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  1. Please!!!
    Alexia Langone
    Can u add a mall ? And bigger houses and teens? And a amusement park ?, by the way I have tried to download my play home stores but it says error code 41? Please fix that as well thank u!
  2. Please put more stuff in here.
    Kaitlyn Maye
    Could you please put some more things in the school like a nurse's office and a teacher's lounge and teenager students to make My Play home High School and more babies so we can make a My Play home Daycare and more things on the playground like a swing set and some monkey bars to play on, and some cars so the parents can come pick up their kids if they're car riders, and then buses, if they're bus riders. Please because I know people already love this app, but can we update it just a little more please? Thank You VERY MUCH GUYS.
  3. Good
    Jaden Conley
    Now add the other houses for the other family's. A daycare. A work. A mall and a daycare than I would never get off of it and make the houses a little bigger with a garage and at the store add a car lot so u CAN by a car that. U CAN get in and the car doors open . same. With buses with the school. And oh a mall and a Park please and a gym. And add a pool to. The house and add purses to the store and a mall ,a hospital. A nurses Office in the school and swimming suites and add more clothes for the baby and Family and one. More. Thing. And. A ymca
  4. Emily Yates
    It needs a music room, gym room and a art room if you put all this in I will give you 5 stars.
  5. I love it so much but...
    Hayley Jones
    All the things I do like for instance, I'd go to the school then want to go home. I'd go home and all of my process things I moved or whatever got cleaned up when I don't even press the clean up button!! Please fix!!!!
  6. love it!!!!!
    Ranveer Kaur
    Please make a playground, pool,gym, café, Pet Shop, more clothes in the clothes shop, Vacation a hotel or something, restaurants, toy shop,art place to learn art and Super market Please make all of this ur work is Amazing and this is her daughter. :)
  7. Add stuff
    samar Alalaneh
    We can a art gallery to paint and a swimming pool.Make the up date 2 less days.People love this game and me.
  8. Awesome but
    Chasity Coleman
    Could u possibly put lunch boxes at the store so if you want to bring lunch you can
  9. Love it
    Ghina Antar
    Please can you add only an art class. You are the best in the world love you sooo much it is best then any game i wish i can rate 100000 stars you are the best in the world. And now after the update of to write properly it is really great wow omg with the playground wow
  10. Fantastic
    Kathy Davis
    Once again! Lots to do and I love the attention to detail!
  11. One more thing...
    Jayden Jones
    Why do you not have chalk? Also they do need a daycare, gym, and some more things for the playground... swings! One more add more things in the science room then it will be perfect!
  12. Fun!!
    Paula Graham
    All of the "My Play" apps are great an keep the big and little kids entertained. Thanks Shimon!!!
  13. Really Good
    But,I was thinking you should add a swimming pool and swim suites and maybe a couple of more store anyway love this game!!
  14. patrick wollo
    Its the best game sense they had the playground and fountain
  15. veronica hornor
    It's ok but I think you should add more things to use In the school
  16. Love it
    Angelina Maxwell
    But you should make the games free
  17. Great app
    christine albelli
    New playground update absolutely adorable, especially the hopscotch! Now it needs a nurses office!
  18. Love it but
    Ashley Palmer
    If you can add some more things like a nurses office and gym and some more stores and also cars and more babies and baby clothes and more than I would very much appreciate it but over all its a pretty awesome game
  19. Minnie Dutcher
    Needs more need a daycare baby clothes jobs bigger home and more houses and a nurses office
  20. Brittni Kures
    Fun game just needs a Jim and music class


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