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Sergei Masich | COO and Co-Founder at PlayCreek LLC

Москва, Россия |

Sergei Masich | Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

Reviews 7,913

  1. Good game but I found a bug
    Connor Johnston
    You cannot get more than 4 fireballs per 3 tokens even if you get more than 1 +1 fireball upgrade. I personally had 4 additional +1 fireball upgrades, which should have given me +7 fireballs, but it still only gave me +4
  2. Bug
    J.P Lally
    First game I bought and the analog stick to control the worm don't work. I have to say I'm a little disappointed, I really enjoyed the demo and it wasn't a issue then, to help you further I'm playing on a Sony experia E3 and I played in campaign mode the analog worked for the left side just not the right side, again I'm very dissatisfied as this is the first game I have bought and the demo was fine, great infact. I hope this can get fixed soon.
  3. Worth a purchase.
    Peter Gray
    Fun at first but but gets samey quickly and fails to live up to the great concept. The various play modes (survival etc.) fail to add any real challenge or variety. It's a pity because this could have been great. Still worth a purchase but don't expect to be playing this after more than a few days.
  4. Max Lowry
    So cool awesome lol Deathworm is super fun the theme song is catchy but its gets really hard but its still really cool and crazy fun lol!!!☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
  5. Disappointed!!!
    Chris Bridges
    I bought this game last month and now it won't even play. Everything was great until the last update. I love this game, but I prefer it to work properly. Please fix!!
  6. 1st
    Patrick Michael
    I got to the very top of the leaderboard on the first area
  7. Well worth the money
    John Ferguson
    This is one good game as soon as I played the trial I brought it and haven't stopped playing it since by far the best game of its kind
  8. Impossible
    graeme morris
    Once you get to level eight (kill ten without taking damage) the game is nearly impossible, its a waste of money don't buy
  9. Love it!
    Anthony Tuthill
    This is a good game for any one who's is thinking about getting it:)
  10. Nicole Cramer
    It is now working when I play it
  11. Why did you make lvl 15 so hard
    Aidan Sloderbeck
    You have to kill around 200 to reach lvl 16, it's almost impossible to beat. If it was easier, I would of rated 6 star. Great graphics, awesome worms, and lots of chaos/destruction. Good job PlayCreek Games!
  12. You don't like my phone? WTF?
    Derek Boni
    Why won't this game download? Played the free version...really enjoyed it. Decided to purchase the full game and "access denied" by the google God. I download a game from Mobogenie...or rather updated Google play services...tried download as I really like the game. :-(
  13. This is a really top notch way to waste time or just enjoy creating some great chaos.
    GaggillTRON Vorgog
    I bought this today looking for something different and boy oh boy did I find it. Easy to pick up fun controls and even funnier graphics, good graphics but funny and bloody. Love leveling up my warm and smashing the he'll out of every thing. Like when your powerful and come up kill some guys a camel or tiger truck , tank , some helicopters, or plane. Even a dam ufo if you can tag it. Just a lot of ultra chaos and destruction. Feel like a decepticon playing this game. It's truly fun and only 99 cents, FUN!!!
  14. Awesome!
    Gabe Torres
    Fun, simple game to waste time. Controls are super easy to pick up.. definitely worth what I paid. 5 stars
  15. Death worm
    Angela Starcher
    I love being a huge worm that is DEADLY and realy cool this should be a movie now that would be awesome.
  16. It's OK
    Filipe Governa
    Good arcade game with Google Play Game Features and good presentation including immersive full screen on KitKat, but ads (in a paid app - WTF) and IAPs (in a paid app - WTF). PS: optimized for smartphones and tablets? So not optimized at all (what else should it be optimized for, smartwatches?).
  17. Awsome
    Lenny Pineda
    Love it.. great graphics , n sound ...pls make more stages n wud b cool if u cud choose ur worm u wud like to play . N maybe some cool attachments u can earn or maybe sum force field idk commone guys b creative ..dont let dis game die it reminds of the movie tremmers ha awsome
  18. Very addictive.
    xShadex Horizon
    This game is very fun, and I love all the new updates they've added. Well done!
  19. LOVED IT!!!!!!
    Branden Kerdsri
    I had the demo but the full version cost 1.99 now one doller awsome love u guys go gamecreak :-) :-) :-)
  20. Great game!
    Alex Metz
    I have loved this game since it was just a flash game online for PC.


What`s new

v. 1.51 - v.1.65
- Christmas update with new content
- new game mode - Christmas Blitz
- new enemies including Santa, Snowman and Giant War Robots
- bugfixes and improvements
- new game mode - Blitz. How much can you destroy in 2 minutes?