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  1. Great game
    Wyatt Hofacker
    Its a great game. One of my favorite space games of all time. My only question is, when is the next update? According to the forums, you are working on respawning stations and stuff like that. I hope its at least still in development. I understand its a one-man developer, so no rush. I just hope its not dead.
  2. Update May 11th 2014
    Jonathan Estok
    It's been a year since this was updated and the single player part is still under construction. Looks like another Dev that took people's money and abandoned the game. I buy apps all the time (not IAP gold/gem scams) but won't touch apps that have been abandoned. Game is fun but not completely done and it's been a year!
  3. Surprisingly good!
    Tom Spelling
    Really engaging & loving the weight of the capship battles. Also appreciate the lack of 3D, which would have made it completely impossible to control. Top work guys, look forward to more - more ships / weapons, maybe?
  4. Great app
    Jay Fraser
    A lot of fun to mess around in, but I want to know if Universe mode will ever be free, if so, I will give it a full 5/5, that's the only thing I would like to change, everything else is awesome! Keep up the great work, dev(s)
  5. Great game
    Dale Darland
    Love the 3d play but I would like to join a faction also think the stations should spawn after reenteering game update this game is dead developer has not updated game to redrawn and once buildings. Are destroyed there go be for good
  6. Its just what one was looking to find.
    Xraxrath Corvusante
    Very good and easy to mess up if you dont pay attention to factions, worth paying fir, how much do you need to open it up and broaden the universe will you take a check lol
  7. Good but needs tutorial
    Houman aghabozorgi
    It seems like one of the best ever on android but I have no idea how to proceed. It really needs a tutorial so that newcomers like me would be able to understand what to do and eventually get hooked, like clash of clans or stars conquer. I mean it does have a tutorial on how to fight but not on anything else.
  8. Fun game, but...
    Nicholas Kaelber
    I got maybe ten hours into my Universe game and now none of my saves will load. I'd just gotten a Creon decked out with really good hardware and was working my way upto buying an Overlord. I had to save and quit, then when I went to play again, it just sat on the loading screen, frozen, making a little chirping sound. If this could be fixed, I'd appreciate it. I didn't spend money on this to have it break before I really get anywhere.
  9. When is the next update
    tom fletcher
    Great game got all the ships but the problem is it need like a online side bigger ships and it would be great to control a team like have loads of wingmans please tell me when the next update is please thanks
  10. Could be better
    Adriano Cucci
    I'll keep it simple, there's no direction, most of the time I have no idea what to do or where to go due to the fact that mission objects are so vague. Combat is so slow that it's boring, buying better items doesn't seem to help at all, & I absolutely hate the energy system. Even after buying the best generator & capacitor I still can't kill one ship without having to stop moving for my energy to regenerate. That ties in with my last point about buying better items as well.
  11. Mark Midderigh
    Maybe good for a 2D space game, but coming from Galaxy on Fire 2 HD the inability to move in 3 dimensions makes it pretty dull...
  12. Needs more universe info
    Henry Moss
    It is a very good game but could be made better by adding more information on the universe and possibly a storyline, you could allow people to join factions as well because at the moment there is practically no use to factions. It is still a good app though.
  13. Wants me to pay for basic
    tim williams
    I want to play the basic game and it wants to charge me. Junk
  14. Awesome
    Maddog Rogue
    Great graphics & UI, easy to learn & seems quiet addictive. Played through tutorials & purchased universe. Works great on Note 4 & works better on larger screens so best played on tablet (depends on size of your fingers I supppose). This is really a surprisingly good game, Dev isn't asking a lot for in app purchase so everyone please unlock universe to help Dev put time into this game cos it really is looking promising. I paid £7+ for Galaxy on Fire 2 add on packs & I'm finding this more addictive & fun.
  15. Amazing
    Jordan Smith
    This is a pretty awesome game. It's smooth running most of the time and combat is always fun. The ships look pretty good and the ability to turn of systems to conserve power is a nice touch. I would like to see maybe more systems added, and the ability to settle and build stations of your own and make your own faction. This game is definitely a good one
  16. Fun to play
    luis superdurde
    I like this game is the best game i find that is this good actually. None the less i would really like if this game you could become allies with the other fractions that would be great and devs can you guys put more ships like a carrier that spawns 2 allies that help you fight enemies that would be great if you could. Love the work you guys put in this game. One more thing it would be cool if free playing mode had a story mode too
  17. It's like a mini Eve Offline...
    Matthew Bryant
    The chaps who made this are not new to this genre. Gameplay over Graphics. Seems tricky at first but once you work it out, the controls are surprisingly intuitive. Universe mode is where it's at though.
  18. Best space game ever!
    Paul Karber
    Great AI, scenarios, free play is awesome. Looking forward to scripted play. Start out as shuttle pilot and make your way to head of a faction. Make allegiances and become a captain of space industry. So excited!
  19. I give it 5 stars.
    Chris Blaylock
    I had changed my 5 star rating to a 2. But now, its back to 5. The new updates rock, and the interface is much better. Things fit on my screen again. Awesome game. Thanks for staying on top of the development. Nice work.:-) addendum: I purchased the universe mode for the game. Have to say I'm really liking it. It lets you play the way you want. You can trade, mine, battle, or explore. So far I've only found about 8 star systems. I like to run cargo and see how far I can go towards getting the best ship, and so far I've been able to do it without even firing a shot, which keeps me neutral to all the factions except the pirates. I hope that development continues, and that more of the universe is added.
  20. dennis richeson
    Great game, would like to see missions along a story line, more star systems, being able to set up and place are own platforms would be nice, being able to send ships on trade missions remotely would be great


What`s new

Hot fixes -
Fix factions occassionally having too many credits when spawned
Fix faction relations going way too high
Fix ships undocking from carrier when they shouldn't
Fix stuff happening while paused
Fix custom station names displayed with lettering (A,B,C)
Fix where cargo cannot be destroyed in space
Re-balanced speed of Hornet


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