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Monthly active users estimation: 3,000,000

Reviews 718,906

  1. Hate it
    Reagan Oliver
    Well I was your if I were you download another puzzle app I wish there wasn't even stars because I will put absolutely zero
  2. Ugh
    Holly Kendall
    My daughter made some purchases and I don't know how to reverse it. Going to call tmobile.
  3. Very fun!
    Deanna Giest
    Easy to use. Wish they had more free puzzles.
  4. Great
    Tammi Brune
    I love this app, I wish they had more free puzzles.
  5. Jigta
    Khurram Riaz
    I love this game. I m addict ;-)
  6. Best jigsaws
    Pat Browning
    Love these because lots of choices but would love more new ones
  7. Shame
    Sonia Clothier
    Shame u have to pay for most of the good puzzles
  8. Mohammed Husain
    Very bad this game is a hate it
  9. Download this game now!
    the emerald pig
    Awesome love it , it's so cool that you can use your own pictures, the only thing that I don't like is that you have to pay to use your own pictures but anyway it's really fun, anyone who has read this and didn't buy this game buy it now it's fun
  10. Overall one of the best puzzle apps out there!!!!!!!
    Kristina Schaeffer
    Just wish eventually it would get upgraded to have more pieces and more puzzles and more variety for those of us more serious puzzle people. But great app!!!!!!! .I love the details!!!!!!!
  11. Just ok
    Michele Hayes
    This app only comes with about 60 free puzzles. In which you can complete using 64 pieces only without paying anything. I kinda feel mislead. Beautiful puzzles, but I'm not gonna pay 1.99 a puzzle. This will be a very short lived app for me.
  12. Lots of fun
    Rebecca Messmann
    Lots of fun. The music is weirdly just this side of annoying...strange but mellow. The puzzles are good. Great way to waster some time!!
  13. Fun
    Heaven Watson
    As a child I just love puzzles and with custom puzzles it just is a fun thing to do while waiting for my cycyitrist to come and get me! Even my mom plays it! Five stars right here! And btw the idiots who complain about this are just dummy haters! Keep it up producers! Love your work♡♡♥
  14. Mark Neal
    My husband was told by his Talking Tom game to download this game aswell as several other games to earn coins...all of a sudden his phones media files were attacked and he went from having over 500 songs on his phone to barley under 200. I wouldnt download if I were you!
  15. Addictive, yet calming!
    Kelly Buck
    The background music combined with the concentration needed to finish a puzzle is exactly what I need to relax after a stressful day at work. Download this app!!!
  16. Jigty jigsaw puzzles
    Fatimah Dixie
    I like it because you get to do tom and friends and a lot of stuff but there is one downside you have to pay for some of the puzzles. But over all I really like the game. Tom and friends are free just telling you
  17. You can download it
    Mehwish Aslam
    The social puzzles are bad. Why are lot of things locked but I am angry and the option of we can make are pics puzzles is also locked plz unlock it I will give you five stars
  18. Best Jigsaw App
    Paul Jaeger
    It is great for tiring out your brain at the end of a night or letting your three year old niece play it on your tablet. Well done
  19. Love it
    Stephanie Stanislawski
    Its a very good and entertaining app. I love puzzles
  20. Great jig saw puzzles.
    Cody Peavoy
    There should be more jig saw puzzles out there like this. How I found this app is through talking tom you earn coins in talking tom by doing jiggity jig saw puzzles.