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Alice Thorntonsmith | Software Engineer at Outplay Entertainment Ltd

Dundee, Dundee City, United Kingdom |

Shaun Milne | Senior Software Engineer at Outplay Entertainment Ltd

Dundee, United Kingdom |

Alice Bowman | Game Designer

Dundee, Dundee City, United Kingdom |

Chris Winn | Game Designer at Outplay Entertainment Ltd

United Kingdom |

Reviews 108,029

  1. Where is the next adventure ?
    elaine jones
    Brilliant game but again when is the next adventure, levels coming ? I've been waiting almost 2 weeks now and still nothing no options nothing. Still waiting to carry on from level 205 ? Still waiting ? Updated still nothing !!!!
  2. Good game
    James Chambers
    Having fun, would like fewer blocked out areas that you need gold to continue
  3. Fun
    Toni contreras
    Keeps me busy can't put it down, to much story
  4. Mastery Match
    Joann Marquez
    First of all, I'm learning a lot about puzzles! :-) :-) :-)
  5. Melanie Spivey
    Love the game wish it didn't have pop ups
  6. omar arias
    Very entertaining game but now what??? When will they add more didnt get a five star rating because of that.
  7. Mystery Match
    Phyllis Krout
    Good gaming experience and knowledge of gaming is great too! :-) :-)
  8. Jacqueline Swigert
    Love this game just wish there was more people that played it so we can get past country's without paying
  9. A nice game
    Ricardo Morales
    This is a fun game to play with
  10. Brilliant
    Tara Louise Masterson
    I was on the bus and stuck in traffic and it kept me busy. I recommendt his game lots
  11. Mystery Match
    Shannon Wade
    Made it through all of the existing levels! Ready for more!
  12. Like it but don't love it
    Patricia Noland
    This is a fun match 3 game with different ways to complete levels. The only real problem I have is that the game freezes up my phone sometimes and I have to close the app and sometimes when it does that it doesn't accept a level you just completed. This can be very annoying especially if you've finally completed a level that was difficult to complete. I do like having a storyline to follow and find the clues. You can skip this if you don't want to follow the storyline. All in all, it's a good way to kill ti
  13. Costs to do anything, cheats, freezes up
    Stefanie Brawner
    First the good: great graphics and a storyline, even if it is corny. Now the bad: levels are ridiculously hard very early in the game. Designed to make you use coins for everything. They start you with some but there's no way to earn more other than getting 20 from going through Facebook. It takes 9 coins to have more moves or get more lives. It costs you to advance to the next scene or you can wait 24 hours. Buying coins is more expensive than similar games. It feels like everything in the game is to get more money from you. Whatever you do, don't use their "hints". They aren't helpful at all. Oh, and the game will short you on moves. And it freezes up fairly often and then you lose lives. No thanks. Uninstalling without giving them one dime.
  14. Mystery match
    Amanda Maggard
    It's a challenging game with a good story line. I'm caught up to the latest version and have to wait for weeks before the next update so I can continue to play. It has frozen up as my score was being calculated on a board I beat, then it didn't give me credit for that board and I had to beat it again.
  15. Tanya Brink
    WTH? I have been waiting almost 3 weeks for a new level. This is ridiculous now. Used to love this game.
  16. Angela Duggins
    Really good game and the story that goes with it.
  17. susan skinner
    Game freezes up too much, loose lives
  18. Heather Liebau
    Little anoying at times but helps to pass time.
  19. Blingqueen
    christy pickett
    Love the challenge. Dislike the characters and instructions.
  20. Alreet
    John Parrack
    Good game, tough puzzles, I would recommend it.


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