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Sharon Smith | Administrative Assistant

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Oscar Espinoza | Director of Product Management

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Reviews 448,840

  1. being charge for app...
    tee kah wai
    i had try to dowbload an app for free gold, "diet" it send automatically from my sms to subscript the app. and i have to pay $4.28. i really not happy with the app. pls do not promote for them to avoid other victim.
  2. Lots of bugs
    L Lam
    Free gold does not work and is required for upgrades... Also the star level can arbitrarily increase on episodes. Would give much higher rating if/when these bugs are fixed.
  3. Challenging
    Lauren Fast
    I wouldn't recommend buying anyrhing, there are opportunities to get hold for free. It's a great game to pass time and they keep adding features.
  4. kindred holloway
    Its a great game i just started playing whaen i was a kid i used to play a very similar online game to kill time and this is pretty similar to it and I think that's what made me write this run-on sentence. Good game. (<not a fragment.)
  5. Terrible customer service
    J Nicholson
    Its actually a very fun game. However, after purchasing a mystery box I never received it. Sent a screenshot to customer care and no response other then an automated message. I'd easily rate it 4-5 stars.
  6. Was fun
    Bobbie Lynn Davis
    The funniest thing about the game is they ask to be rated or send feedback. When you send them feedback they explain why they don't want it. They have made it a little easier to get gold bars but don't have proper blocks to keep from spending them by accident. Also I was informed, by customer care, it's a one device game & they know you can lose progress by using a second device and like it that way.
  7. Was cool till
    Resa Broussard
    I updated it and it won't start up getting error message saying I have no connection which i have unlimited data so i know that's not true and I can get in any other apps... Deleting game... Too many bugs...
  8. Love it
    Valerie Irizarry
    Its a cool game but it requires both gold and coins to buy updates, but the gold is impossible to get. Since the last update, you cant get gold for watching the ads and none of the other offers work either.
  9. Autumn Mendoza
    Pretty entertaining app but gets difficult after a while lol either than that no trouble just a few updates here and there :)
  10. Fun and entertaining
    Star Zuniga
    Luv time management games. This one is fun and offers challenges that can be met with out spending real money. I really appreciate that. Keeps my attention even after a couple of weeks
  11. Is all about Gold
    Xinhui Gan
    What upgrade also need to use Gold and buy it. If wants to proceed to next episode also need Gold. And the free Gold you can get inside game is very less.
  12. Ok but not happy
    Kendra Gerber
    Went into offer had to download a game and connect with fb to get 17 gold bars and it never credited the gold bars so will not bother with any offers again!! I like the game but still not happy I downloaded a game and wasted data and never got credited...
  13. Gold comes in really slowly
    Jane Howe
    I love the game but the reward system simply is not possible. You need mucho alot of gold before you can do upgrades and the rewards to earn gold are damn near impossible. Please allow players to earn more gold effectively...
  14. Fun but challenging
    Brooke Williams
    It's fun but like all diner dash games it is challenging after like the 10th chapter in each level. Some times it feels impossible to finish a level lol very fun though
  15. Like all the others
    Kylia Allen
    I really liked the game, as to be expected from these types of games there's an imbalance between how much gold you actually need to advance and how much gold you can win in game, but that wasn't my problem with this game. My problem is that when i spent money on gold to get the auto chef, i didn't know that for the next several levels i would have to keep buying it again just because the theme of the restaurant changes. Had i known i wouldn't have bought it the first time. I was very dissapointed.
  16. Linzi Norton
    I like the game and buying different restaurants ect I do think the need for gold is way too high and vip dishes the ones that are between 4-12 hours a ridiculous time to wait change this and I'd rate it higher
  17. Gold
    I wish there was a set time when you can watch a certain amount of videos every day or 24 hours to earn more gold because it seems infrequent and you can't really earn points if I can't pass the level because I don't have enough upgrades because you don't provide enough earn opportunity. Also issues with earning gold after completing some tasks that just send you on endless pages.
  18. Fun but $ draining
    Angela Aull
    The game itself is fun but the high coin and gold bar cost for upgrades makes it hard to move on without spending money. Bars should be given in a similar manner that coins are. Already spent enough $...
  19. Needs work
    Seline Perez
    It's an awesome game, but please give us more gold and please please let us know about the new updates. That's a must I'm going crazy waiting for it because I'm almost done with the all the courses.
  20. It's Awesome!
    Zye _017
    Best cooking game ever yf I didn't know any better I'd swear I am addicted!


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