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  1. Very conservative
    Cholin Ray
    It doesn't let you do all the crazy stuff you would want to do with an app like this and it almost feels like it has a conservative agenda too it.
  2. Same-sex Relationships
    Zoinx Kruger
    I hope you make it available to have same-sex relationships on here soon.. Things would be very interesting with that added.
  3. One of my favorite games
    Nathan Strebler
    I am a huge fan of CoG, and just text games in general. Out of all those games, this is probably my favorite.
  4. Oh, the old days..
    Ash Kenway
    I remember when you used to be able to play this free online.. But on the other hand it used to offer me so many hours of entertainment it's worth the small amount. I would like to see more options in the dating area (not dating, same sex) as well - but for now, nobody said paradise had to be perfect. I love this game to bits.
  5. Amazing game
    Evan Sehn
    I have loved this game for so long. It is an amazing game and despite having the same story it has alot of replay ability.
  6. Cool but...
    gareth mcmaniac
    Its A Short Game And I Was Disappointed After Not Being Told My Over All Stats After I Died...
  7. I apparently very aggressive
    avenger brink
    The game is not very good at keeping track of the aggressive things because even though I have done nothing aggressive it says I'm very aggressive for some reason
  8. Refund
    Dakota Ballard
    Overall the app was nowhere near as good as I hoped it would be and after playing it through, hoping for things to get better, I was disappointed to find out that things did not, the time I spent playing through however took away the option for me to opt for a refund.
  9. Amazing
    Michael Tanner
    Have been looking for a game like this forever.
  10. Not a lot of content
    Yash Woosaree
    Wish it were longer and would allow for a wider amount of choices
  11. Beat the Boss
    Isaac Gonzalez
    I punched my boss in the nose, he has a fatal aneurism, I try to revive him, the BIG boss walks in, sees this, and gives me a raise for being "heroic." 10/10
  12. Love it
    Iyanah Williams
    I died by being kidnapped i guess i should have ran sooner
  13. Frankie Regan
    Fun, but short-lived and doesn't have much replay value. Not worth the cost.
  14. MsMoney CPA
    I wish it was updated with same sex options & more rewards for those who go back to school & achieve success later in life. Also, more racial /ethnic diversity.
  15. It's great, but
    Alex Kawecki
    There really should be an option for other sexualities, especially the option to not date. At all. There is more to life than dating. Platonic relationships could be more in depth. Aside from that, the game is very interesting. There are a lot of choices and you can develop many aspects of yourself. Because one decision can influence everything, there is a huge replay value! If the above gripes will not bother you, I do recommend this game.
  16. Engrossing but
    Caitlin Fairchilde
    I wish you could have same sex romance options. Also there are a few bugs where option choice and resulting text don't quite add up. Apart from that, great app!
  17. Great.
    Freefall ryan
    It has a ton of detail, lots of choices and very interactive, over-all i found it very entertaining, though the reason i gave it only four stars is your character does have the choice between sexual preference, that i found was a bit disappointing, but despite that it was still very fun.
  18. So cool
    Dayna Lott
    Bought after playing online once, played 5 more times so far. To me the only drawbacks are no personality quiz at birth compared to online and life stages are super short. Ex. you are supposed to be an adult for around 20-25 years before you're middle aged around 45 or 50 and then you are old at about 70. Maybe health v/risks should determine turns per stage? ie. Sickly=short healthy=long? Or assign time values to activities date:1 class:3 work:5 etc? Both upgrades would be epic!
  19. Based off an older game
    Jennifer Pote
    First id like to point out tothose complaining, alter ego based off the game alter ego that was originally made for the comodore 64 computer, in the early 90s, which is probably why there are no updates, they might want to keep it like it originally was, right now it is exactly like the game i grew up playing, it takes me back to my childhood,and i hope that dont mess it up by straying from the original concept
  20. This is it!!!
    Loli Lux
    The Best game of its kind!!!!! Its been a very long time since I discovered it and I've played a ton of others since, but am so upset since I can't find anything to even compare close to Alter Ego! Please make an update or even better a part 2!!!


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