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Monthly active users estimation: 5100000

Reviews 294,093

  1. Only one thing
    Donnall Greene
    U should add more nyc tunnel trains like adding the r142a trains the r62a trains the r46 trains and make like a nyc train round from tunnel to outside plz
  2. I like trains
    Josiah Stewart
    This one is pretty good. My favorite part is that the app doesn't require any special permisuons, which means they don't get your phone number and the numbers of all your contact's and get to see all the pictures you've taken in your phone like every other 3d train app. Ahem SUBWAY SIMILATER. .. ...
  3. 3853 bytes, loving sick new update
    Aneal Doll
    Train Sim is perfect!! I am called Lewis and my dad lent me his tablet. One thing though... will u please change it so the track isn't a loop
  4. its a very good app if you like trians
    nick fenn
    i dont like trians but my cousin does so he loved it
    Sojan George
    3583 bytes guys this game is great but I m begging u guys that in the next version pls pls pls make the trains and the stations longer I would be really happy and thankful if u did it GID BLESS U IF U DO IT pls guys read it and do it pls pls pls make the changes pls
  6. Great but one thing
    Patrick Braid
    I'm into trains right now and they have great trains and all but there aren't trains that I want them to add in.My favourite train is the class 43 intercity 125 and I also think they should add in the EWS and turbo stars if they had Scottish locations.
  7. jagjit singh
    Kindly add Signal system with showing distances, Next coming should be prior warning so that one can control it or stop it at right place, increase the number of coaches..
  8. Like it want more trains
    david mcdonald
    I just want more trains and I would like chuggington trains. All of them. Also thomas the tank engine and friends. All of them but not more in the kids scene. Plus bachmann and hornby trains and maps but not thomas and friends bachmann and hornby trains. Pls pls pls do this in the next update.
  9. Awesome game
    Ben Manning
    1 problem. On airport, when you set it to rain, night, or night with rain, the scenery gets messed up, ( the ground mostly because) please fix this bug as soon as possible. Otherwise, great game, great job! ☺, EDIT : one more thing, why did you add advertisements.. You already have to purchase the game to play it.
  10. Train simulator
    Edler Moltimer
    Train simulator can you please add a florida east coast locomotive and can you please add more rail roads crossing and please can you make the rail roads tracks longer and make the tracks long enough to go everywhere this is the best train simulator i ever played please think about it and please put it in your next update also please put a csx train and ns train and tri rail and please add more stations and longer tracks and longer train.
  11. Needs more track switches
    William Starr
    It's just a loop with stops, lots of engine and car choices but just one loop
  12. William Thompson
    Add switch tracks for subway along with elevated portion and r142 r62 r68 r188 train cars and allow us to be able to sign NYC Trains like as W,V,J,,F,G,H,M,N,R,E,D,S,Z,B,A,C,E,1,2,3,<4>,4, <5>,5, <6>, <7>,7,9
  13. Train sim super game
    Hanumanth HHL
    Train sim my heart game.. Please update extra10 coaches Indiana express train.. Minimum 10 station update. Train speed borde update. Please urgent Indian railway update.. New update Indian railway engine.. Update Indian railway WDP4 am real Driving. Am waiting new update? Please sir new update indian coaches...Aug 15th independence day special offers please update Indian railway engine & coaches....
  14. i love it but
    can you add a italo train and fressiarossa this 2 trains are my fauvourite please add this 2 trains. ^_^
  15. Love it very much
    Pizza Boy Thanks
    Try add new train cars such as: Tank cars, box cars, coal cars,container cars and so on
  16. Good compared to others
    Scott Goff MD
    Installed with no problems. Selection of engines & cars are above average. Only improvement is that the speed slide switch needs to be more fluid ( sometimes it gets stuck ).
  17. Need Improvement
    Ishaan Pathak
    Add more cars and increase the length of platform/station... Otherwise nice game for time pass
  18. Train sim
    Thomas Scott
    Yeh its o.k., but I only wish I could locate me conductor cap and shot gun then we could have a special trip next time the train departs the station.Ride on.
  19. Great!
    Roland Willis
    It's a truly wonderful application, it just needs so.ething more. Can yu guys add C&O 490? That would be wonderful.
  20. Add some missions
    nigam g l
    Please add some missions in it and plzz add the Indian electric locomotive WAP4 Otherwise a good game and it does not have electric Poles in mountain loop


What`s new

- Fixed an issue where Steam Train Wheels would some times not turn
- Rail Crossings now have flashing lights (again)
- Weed whacked some grass that grew over the Train Tracks in the Desert Level
- Fixed some tenders were jittery

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