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Todd Sloane | Senior Vice President/Creative at Publishers Clearing House

Greater New York City Area |

Eve Fish | Assistant Vice President Customer Marketing at Publishers Clearing House

Greater New York City Area |

Michael Cooper | Assistant Vice President & Controller at Publishers Clearing House LLC

Greater New York City Area |

Megan Krupa | Product Manager at Publishers Clearing House

Greater New York City Area |

Reviews 47,066

  1. It cheats you
    Samariah DeGonia
    I used to like this game but now I don't. You never win, I've been playing for about the months and haven't won once! Also every prize I put my chips in to to try and win disappears! What's that about!? Maybe you should fix you're game... Would not recomend unless you don't care about winning what they say you will.... Sorry
  2. It's cool for a chance to win money
    robert smith
    Been playing for awhile haven't won any thing yet. On the bright side it free if everyone won it wouldn't be free i figure time and dedication any thing is possible.
  3. Scam
    Chelbie Laws-ellis
    I've been playing and I don't think there's any real chance at winning. I read so reviews that said they won but never received earnings. I play all publishers clearing house sweepstakes and I believe its all a scam!!
  4. Ciena Mulvaney
    If u wanna play might as well win real money!... Love all games but as every game some glitches need fixed... IN IT TO WIN IT
  5. Hate it!
    Angie Chambers
    It's a time wasting game! You never win! PCH doesn't give out any prizes with ANY of its games! I give up.
  6. Andrew Vanek
    Went and verified my Facebook account just for the game and it still says unverified Facebook. Can only play as a guest so can't earn rewards or cash. Not worth installing.
  7. Time flies
    Angela Reid
    I really enjoy this fun app. I also look forward to the day I win big money... I like watching my tokens grow and grow, very sad when my tokens run out. Hope I win soon. I need a vacation.
  8. Fun game but little reward
    Heather Hopewell
    This game is fun when you want to kill time. However I don't believe anyone actually wins anything but more chips so you can play more.
  9. Love it
    Constance Carlsen
    I love this game except for I have to stop playing after about 5 minutes because I run out of tokens I don't think we get enough free spins and we don't get the curtain open that often and I don't think that we seriously have a chance to win real money but it's fun
  10. Pch blast
    Gary Ruble
    I love it! And I love to play that app great short to lotto cards!The host is beautiful I love her!
  11. Wm McElroy
    William Mcelroy
    Play every day if I can though you can see the program skip when you are not supposed to win and it catches its glitch its still fun.
  12. This crazy I was playing the games yesterday
    Carolyn Crawford
    Now I am having problem why do I have to download it when it [email protected] here I love it trying to win cash
  13. Free to Play and win Big
    Ariana Cruz
    I play and my imagination takes over with the what if. When people say you wasting your time. I tell them hey its free to play unlike the Powerball. I'm going to win, just believe
  14. Mishelle Johnson
    It's a lot of fun, even though I've never won... yet! It's easy to play whenever I have a few minutes to spare. I originally started a couple years ago, playing PCH Slots but I never won and I found the graphics and lack of options far below acceptable levels. Now I enjoy PCH Play and Win as well as PCH Lotto Blast on a daily basis.
  15. Crashes freezes.
    adriel halliburton
    I lost out on hundreds of thousands of chips because my prize wheel 2 out of 3 times just spins forever amd never stops. You would think that glitch could still award you chips because it says that the wheel os just an illustration, but no. If the wheel doesnt stop thT spin is used and you get nothing. Super lame. Have to restart the game a lot. But i only put up with all the crap cuz i like the game
  16. Kathy Schaefer
    Having lots of fun playing your games. Thank you publishing clearing house for all your games having a blast. Sign Kathy Schaefer
  17. What is going on
    Manuel Freytes
    Some time it doesn't load and when it does it knock me out I spend more time trying to load up and NO GAME?! #[email protected]%& . And whats up with Facebook OMG if I want Fb. I'll go on Fb. I would like to blay pch and again #[email protected]%& ;-(
  18. Like it
    Crystal Noble
    I do like this game. Never won any real money, not sure if that is real. Is a fun game to play.
  19. Lizz Johnson
    Really like the games however I ha e been playing alot and haven't won any money which is sort of disappointing. That's the point of the game right. Even 5 bucks would make it worth playing. Kinda wonder if you actually ever win money or if it's just a scam to get you to play. Again the games are fun though.
  20. It's like ?????
    Eric Ellis
    It's fun for winning tokens. Even though you don't win any money. It's the thrill of just trying to be rich. Great job on the hope and thrills


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