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  1. laggs as hell on lg g2
    Tim -
    This game laggs as hell on my lg g2 d802 with Blisspop v3.3 (Android 5.1); like fps drops from 40 to 15 for a short time...couldn't play much with this laggs, so one star for now
  2. Just as good as original
    Lens flare
    The game is fun and is just like the Xbox release. Though it tends to crash. If i could recommend something it would be a designated reload button or just better overall touchscreen optimization. To anyone who played the original game I suggest playing on easy if you played on medium. The game can already get crazy hard in some parts. So hard + touch controls = pretty tough
  3. Help please
    I'd love to be able to relive this game from the Xbox days but when I reach around 80% it says error downloading? I've got like 7gb free space so that's not it. Help would be appreciated
  4. Little Laggy on Sony Xperia Z
    Jake Jackson Ham
    I recently got a new Sony Xperia Z and it met all of the requirements written on the game description, I am playing on a medium resolution with mostly low performance settings but still having problems with lag specially on sewer levels, other than that, this is a really cool game.
  5. Nostalgia to the extreme!
    Kyle Petryszak
    Oh my goodness I can't believe this amazing game is on my phone! Love it!!! Hope to see the others in the future????
  6. Mar Bachmeier
    had to install twice that's a lot of data use haven't played yet but will stay at two stars if more costly glitches I've got 20gigs data but not everybody can afford 1.05gig mistakes
  7. Great
    Mark Graham
    Great game from the xbox days hd graphics superb use bluetooth gamepad to play .
  8. Incredible port of a classic Xbox game
    Clint Golub
    It's the real deal. I play with a Bluetooth controller and stream it to the TV via my Droid Turbo, and it's instantly like I'm back on my 1st gen Xbox. Customizable performance settings also help future-proof this classic when more powerful phones come out in the next few years. Highly recommend, well worth such a cheap price!
  9. Addictive and hilarious!
    Joshua Coe
    This is one of the best open world, adventure games on Android! Hilarious interactions with NPC's! My ONLY complaint is the frame rate issue, I should be able run it at max settings on my G3 with 3 gigs of ram, yet when trying to do so, it becomes a choppy and incoherent mess.
  10. The writing is key
    Nazareth Jones
    It's more than faithful to the edition I played on my first xbox. Exquisitely realised and very well written. Great value for money. It's so refreshing to play a game that actually has something to say.
  11. Greg Warsco
    So of course I decided to see of my tablet could handle this game full throttle with everything maxed out. I WAS AMAZED at the graphics and gameplay. Kind of glad I have a tablet that can handle this (RCA 11 Maven pro). Now the only problem I have is that my fifty something year old fingers aren't as nimble as they used to be, but with the graphics and play as good as this, it is worth being upstaged by my grandchildren!! NERDY GRANDPA'S UNITE! WE WILL DEFEAT YOU SMUG, NIMBLE, AND VERBALLY DEMEANING LITTLE BOOGERS!!!!!
  12. Very fun, but buggy controls
    Josh Kramer
    I'mreally enjoying the game, and the mechanics are all great, but on the S3 Mini it seems like the controls glitch out quite frequently.
  13. Its pretty good but the graphics are somewhat blurry
    arwa saifee
    Its a pretty good game and i liked the idea that we can use bugs as ammo in our guns. The only thing is that on my phone the graphics are blurry. And yeah my phone fits those necessities. My phone is infinix hot x507.
  14. George Kopecky
    Amazing game it gave me no problems. Perfection. Ignore negative comments
    Ian Kenny
    This game has all my favorite features: first person shooting and third person parkour! Great voice acting and it is very fun. It has great controller support and it plays perfectly on my Nvidia shield portable. It's great to be able to be a bounty hunter wherever I go!
  16. HTC M8
    james bennett
    The Bad: bosses are very difficult to eliminate on Hard settings but not impossible if you figure out how. Not the easiest Controls to maneuver the players but manageable. Some bosses kill you with one shot. Skunk ammo is useless. Screen dark. The Good: wide selection of ammo and all work well except skunks. Colorful and detailed graphics, runs smooth on a quad core processer with no lag, able to save progress at any time, controls are easy to use and quick to learn.
  17. Great, but ...
    Cameron Martin
    Wonderful game and concept love the voices locations and story. Graphics are great but not sure any mobile device could run them fully with ease. It was a shame my nexus six could not live up to expectations however I'm loving the game and the google support, thanks for a great game keep up the good work.
  18. Slakker goooood!!
    Lorenzo Lugaresi
    Really nice game here! Wonderful creation where story, characters and gameplay are not too common to make it boring. Though finished only on easy mode yet found it enjoyable as it should be(not that easy is nice sometimes). Graphics are fantastic, no lags for me, maybe some overheating but the phone handled it pretty well overall.
  19. A huge fan
    Andrew Bowles
    I've loved Oddworld since Abe on playstation, this is beautiful as always and tricky too, meny hours of fun on this game, just if you're using touch screen adjust the sensitivity down abit, well worth the price and trust me I'm a big gamer!, I'm ranked 16 + in Google play. Just brought a gamepad, trust me it's worth it. Update now runs even smoother I feel blessed to live in the smartphone era were I can play games like this, dam it was not that long ago when all you got was snake.
  20. Still holds up.
    Tynan Slavik
    This game is great to come back to. Graphics are better than I remember writing, voice work and sound effects are still amazing, touch and motion controls are also pretty good. It can stutter when getting stranger to full gallop but if you got the power this game is superb.


What`s new

1.0.7 - 1.0.13
- Fixes for various devices and OS versions.

- Stranger's full run can now be manual (hold X button). See Controls Settings
- Resolve more Adreno driver issues.

- Support even more gamepads.
- Resolves various device issues

- Add app exit button on main menu
- Improve sharpness of graphics
- Add camera distance setting allowing to be closer to Stranger
- Add support for some Adreno 22x devices such as US Galaxy S3.

- Performance enhancements.