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Reviews 361,939

  1. Sucks
    Jasmin Camua
    Purchased dineros just to get past 1 level but the dineros didn't show up. My card was charged 3x. Customer support never responded.
  2. Not happy at all...
    I don't like the energy or money system. It sucks the fun out of the game . I would pay for the full version of the game but that's not even an option. This needs some serious changes.
  3. Pay to play annoyance.
    Gary Coach
    Everything about the game is great up to the point where you have to pay to keep playing when you run out of bolts. I'm a fan of early versions of Diner Dash and Hotel Dash but with these newer pay to play versions, the points system is almost meaningless now. I'd rather pay a one time fee to purchase the full game like on Wintangent.
  4. Glitch happy game.
    christian burroughs
    The game has so many glitches! I never received any free dinero when I signed up for offers. I emailed customer support and they never responded back. They have serious network problems or they don't care about their customers.
  5. Diner dash
    Anjeanette Joyner
    I like the game. It does seem to take awhile to get boost and you don't get the dollars as fast as the points. Should have other ways to earn the money besides doing surveys?
  6. connection
    Queenee Manejero
    I have been playing this game even without internet and I love it, however I can't play it today, I always get an error message saying "there's no connection". Does this require internet to work now?? because before it doesn't.. please help, thanks
  7. Diner Dash Fan
    Jean Newton
    I just love the upgrade and it's fun to play but it will not get 5 Stars until you replace my Diner Dash money I made up to 25 dollars. I started playing the free energy.and I see my Diner Dash dollars has became zero. It's to hard to get for them to have been taking away.Please fix that and I will consider giving this game a 5 star rating.
  8. 2 stars only because it's a classic
    Jaein Lee
    I remember this game from a long time ago and I remember it was a lot of fun. Now it's forced with a bunch of full screen ads, some which can't be closed right away. Of course they added energy into this game along with Dinero. Such a money farming game it's ridiculous and they should be ashamed.
  9. Shouldn't lose energy just by doing a level
    Rebecca Afford
    Many games I've played that required energy or lives you didn't lose just by playing the game, you only lost them when you failed the level, which means you can only play 3 levels every 30 minutes, which makes the game tedious and overall boring because you can't get into the game!
  10. Largely Disappointed
    Nancy Brewer
    This game was one of my favorite console games and I never minded the price of purchase. I was excited to see that it was available for Android devices and had high hopes for the gameplay experience, however; it is impossible to enjoy this game for more than a short duration without spending money. I would much rather pay a one time purchase fee for a game of this nature.
  11. Help!!!
    Mia Smith
    I would like to be connected to gmail. The game crashed had to install it again n lost my lvl n everything. It connects to my gmail but my lvl back to 1. Pls help me don't wanna start again everytime :(
  12. Frustrated
    Shawna Woodyard
    I am on level 130 because I had to start all over. The level wants you to serve the Al Bondigas and make sure he leaves with 3 stars. There is no way that is happening because when you try and move him so you can seat him he doesn't move at all and then he leaves. I have spent my money on the boosts and that doesn't work either. You need to get this fixed asap or I am going to delete it and not play again. It is frustrating to be stuck on a level for over a week.
  13. Keza foroma
    Kerri Robertson
    Love this game,only thing I hate waiting for the lives to redo.should have more lives love it love it..just need more lives
  14. Diner cash should be the name
    liz duenas
    You get coins for almost everything. But you can only use the coins for decor stuff . Not actual things you need to pass levels ! Like boost ! You need to spend your only money either 7 or 9 bucks for any boost. And to get money you have to watch videos where you only get a dollar makes no sense why make the boost cost so much ugghhh seriously dumb .
  15. Frustrating
    fatou Laye
    Im on level 196 i love the game but boosts and appliances are too expensive this is a money hungry game & i wont fix the rating till dinero is easier to earn or appliances become cheaper !!!
  16. Used to be my favorite game...
    Eileen Doane
    Now it freezes all the time and costs money to play. Most of the advanced features need you to purchase credits. Also, if you get stuck on a level and don't pay money to beat it you can't play any other new levels. I hate that they deleted my old game (where I had unlocked everything and loved playing endless shift). Now you can only play three times and then either buy more energy or wait until more energy comes back. I am so dissapointed that this game sold out. Bring back classic diner dash!
  17. This should be 5-stars
    Manda Vasas
    I LOVE Diner Dash and was so excited to find it available for my phone. The game itself is great but the "energy" idea is completely bogus and there's a chance if it doesn't change I'll uninstall. Only being able to play 3 or 4 levels at a time isn't fun at all. I suppose something like "spending energy" to replay a level if I lose is one thing (still stupid though) but still having to do it if I win? Ridiculous.
  18. Fagatron Pizarro
    Great game... Don't like the freeium, which means you need to pay $$$ over and over again to complete levels, aspect. But if you are happy with that then by all means download the game. But if you expect your coins to do more than decorate your diner you won't be happy with the game.
  19. Annoyed, long time diner dash fan
    Shantrell Lewis
    This version sucks, because you can only play 3 times and then you have to wait until the lightening bolts replenish. It also have too much going on, on the levels. I also don't like the fact the these ads keep popping up aftet you play around. The developer should have just sold the game like the past diner dash games. I can't even play it on my kindle.
  20. Great game, some maintenance errors
    Sasha M.
    For some reason, everyone a giant taco is placed onto a table that rumbly noise it makes glitches out and "lags?" the game for a few seconds. Also, sometimes when Skip tries to leave that noise he makes when leaving continues on even AFTER he leaves (that noise on repeat... quite annoying). I noticed an error on one of the later levels of Cordon Bleu via the "level goal". In addition, sometimes when I get back from the earn dinero menu the game stops working and shuts down. Bugs/audio could be better.


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