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  1. Won't work on Galaxy S6
    michael bryant
    Been playing for quite some time on Galaxy Note 2 with no problems. Upgraded to S6 and now it won't run. Bummer as I had over a 1000 turns with someone.
  2. Bright spot in my day
    Laura Barber
    I really enjoy this game, especially when I play with people I know. Draw Something is always coming up with new things to draw and they have recently added ways to earn more coins (buying power). This game is easy, fun, and you can play as little or as much as you want and still progress. Have fun!
  3. Fun
    Melissa M
    I like this app. I like playing with people I know and I love the weekly challenge to earn more coins and bombs. My favorite is you can see just how talented some people are!
  4. Love it
    Addicting game and very fun to play friends and even my kids. Although many of the new words are ones that I have never heard of in my life. (Like "jaggery"???) Overall really fun.
  5. Fine enough.
    Adam Condell
    Drawing is a bit tricky and feels like blind surgery. Full rang of topics and ways to ease solving trickier ones.
  6. Fun for LDRs
    Kaelin Slape
    How in tune are you with your partner? Are you two close enough to guess each others poorly drawn images? Found it to be a fun game for a LDR...move with a bit of freedom: no time restrictions. Provides a few good laughs and leads to some comical phone conversations.
  7. FIX IT
    Kerrie Oconnor
    I can't play ANYONE! PLEASE FIX IT. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!! I can not believe I paid for this.. will someone please contact me..... I have Uninstaller and reinstalled FOUR times!!!!!!!
  8. Fun game annoying ads
    Kyle Hartwig
    Watch videos to triple score or I just finished drawing after paying for this app and an ad came up for some game. Why did I pay to remove ads when they're still on here? That's shady.
  9. Dot Shea
    Wish they would add more colors. Wish they would add a few tools. I've been having trouble with this app! Can't always connect to my players. I like the challenges! :-)
  10. Carol Ligon
    Wish I could draw with another shape, more squared options would be nice.
  11. Daniel Kolkena
    Installed on the Galaxy S6, and it looks like it thinks it's a tablet and so all the elements are tiny and badly offset. It appears to be keying off the resolution instead of recognizing the model. I love the game, but I'm really disappointed that the app no longer appears to be supported on new devices. (4 stars on my old Nexus 7)
  12. Lots of fun!
    Timothy Link
    But smaller screens will have trouble, especially without a stylus.
  13. Great Game
    Carol Burk
    My grandkids and myself really enjoy this drawing game, Thanks
  14. Updated and still doesn't work for galaxy tab S
    Scott Clobes
    Fix the constant crashing on tab S and I will re-rate
  15. Vanesa Art
    I like this game a lot, but even the paid version force stops
  16. Dennis Hawley
    I like the app mostly, except for all the notifications and that often I lose all my colors and bombs. It also seems that many of the words are impossible to draw and the badge words are virtually nonexistent. It's fun when it works, but there are many bugs
  17. Two Thumbs up
    Esme Rivas
    Love it but none of my friends play and when linked to Facebook it won't keep my old friends
  18. Great fun once purchase
    Scott Chaseling
    Great without being bombarded by adds, screw fools that just write the words
  19. Nikki Jones
    A fun way to keep in touch with family and friends
  20. Galaxy s6
    maria aviles
    It is tiny on my screen and force closes a lot. Please fix it.


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