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  1. Wanting a refund
    Patricia Jankey
    I have left reviews and complaints. I paid for every revenue but all I can play is the first one over and over again. Its ridiculous. This USED to be one of my favorite games. I DEMAND A REFUND!!!!! RIP OFF ARTISTS.
  2. I want all my money back
    Mia Mott
    I tried to play this game today in a message pop up and said it was an unlicense wedding dash error. Wth
  3. Fun
    Becka Dillon
    This game is a lot of fun, but the second time I played it I encountered a glitch. When I went to close the game on my phone, the music from the game continued to play even after the app closed. Had to restart my phone to make it stop. Other than that and the fact that you have to pay extra to get certain venues, this is a great game
  4. Wedding Dash Deluxe
    Jon Riley
    I want my money back. The game froze on the first level!
  5. Stop complaining!
    So theres bugs sometimes, it happens. Just restart it. Really? Complaining about a hard earned dollar?& for those who have to pay again. Check to make sure it says deluxe bc there are two versions of this game. The free and the deluxe. I love this game. Its a challenge sometimes but overall I like this game. Its fun, fast paced & I like that you dont need to resupply like kitchen scramble(:
  6. Ummmm
    kiara horton
    So I'm not understanding why I bought this for only 1 extra level I thought it was for all the locked levels wtf!! Still fun but im mad I wasted my dollar that I could have used on something more important
  7. kim ayers
  8. Good...
    Christina Morris
    I love the Dash games, but PLEASE fix the bugs! The music stops, the sound effects stop after that, and occasionally the game just completely crashes.
  9. Wonderful Game
    DeAndre' Taylor
    Just one complaint: on level 2.6, I do everything perfect and still can't get three stars. Why is it impossible for me to do such an endeavor?
  10. Why i can't play
    Luerean McDonald
    I have already paid and it's asking more money that's not rite i have downloaded this game alot still tha same thing and hotel dash to .good game but a ripe off on goole play.Now dnt get me wrong it's a good game have these games on everything else and they are great.
  11. Unlicensed error
    Charlii Mai
    My daughters favourite game but all day we have been getting the unlicensed error message everytime we turn it on why ???? Really want to keep this game as it is her absolute fav we have had it for nearly a year so I don't understand the issue. Also having the same issue with cooking dash. Is this just a playfirst problem as other apps are working fine. Please help!
  12. Wedding Dash Deluxe
    Melissa Hamm
    Bought the app and tried to install three times. Each time the install completes my tablet restarts but no app is present after the restart. Tried to get a refund but no matter how often I press the button it will not issue a refund. Don't waste your money.
  13. I should have stuck with the free version
    Roby Anne Oñas
    I can't even get past the first stage. I uninstalled and reinstalled this game and restarted my phone but the game still freezes. If I have the option to give -5 stars, I will. I've checked the other negative reviews left by other players and most of their issue is about the game freezing; one comment was posted almost a year ago. It's surprising that the developer has not addressed this.
  14. Great game
    Michele Cox
    I love this game and I am not usually a fan of time management games. This game was fun and challenging. My only complaints are 1) the harder levels starting from the aquarium and up were actually easier than the lower levels and 2) in the hogher levels they introduce "new" characters that were already seen in the lower levels. I think they need to reevaluate the order to make consistent, otherwise a great game. Wish they make another wedding dash.
  15. Freezes all the time!
    Emily Gordon
    I love the whole Dash series. So much in fact, that Wedding Dash Deluxe is the only game I've ever paid for. Unfortuantely, I haven't been able to get past level 2 because every time I try to play, the game freezes. Please fix this issue and I will happily change to five stars! Love your games (:
  16. Love this game
    September Lehto
    This is the only game I have ever paid for also! It freezes all the time, every time. Didn't freeze at all before I paid for the deluxe version, please fix and I will purchase all of them! Sadly I had to Uninstall this game. I paid for the deluxe version and only got to play one venue and 2 levels, unacceptable! To top it off, to play the deluxe version on my phone I have to purchase it again! Highly disappointed! Playfirst, I am a big fan of your games and you are gonna lose me as a customer if u don't fix this!
  17. Like it, but expensive
    Surina Cilliers
    It is a great and very addictive game, but very expensive. Not only do you have to pay almost R40, but that doesn't even give you all the levels, yoy have to pay an additional R60 to get all levels. Cost me R100 for everything
  18. Freezes up!
    Kevin Patterson
    When you pay money for a game, it should work! Free games work better than games you spend your hard working money on! Plus you only get a few stages and they want more money to keep on playing. I finally reached expert scoring, on a stage I was having a hard time on, and it freezes up! Which I have to close the app completely and start over. Waste of money! Stick to free games!
  19. Wedding dash
    tracey brooks
    Awesome game works good. Freezes alot!!! Wish this could be fixed!! So worth the money though. Frustrating to keep shutting it down and restarting my tablet everytime it freezes. Will give better ratings when issue is fixed.
  20. Crap crap crap
    Sara Miller
    Played the demo and liked it so I bought the delux.. uhm no the delux freezes like no tomorrow I keep having to redo levels because ethereal game freezes half way through the game! It's crap. I want my money back! The freezing needs to stop! You don't pay for a game you can't play do you? I recommend not buying this it's a super fun game when it works... but to get it to work you will end up throwing your phone and costing you more then 1.99... bad bad bad


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