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  1. Disappointed
    Mark Oliver
    Disappointed that most wins are under your bet. Did hit bonus 100 spins x10 once and it froze my phone so I didn't get the pay out. Like to see some 3 reel slot apps from WMS like triple luxury and some better pay out odds. Know gambling isn't made for the player to clean house but like to see my bet paid back on a win.
  2. Game wont open!!
    Ushiegirl B
    I tried several times to open the game once I purchased it but it wont open. Then tried to get a refund but it wouldnt let me. Irritated because my bank was charged! Really? ? I wont make another purchase again!
  3. Bad Business
    Krystal D
    I don't typically rate games, but as I have purchased all of these slot games and spent my hard earned money doing so. I figured I put my input out here. I loved playing the tournaments at one time but since people have found a way of cheating and enhancing their scores, I just quit playing. So money hard earned down the drain. I would hope that a company that makes a profit and stays in business from us "the game players" would care. And put a stop to this. I just hope so!
  4. Too many cheats on tournaments
    Leon Hendricks
    The games are fun and payouts reasonable but the tournaments are being manipulated so they're no longer fun. 85 000 000 on this game in 50 spins is not possible! This seriously needs to be fixed before its worth rating it more.
  5. Kilauea
    Ronni Quaal
    This is the best slot game Ever! At any Casino, I win a lot. Of money on the bonus's.
  6. Bad!!
    Michelle Robinette
    I ordered this and it won't open it...I ordered three diff games n none of them open....why? How do I get a refund? Who do I contact?
  7. Won't work
    Jennifer Matthews
    I love this game in the casino and was so excited to find it. It won't load at all. I even uninstalled and reinstalled. No good. Sooo disappointed.
  8. Bill Ketchersid
    It worked on my entry level touch screen phone but simply wont load on my galaxy s2 ? !
  9. Can't play
    josi arguijo
    Got to play two times...won't open says wms then goes back to my nain screen. Seriously want a refund. Why should I have to pay for an app I can't!
  10. What the hell
    tina fields-gogins
    I have paid for this app and it does not even work. I want my money back ASAP
  11. Kilauea
    John Rostad
    I love the game on a casino. This stupid version is cheaper than the real thing - and they claim it pays better. Bullhooey! UPDATE: I wrote this slam over a year ago and no update in response. Does the developer even care about our opinions?
  12. Great game... but
    Greg Price
    Love playing this in the casino. The app version is identical. Only one thing, the screen is too small. The interface is about half the size of the phone screen. Make the game fit the screen and do away with the enclosure facade. Also, please release Men in Black, Irish Eyes, Goldfish, and King of Africa. Those games are amazing, too!
  13. Tara Golden
    Purchased can't play What a hoax, purchased and cannot play the n my HTC one. Money should be refunded
  14. Poor bonus
    Shenee Poe
    No good pay out. Sorry game boring without God payout.
  15. This game does not work with galaxy note 3
    s s
    After the lollipop update on my phone this game is not compatible and needs an update.
  16. Robert Johnson
    Needs a little work but outher than that. Good slot
  17. All WMS games
    Joe L.
    -10 stars!!! When will your company finally take action to stop all the tournament cheating?? You've had well over a year to remedy this, but nothing has been done about it and the cheating is worse than ever!! Thanks for nothing!
  18. Keeps kicking me out
    Monique Lopez
    I push it too play and it kicks me out to my home screen. Want a refund!
  19. Sucks!!!
    Richard Diaz
    Goes to green screen after a few days use
  20. Now cannot open just a green screen I have paid for four games and none will open this is a sham
    lynn thurston
    Cheating in the tournaments with large scores crashes when you win big not worth the money