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  1. Cooking
    Jayne Teggart
    Can you please please make it so you can use the pot so when you put carrots,tomatos or caned food in it something will come out into a bowl.
  2. A few sugestions
    Katie Noblitt
    1. petstore 2. daycare 3. baby clothes 4. a teen daughter or son(add room for them)5.add playroom in house 6. Cars 7. pool 8. Make it so you can have more than one little girl boy or baby and if you add teens! These suggestions are just some things that I thought would make this game more exciting and fun! if you take some of these suggestions then thank you so much :)
  3. Boo.
    Parker Jones
    I Hated it. It needs a Nabor hood and a car and some more people ! Fix or Else I am going to call my dad and he will take care of this got it ! Oh and a mall and all stores in America ok!
    Nadyah Gray
    Every time I go on the game it resets. I'm deleting this game. It is point less to make a game that resets when you do a lot of work on it. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!
  5. A suggestions!!
    Paula Nguyen
    1. Petstore 2. Daycare 3. Toddlers 4. Teens 5. Cars 6. Pools 7. Beaches 8. Malls 9. Grannies and grandpas 10. Highschool! 11. Pets! 12. More people!! 13. a nightclub for adults! 14. More clothes 15. Baby clothes 16. A neighborhood!! 17. Wigs 18. More rooms pls 19. More food 20. Bigger rooms 21. A variety of houses
  6. Cool
    Jayden Jones
    I love this game it never gets boring special when you get all three but you should a add more houses, a credit card, park, garage and cars but otherwise it is perfect
  7. I love it so much but...
    Hayley Jones
    All the things I do like for instance, I'd go to the school then want to go home. I'd go home and all of my process things I moved or whatever got reset when I don't even press the reset button!! Please fix!!!!
  8. Best app in the world
    Mandy BakerJustice
    But you really should make more play home apps like my play home work and my play home doctor also you should add more clothes for the babies
  9. One of the best
    Ann Harmer
    I've purchased all three PlayHome apps - home, school, and store - for my five-year-old grandson, and he loves playing with the different people and exploring all of the things that can be done in the various settings. Thanks for developing a non-violent, inclusive game for the little ones!
  10. Its okay.
    Maegan Bunch
    Its really fun if you have imagination but it resets it almost every time I go into the game again. If they could fix that the one little star left would be filled.
  11. Quawana Gatlin
    There r a few bugs when I put the baby in the crib the babies fall out and so do the kids when I put them in the bed but after all that I love the game
  12. Love it
    Jennifer Braden
    Great game but could you plz add a petstore more and bigger houses a docter park and more clothes and people
  13. McCoy Family
    it's a good game but you need to add a car or another house because now it's just a little lame
  14. Good and bad
    Chuck Ketchem
    Love by my little girl. But it reset all the time. It makes her cry. Please hurry up and fix it. She said they need a pet shop. The a stable to ride horse.
  15. Nice House!!!! And nice backyard!!!
    Madison Wilder
    What a wonderful House I Love the full version better I like the bedrooms it has 2 bed one bathroom Maya and Jacob love their cousins Lindy and Logan
  16. So detailed!
    Kathy Davis
    Lots of little touches, clothes, lights, food, so many different things! For the amount of playtime this app has seen, great value! Thank you!
  17. What the heck
    Joanna Contreras
    Every time I play on it, it restarts like..... It use to not do that now it does.Fix it plz!!
  18. This is top notch
    Jaden Conley
    This is the best if only you could add a school and more houses and a job. And one last thing a daycare for the baby or kids and a car to drive in and a restaurant. Please. And add more Foods please. Look. At the. Other comments. Of mine on The other games
  19. Good
    Ashlee Tarpey
    I think add more room like a garage,car,laundry, pool,add kore rooms than i will give you 5 stars
  20. Yay
    Ms. Lewis
    Love it i love God first and. Mom senod!


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