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بلدتي البيت
ماي تاون


Reviews 78,116

  1. Really!!!
    Tatiana Fields
    This version only has 2 rooms (the living room and the kitchen.) Why does the real version have to cost 2.99. Please make the real version free, then more people can get it and won't have to waste their money on a game.
  2. Wow
    shania daniel
    The only reason i gave it one star is because the other version has more rooms and every thing I will NOT pay so make it free I AM SO MAD Ok
  3. Playhome
    Vinnea Rose Joyce Manners
    Hi this playhome game is great but I would at least love it if you would make the full version free please the comments that I've read so far are people who want the full version to be free so if ya don't do it then what's the point on installing the lite version so make it happen please if this not good for u then your going stop people from playing it so think about it please:( then I'll give five stars so make the full version free thank u by the way if your wondering why the date is wrong well it just my tablet
  4. Why
    Adrianna Henry
    Does the full version have to be for money some parents is not going to buy it for there child so please can you make all of them free my play home,school and stores and can you make it be for every body because I am 10 years please do this for my birth day October 2015 please make me very happy and I will give you a bid raten pleasssse and thank you bye FYI i love your apps thank a gain and happy valentine day love you all and please agree with my eaten so it will please the company thanks all happy v day.
  5. Should be FREE
    Nilaxshini Krishanthikumar
    Im not paying for thr ful version and this version only has two rooms so it sucks. If you make the full version free, ALOT more people will rate 4 or 5 stars.
  6. Kids love it!
    Melissa Brumbaugh
    The whiners about it only having 2 rooms is nauseating! Its a LITE VERSION ppl! Either pay or deal with the limits! Rant kids love this game and you can even get creative and use it as a teaching tool. ( ie follow directions, get items that start with a certain letter of the alphabet, etc) Thank you!
  7. boooooooooooooooooo!!
    Joycelyn Moore
    all you do is just go 2 places is the kitchen and the living room that's all and every time you open the cabinet it open the cupcake cabinet thing and were the trash is the door doesn't close and I have to start over and the vase when you take the flower doesn't go in that's my opinion loooooove you guys booooooo for this game
  8. Ithink
    Carrie Morales
    Its not good but is fun need more room a little boring in a minite im bored all you see is kitchen living room and icant close the door of trash you need free full version some times its sad fix it plz whene im playing theres a china guy two of them its just fall in the kitchen isaid wow theres two guys thene iplay and play its fun but ireally need bathroom and bed room igive you five star if you add bathroom and bed room plz fix it :)
  9. Nice
    Mharsh Mwaa
    This is nice, cute, cool, etc. but I can't do many things..its only have 2 rooms to play to..I was upset with it..please make the full version free..I will give you 5 stars if you make what I want..For now, I will just give you 2 stars..I enjoy it..yet I dont have the nice smile..because the full version is not free..please..make it free..
  10. Boring!
    Tasin Zahir
    It's cool how you can change the characters! But it's not that fun with only 2 rooms. It's only 2 stars now, but if you make the full version free, I will give ★☆★☆★. Everyone is wanting the free full version. Please! And plus, I saw the My Playhome School, can't wait 'till it comes out in the play store! :)
  11. Its sad game
    Michaela Joyce Fabroa
    Its so sad game because you become two place and i dont like it game every morning im up to my bed and i play play home but she two place no bat room no bed room no play room
  12. I am only 4 years old righting this I mean writing this
    Haelee Brown
    I want the full game free I am ritch I have like in my acount 500,000,000,000 in cash XD but my daddy is so lazy lol so is my mommy and the got cash on a card so don't call me a lier cuz I'm not but for real my dad is LAZY AND I WANT THIS GAME :#
  13. Sam Guzman
    HATE IT!!!!!! If your going to let people get this game GIVE IT MORE ROOMS AND A BACKYARD!!!!! 5 stars if you do it. :( BAD GAME
  14. #Lovit
    Andrea Garza
    Not like the cheap skapes I deleted the lite one to get the real one like home school and stores because. I'm rich and my daddy buys me eneything thing so I spent 6.99 total ha lovit
  15. Um
    Hailee H
    Its fun but make full version free plz more ppl will download.
  16. Or maybe you make playhome school and store lite
    ritchell Agapolo
    Pls ,make the full version free I will rate it five stars if I can play the full version and the other playhome games pls if you do this for us I will rate all of your games five stars and adriana we have the same age I will be 10 years old in september 2015
  17. I like the game
    Galiyah Bolden
    But the reason I gave it to bc it's only got two room what can we do with two room if ya not going to make it free I am delete it
  18. A mazing
    Sabrina Ray
    Asome but I want more rooms please give us 2 more rooms and I will give you your 5 stars back.
  19. Its ok
    Darline Armand
    Its a good and fun game but it only has 2 rooms i wish u can make it have more rooms like bedrooms and playroom please add this please need more free versions that are good like the ones u have to pay money
  20. Love everything
    Ranveer Kaur
    Can u please make it free for the full version? Well I have it but I want others to have it too can u just make it free for a week or a month? Please!


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