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  1. Still broke
    Scott Bowers
    The icons that are there look great, but it's still lacking quite a few big apps. Icon request is still broke and missing apps even though the latest version was supposed to fix it. STILL MISSING FEEDLY!
  2. Raiyan Hossain
    Awesome icon pack! But missing some of the icons I need and for some reason the request option is not working. Please add icons for Hello sms, Authy, Steam, Piktures.
  3. Very nice icons!
    Jordana Fung
    Spiffy, beautiful icons and updated recently to add a few I wanted. Only thing is icon request is a bit broken and doesn't show all icons. You can try and contact dev on google+ though.
  4. Chris Feher
    Love these icons, but icon request still seems to be busted.
  5. Ryan Hicks
    Really awesome. Icons are very well designed and they pop on screen. Looking forward to updates bringing more variety with time.
  6. Awesome
    Robin Albert
    Great pack. Keep the icons comin :)
  7. Best icon pack
    Hillel Farkas
    This is the nicest/ best icon pack I've used. The only issue I have with it are that there are a couple apps not changed over but really only a few aside from that its great!
  8. This is a beautiful icon pack but...
    Trevor Fogle
    It doesn't even support some of the most common apps. At least add Starbucks.
  9. What a ripoff
    TJ Hendricks
    The amount of icons supported is so low that 1.37 is honestly not worth it. The app updates are extremely infrequent, and the limit of 5 apps per request, while somewhat reasonable, is ridiculous. If the developer is trying to add in many icons it isn't working. Easily 50+ icons are just dynamic calenders. Also he is requesting donations for a paid app which isn't ok. I understand that the developer is trying to make a living but they shouldn't be betting the house on icon packs. I'll edit if it improves.
  10. Great look!
    Paul Murray
    I'm not sure why more icon packs don't "cut out" the icons. Like this one way better than just shapes!
  11. Really like these icons
    Stephen Melley
    Can someone tell me what the widget is in the 3rd pic to the right?
  12. Beautiful Icon Pack
    Andrew Wingfield
    Icons are beautiful. Pack is just starting out so not all apps are covered by developer is quick with updates.
  13. Awesome icon theme
    Nathaniel Marshall
    Only thing that needs work is the request icon function, other than that the icons are amazing.
  14. My goodness..
    Jason Sublett
    I seriously love the look of this icon pack. Damn it looks good.
  15. Keep up with updates.
    Liam Garcia
    After a while you do not update your icon packs anymore.
  16. Nice
    Chance Bauknecht
    I try a lot of icon packs, this one is very nicely done. Good job people
  17. Purdyyyy sweet
    Josh Cook
    This pleases me. You may continue this as your chosen profession
  18. Very creative
    Heidi Repinecz
    This is a stunning icon pack. The details are awesome!
  19. niobe trinity
    Really liking these simple, detailed colorful icons.
  20. Great icons
    Benjamin Vanlalruata
    Apart from the missing icons the icon pack is really great


What`s new

- Added 48 new icons
- Redesigned icons (e.g. Fenix, Google Earth, Browser)
- Updated dashboard
- Fixed activities

Expect delays in updates for all of my icon packs due to University priorities.