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Monthly active users estimation: 100,000

Reviews 1,525

  1. Tyler Garner
    This is hands down the best debt payoff app out there! The only way I can think that it could be better would be the ability to sync with my bank accounts. That's the only thing holding me back from giving it 5 stars.
  2. Perfect!
    Carly Braunstein
    This is the first app in which developers not only listened to a suggestion that I made but actually acted on it. Thank you! This is a wonderful app. Thank you so much for making the changes to show progress of debts!!
  3. I have hope
    alesha New
    So far this app is amazing. I just started using it and i can see what to pay and when to pay with great tips. I've tried a few other app's and they didn't work well or was just confusing. but this app was nice and easy and everything was laid out for me. so I can see how I can get all my debt clear and I will be debt free in two years or sooner. great job I can't wait to see what else you have. I really love this app
  4. One thing I'd like to see
    Marissa Rieckhoff
    I like everything about this app. I particularly like the payoff planner than shows you exactly how much you'll pay each month. However, what I want is the ability to say that I'll pay an extra amount one month in the planner. You can input a monthly snowball amount. I am paid every two weeks. This means 2 months out of the year I get paid three times in a month. I put all of my extra paycheck towards my snowball. I'd love to be able to put that in there and know when I'm gonna be debt free!
  5. Christina Jenkins
    This app is amazing. Just what I needed. If you are in debt and want to become debt free, and you are just not sure what to do or where to start this app will help tremendously. The only thing I wish this app had is the ability to sync with other devices.
  6. Love this app but....
    Mr and Mrs Dargan
    This app is amazing especially with the new update to track payments. It would be even better if you were able to sync this across multiple devices and not have to enter debt information in manually for each one. A log in would be nice!
  7. Good but could use some simple features.
    Dannyon Vanfleeren
    I like the simplicity, and yet it does almost everything, except a few things... Like debts people owe to me.
    Tommy J Owens
    All information is right there and has a debt plan that will get you out of debt if you follow it!!
  9. Awesome
    Matthew Goss
    Great app that gives u tips and makes paying your debt down easy. Well listed and makes this task literally fun to tackle.
  10. Great app
    Christopher Miller
    Latest update showing percentages would be better if it went from starting balance to current balance, not trying to determine how much principle actually went to the debt after expenses and purchases. Still a great app, but I will probably just keep entering the new balance each month and the percentage will say 0. Also make it available offline please.
  11. Bare Bones
    Grace Stamsos
    This app is on the right track but lacks depth. The number one feature I feel it is missing is being connected. There should be a way it can connect to your actual credit reports and pull in debts being reported on your credit making derogatory marks. Then as you make your payments it should show those payments reporting and balances going down. That will keep users motivated and on track. Just IMO!
  12. Perfect
    Anna Swart
    Exactly what i have been looking for all this time. I love it. It saves me from all the headache of keeping a notebook anc trying to calculate everything myself. I will ALWAYS have this app. Even after we are debt free.
  13. Finally!
    Taylor Reed
    I just love this app it's exactly what I was looking for!
  14. Descent
    Daren Kacsir
    Would like instructions. Cannot figure out how to update payments made without effecting only principle
  15. Awesome
    Jimmy Oates
    Just downloaded app and used for first time tonight, liking what it is showing me. Used a similar program years ago. Will work if you stick to it.
  16. Love it
    samantha antony
    Really simple to update, and to understand. Not too much work involved and I see the rewards already.
  17. Michelle D.
    Michelle Davis
    Great app. Allows me to see the progress I'm making. Also has helpful articles that provide information about paying off debt, and different approaches.
  18. Only one change
    Michael Lee
    If the developers could add the ability to secure the app. I don't think that allowing others to borrow your phone would be as easy now with the possibility of them knowing every debt you have.
  19. Great app!
    Gary Coleman
    This app is everything I could want for debt management but it is missing a login for cross device syncing, that would be awesome to include. Or you could include a backup/restore feature and we could move/email the file ourselves. Thank you for this app!
  20. angela caviness
    Makes getting out of debt seem real by giving you a plan.


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Resolves crash/freeze that occurred for some people on Android Oreo and some additional performance improvements for everyone.


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