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Tony Goodman | President at PeopleFun

Dallas, Texas |

Ava L. Villegas | Founder at JetsetHer + Co

Austin, Texas |

Ana Ayau | Associate

Ann Arbor, Michigan |

Jose Vargas | tech entrepreneur

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Reviews 140,822

  1. Beware this is addictive!
    Anna Crane
    Great game - very addictive! I just love it and play all the time. I've never heard of some of the words but that makes it all the more fun, trying out combinations of letters to see if they're in a dictionary SOMEWHERE!
  2. Poor customer relations.
    Symon Payne
    Had an issue with earned coins not crediting - sorted... love the game. Very addictive
  3. Love this game!!!
    Denise Coutorie
    One of my favorite games to play! Love everything about it, especially the hints & bombs! I also love that you can play by yourself while waiting for your friend to make their word. I sometimes sit & play for a couple hours or more at a time. Definitely hooked on this game, & it's so much better than Words with Friends I have no complaints at all!!!
  4. Word Chums on my Samsung Galaxy S5
    elcene Tichelaar
    I tried 3 offers for free coins on a double coin weekend. I didn't get any coins. Contacted you, got no answer. One offer was an 84 question survey. I feel cheated. Otherwise: Great way to have fun with my chums. Much better than other games I've tried. Addictive, in a good way! Thanx
  5. Karen
    I love this game. Chums are so stinking cute. Love them. I lost my paid game when I changed my phone and CS was great about helping me. I could never get it to work but they did try repeatedly. I appreciate that too. Great great game. 5 stars for sure!♡♡
  6. Please add a monkey chum...
    Piper Bell
    There's so much in Word Chums! There's outfits, achievements and chums (avatar). Includes fun, excitement, addiction, multi-player, chat and words... Alot of words. Anyway the only thing that would make it better is to add a Monkey Chum! I would recommend this app and I shall give it 5/5 stars for the amazing game. Thank You
  7. Crashing
    Ruth Phyland
    I am bitterly disappointed with this app I have had many pleasurable hours playing Chums until recently, and now game just keeps crashing? Is it possible to please fix?????
  8. Wamzing
    Sup Cool
    Wow just it's completely different from other word game not only is it addictive so watch out if you hate addictive games this not for you and I am glad it helps me learn how to spell better I know a lot words thanks just don't know how to pronounce some BTW is new to English the thing is auto correcting so yeah wamzing is a combination of wow and amazing if you didn't know
  9. Love Chums
    Linda Maurino
    Best word game!!! I love it and made great friend it's worth buying.. ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  10. Brilliant.!!
    Helen Angus
    This game makes you really think and use your brain. I like it alot...
  11. Lots of fun. Love those Chums!
    Cheri Rogala
    Scrabble with a twist! Addictive. I keep playing more and more games with better looking chums!
  12. Word Chums
    Susan Harsh
    There are too many ways to have fun and win, not to play. I can't get enough friends to play, that is my only disappointment!
  13. Perfect game, but...
    Steve Holmgren
    Lots of players use cheats to attempt to win. No different than typical scramble games I suppose. Not really the games fault...
  14. Loved it till it won't let me log in!
    Jasmine Patterson
    Started giving me problems so I uninstalled and now it won't let me log in! Saying communications error :( ..I used everyday, even bought the no ad and have a lot of coins and bombs
  15. Very addictive
    Jeremy Tiell
    Once I was introduced to this game, I got rid of the other word game off my phone. I have shared this game with friends and family who no longer play the other word game.
  16. Mrs Whizz
    Great fun and easy to play. Stars indicate if you can make a better word, items can be bought to increase you points for game ranking. 100% fun.B-)
  17. Awesome
    Evelyn Robles
    Love this game only bad thing is my themes I bought all of them and the sounds don't work but other then that it is a cute game
  18. Grammar
    Mujtaba Ahsan
    If you get this game it can help you with your grammar for going kids I'm 11 so I'm a pre teen I'm not young but whatever space you guys still have in your phones or tablets download this game it helps a lot with grammar
  19. Addictive
    Tiffiny Gonyea
    Have issues w free couns often its always resolved but its a long repetitive process other than that I love it
  20. For School
    Kizah Jeffery
    This will help your kids to be the best speller in their classes! They might spell a word that never knew was a word!


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