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Jaques Smit | Product Manager at PikPok

Wellington & Wairarapa, New Zealand |

Chris Viggers | Product Manager at PikPok

New Zealand |

Luke Smith | Game Designer at PikPok

Wellington & Wairarapa, New Zealand |

David Whyte | Producer at PikPok

Wellington & Wairarapa, New Zealand |

Reviews 3,900

  1. Fun and addicting.
    Nathan Aswell
    What sets this game apart for me is incredibly responsive swipe controls! I feel like I can put the ball where I need to and if I miss that there is something I did wrong with my flick. Love this game and I highly recommend it! Where is the customize option to change my team?? I paid $1.99 for this game and it shows it in the screenshots but it's nowhere to be found in game. False advertising!
  2. Finally Updated!
    Travis Maynard
    One of my favorite games. It finally contains all the updates that the free version received over the past couple years.
  3. Replay
    tbzgameplay UK
    This game is great one thing is missing slow motion replays I wish there could be an option to watch the shot you just took in slow motion. Great game any way if that feature is added in ill give it 5 stars.
  4. Finally !!!
    Jeffrey Setiawan
    I have been waiting for years for the resolution update. it's here at last ! A great game made even better with native resolution. Thank you, Pik Pok ! I'll buy the sequel if it ever gets made
  5. Says I didn't buy from the play store?
    Tyler Sorkin
    I paid .99 for this on the Google play store, but every time I try to play it kicks me out because "I didn't buy it from the play store"
  6. No difference
    Ed A
    I see no difference in the update. In fact the ball looks a little stretched. Nexus 7
  7. Good - feint never works
    Scott Partridge
    Awesome game and so addictive. Feint has never worked though and I want to see how my scores compare to everyone else. 5 stars when that's sorted!
  8. Unliscensed
    Joherul Islam
    Keeps saying it is unliscenesed when i bought it. I will want this fixed or i will be asking for refund and might sue you as i spent my money for a faulty app
  9. Needs full screen mode
    Peter Dossis
    A great game but hasn't been updated for a 16:9 ratio of android phones, its still stuck in the old iphone screen ratio this needs to be fixed
  10. Not licensed ?
    Robert Noonan
    Paid for full version and had it a while was working great now all i get is app not licensed purchase from play store, thats where i purchased it what a joke!
  11. Fun for passing short breaks.
    lorcan murphy
    A decent app, although I bought it, it keeps becoming unlicensed which is annoying.
  12. WTF no multiplayer!!
    Keith Fitzroy
    why no multiplayer ios has it?,I only really got this game for the multiplayer not for the tesco's pass n play!, ios version's so much better as they have multiplayer once again android comes second to ios in updates and content, also always fails to connect to the Internet too!
  13. Galaxy s3
    Soroush Esmailian
    I'm tired of old graphics and nothing to buy like iphone. I'm feeling disappointed.
  14. Alkaabi
    Khalid Alkaabi
    I love it Great game Bat I hope if it support galaxy note 3
    Walter P. Glass
    The game keeps crashing. This is a paid game so i don't expect it to crash especially when I'm on a decent score, it's bloody annoying. So please "FIX IT"
  16. Nice one
    Stephen Rushton
    Love the game. Easy \u0026amp; great fun. I have a Galaxy Note 2, but my only negative comment is that it doesn't fill the whole screen. Hope an update will correct it.
  17. Austin Parker
    5 stars if you can tell me how to play against people online
  18. Isn't full screen
    Josh Pearce-Evered
    I've just bought this app it's quick good compared to other flick football games but this version doesn't cover the whole screen. I have a galaxy s4 and the is a black bar at the top and bottom. If this is fixed then I will give 5 star.
  19. No online multiplayer
    Ryan Bibb
    Disgusted in all honesty. I bought the paid version of this to enjoy an ad free online multiplayer experience. But there are no online multiplayer games within the app!!!! Also openfeint does not work! A bit of warning would be nice PikPok! Refund wanted. The physics and how the game works is excellent though.
  20. Nexus 4
    Thinh Vo
    There is an issue with Openfeint connection. Both WiFi and network connection does not work. Please fix.


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