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крестики нолики


Monthly active users estimation: 125,000

Reviews 19,725

  1. Bulou Malimali
    Love this cousins.. Loved this game..
  2. Nate Penn
    It's pretty cool if you are looking for a while for something, good way to past time.
  3. Love it!
    kathy gerard
    Great fun, no frills. Play with my kids.
  4. COOL
    Romye Taylor
    This Spokane is really financial nd it's so cool for a rainy day... me an my sister play it all the time when were just bored or it's a late night and no one feeling quite sleepy's very fun and I think that everyone should download it.
  5. Simple but not fun
    Alex Amper
    Medium level is easily beatable. Hard level always ends in a draw. I guess AI and myself have it figured out.
  6. Samuel Kajah
    Very cool app. The hard level is ridiculous. Gonna go to easy :P
  7. An Airplane keeps Flying Over My Head
    Charles Malow
    Tic Tac Toe is an incredibly deep game that can never be mastered. I've been training with a high stakes player for 3 years and I still can't beat the app...Five Stars!
  8. Tic TAC toe
    Ruth Baker
    Very fun game. Give it to potty training for them something distracting while the relax their muscles playing this game. Keep it easy so kid doesn't frustrate kids.
  9. Alright
    Jorge Reyes
    If you're looking for a time waster then this is your app. Useful for just killing time during commute. App has three settings: Easy, which is ridiculously easy, medium which is still relatively easy once you find a strategy that works for you, and Hard, which after hours of testing I can confirm that there is no way of winning. Each move made by the CPU is fixed so the game always comes down to a draw (suicide) or its victory (if you stop paying attention and let something slip). It's not really fair. Or
  10. Samsung Galaxy S3 4.3
    Mark T
    A very limited and extremely boring tic tac toe app that offers only a few game modes: easy, medium, hard. The easy is extremely easy and the hard is impossible. Medium is near impossible to win. No strategy will allow a win on hard. Achievements are offered , but since medium and hard are impossible, those two achievements will never be unlocked. The UI is simple and a two player option is available. This would be a decent app, if the challenge was fair. Delete It. Thanks. Cost: Free.
  11. amy supulver
    Seriously you do not know how easy tic TAC toe is I always knew CPU players have no brain except on ,Mario kart Wii
  12. Cool game
    Larry Warnick
    Typical tic tac toe, can catch you off guard when you least expect it though.
  13. Amazing
    Farida Sahar
    Very fun and addictive game, I love this awesome game
  14. I kind of love it
    Elizabeth Graham
    I love it. It's the easiest thing I've ever played. I haven't lost once in my life! But I've had it for a while and it's getting kind of boring so I'm about to delete it.
  15. Fun
    Isabella Alicea
    I've got 24 wins and 2 looses. I think i don't remember
  16. Love it
    Blaire Williams
    I love this game is so much fun that I stay up late night playing
  17. Time eater
    I started playing on easy in 10 minutes later I'm on level 40i
  18. Amazing
    Rabeeah Ibrahim
    This game is great and really good for playing with another person to keep them entertained whilst you are doing something 5 STARS and i hope alot of these ppl download this game
  19. Tic tac toe
    Lynette Loucks
    Easy enough my 4 yr old grandson enjoys playing, & can win a lot of games,
  20. Tic TAC tou
    Janaye Brown
    Fab wonderful game should keep me busy.


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