  12. Great app
    Cary Lenci
    Teaches reading or just listen to the story.
  13. Must have.
    Joel Horrell
    You have kids? Then why you no seuss?
  14. You can't beat Dr Seuss
    Rebecca Sears
    Read them to my kids no my great grand kids
  15. Dr. Seuss's ABC book
    Lesley Quintanilla
    Such a great and fun learning book for kids! My two year old really enjoys this book!
  16. Great
    Heather Elissa
    My 14 month old loves them and falls a sleep to a book a night
  17. That's awesome!
    Troy Pruitt
    My kids are going to love it!
  18. Do not recommend
    Sol Therese
    I don't recommend this game for one huge reason: it demands to constantly have internet on and the person that decided that to be a must for this app clearly does not have children since who on earth gives their phone to a toddler with full internet access on? It's always on kid mode program with airplane mode on, of course. Full internet access demand is completely illogical! It doesn't even start without internet :S
  19. No child lock.
    D L
    I mean you know the book will be in your kids hand. All these books have no child lock so kids are able to just click right out of it. Please include this like some media players do.
  20. Best for toddlers!
    Felicia Martinez
    Keeps my 18 month olds attention. Thats good enough for me.


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