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Varun Menon | Producer at Ubisoft Pune

Pune, Maharashtra, India |

Amar Vora | Web Developer at Ubisoft

Pune, Maharashtra, India |

Ankita Surve | Trainee Game Tester at Ubisoft Pune

Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India |

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  1. Aslam
    Asilam Mukalazi
    Hi, there, name's aslam, I once played your game, rayman jungle run but I had downloaded it from the internet meaning illegally..... I am so sorry, if you'd forgive me. I've purchased the game legally
  2. HELP
    Kieran Gill
    It is a great game but some levels are very tricky. Who thinks you should have 3-5 lives. I keep getting to the VERY end and miss the last jump. :-( PLEASE FIX
  3. Will not install properly.
    Brandon Ross
    Purchased the game, downloaded and installed, but will not download the extra files upon launching, continually freezes the downloader.
  4. Kills battery
    François Simond
    I bought this game yesterday, installed on my 2 tablets and 1 smartphone. They all got their battery emptied during the night or day after because the app prevents devices to enter sleep! It's a great game but massively buggy!
  5. Yall are awesome.
    tim shackleford
    This game is perfect! To bad the sequel (fiesta run) SUCKS! Please make another game like the first one... Without ads, hand holding, or stupid fruit.
  6. Fun but...
    Joe W
    I wish we could move on our own, like we move rayman ourselves, not him running by default (but still with perfect controls, good interface), hopefully someday that'll become an option
  7. Needs an Update GALAXY S4
    Priness PrettyCuban
    Will not download the rest of the game keeps saying "Error make sure you are connected to the internet" and I am using my Wifi The error message comes up after the data is half way downloaded I HAVE THIS GAME ON MY PS3 AND SON VITA LOVE IT AND WILL GIVE IT 5⭐'s IF SOMEONE CAN FIXED THIS ERROR PLEASE HELP I'm using my GALAXY S4 KitKat 4.4.2
  8. Yeah !!! Best game everrr
    Yen Nie Ng
    it's fun !!! I already bought the game, but I need extra money to buy the costumes and heros !!!!! And I'm sad....... I've bought Fiesta version too and I can't wait to play after I finish this version !!!
  9. won't install correctly
    daniel soule
    every time I open the game it goes about half way through the download and won't continue says "download error please be sure you're connected to the internet." and that's regardless if I'm connected to the network or the wifi.
  10. Rayman
    Jayne Williams
    Will not load had to delete rayman due to problems with the game not loading keeps saying check you are connected to the Internet when I'm fully connected and have more than 6.49 gig unused memory available please fix I'm fed up with deleting and re enstalling to try to play my device is a Samsung galaxy s5 thankyou
  11. Ok (apart from download issues)
    James Gray
    Had to keep trying the download until it decided to unpack everything. Try clearing app cache and data. Once running it is a fun game. Samsung GS4
  12. Memories! :)
    Tisa Rahman
    Woooow Rayman's gotten a lot more animated since his Rayman Original days! He has a hoodie!! LOL and now he blows up instead of dissolving into tings? He also seems to be the only character without arms or legs when I'm pretty sure it used to be everyone :P Anyways, absolutely LOVE this game, beautiful design and music, and the last couple of level packs in particular are reminiscent of the original Rayman (I mean that giant plant c'mon, who else was reminded of Mosquito? :D) Totally worth paying for! :)
  13. Download error. Not working
    Leandro Morabito
    I tried play on my Galaxy Note S and GS4 and all what does is " the game needs to download additional data. Then start downloading then stop saying Download error, Please make sure you are connected to Internet and try again later. Which is I am. Please fix or refund me
  14. It's awesome but
    John The Hippy
    But why when I connect to my Samsung smart TV it gets all laggy but when I connect my phone to play tales from the borderlands it runs fine
  15. Doesn't work on the Galaxy S4
    Eddie Shealey
    Even though they say it is compatible with the 1080p devices, the additional data still will not download. I've tried uninstalling it and everything, nothing seems to work
  16. No longer loads
    Mark Samuels
    I thought updates were there to improve & enhance our gameplay & enjoyment, however since the last update the game no longer loads. My 20 month old son used to enjoy the soundtrack and the feeling of being in control of the main character, Rayman. Hope you're proud of yourselves welcoming new platforms at the sacrifice of existing ones. I expect this from an independant but not one of the biggest software houses. Must improve
  17. Updates constantly break game
    Benjamin Howorth
    Note to any users: don't update this game! It's always a coin flip whether it will actually work or break the game. I've had updates erase all progress in the game and now I can't even launch the game. These developers need to stop doing this!
  18. A more demanding kind of runner
    Andrey Serbovets
    As Rayman series has become a timeless classic on PC and consoles, this one is shooting for the same status on the mobile. The art style of Rayman Origins here is just gorgeous and the music, although not that diverse, still provides a great soundtrack for your numerous replays of every level. And the more difficult those get, the more you will re-run them in search of the moths or coins you missed.
  19. No good. Galaxy S5
    O Maxwell
    ected to wifi. Don't waste your time to download
  20. Terrible Support
    CD Andrews
    Fun game, when you can install it. Terrible support when you have issues. Luckily I was able to move the apk from my rooted phone to my new Nexus 6. Thanks for nothing Ubisoft.


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